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[Tenshi_MKII] Fate/Zero Anime Coming Soon

This post came a little late due to the fact I was away from my country without a laptop.

Animation will be done by ufotable.(Welcome to more awesomeness people!)

The details below are my own speculation:
1. 4 Movies(1 for each novel)
2. 2012 Release

I will try to confirm all the details when I get my copy of the magazine.

Merry Belated Christmas to everyone!

[Tenshi_MKII] Recent Loots and some Type-Moon Stuff I own.

Just recently collected some loot and thought I should share this.

Fate stay night Doujinshi, I’m pretty sure any Type-Moon Fans know about this Circle.

This is really a very detailed encyclopedia of the Fate/stay night Universe.

Saber Illustrations and UBW Visual Guide I got from Kinokuniya.

Type-Moon Ace Magazine. Pretty good for some latest information about them. To tell the truth, I like the things that come with them. LOL

Fate/strange Fake light novel which comes with Type-Moon Ace 2(I have not bothered to read it because it takes me ages to do so), Fate/Extra Guide(I need to complete Archer’s route) and Fate/Zero material.

Again, some Manga, 4koma and whatsoever I got from Kinokuniya. Fate/kaleid liner is surprisingly a good read. You can treat it as the missing Ilya route…

Type-Moon Drama Cd.

Oh yeah, I’m such a sucker for Type-Moon stuff. By the way, AFA is tomorrow, I hope everyone would have fun at the event. As for me, I would probably be walking around searching for saber figurines.