We have not missed in reviewing even a single figure from Max Factory’s Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi series, and the latest one released in February 2008, Tsuruya-san, is no exception. We just have to have this little beauty! For the first time, these review pics were taken by the on-loan D40.

Tsuruya-san is an anomaly of an anime character. She barely even appears for 5 minutes in the entire series, plays little part in the story as of yet but arguably has a fan popularity rivaling that of the 3 main SOS-Dan girls (that is, Haruhi herself, Yuki and Mikuru). She’s so popular she has her own Internet meme, the Nyoron comic strips, and with people imitating her unique speech-patterns. HOW?

Upon closer inspection, it’s not hard to see the main reasons. First, she has this awesome little tiger fang that is revealed when Tsuruya smiles. Tiger fangs are valued as a commodity of cuteness, despite what dentists claim. Her machine-gun speed rapid no-holding-back laughter, where she rolls around or grabs her tummy and throws her head back howling, is also extremely infectious. Viewers laugh just because she laughs. Clearly these are the two main factors, which gave rise to her charming online nickname of “LOLFang-tan”. In addition, Tsuruya has a cute face and elegant long hair, and a generous, friendly personality that is very likeable. Oh, and she dresses up as a cat. Strangely, otakus and geeks worldwide are in love with cats. Or cat girls for that matter.

Considering Tsuruya’s popularity, there are many figures of her out on the market, but Max Factory’s is the most coveted. Besides the fact that it is excellent, the figure is also part of the series that everyone seems to be collecting. Max Factory’s figures of Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki were so hugely popular so it would make sense that collectors would want to complete the set by getting the fourth girl.

Tsuruya stands 20 cm tall, being 1/8 scaled. She’s in her school festival maid café outfit, which is very cute. It isn’t revealing at all, with long sleeves and a medium-length skirt, but there is a nice attractiveness stemming from its classiness. The paintwork and sculpt are impeccable really, as per Max Factory standards, that such perfection does not warrant much of a mention really goes to show how expectant us consumers are when it comes to their goods. The best part of the sculpt is the face, as it replicates perfectly how the girl looks like in the Kyoto Animation-produced anime. The long, long green hair comes a close second, spread part in sharp tendrils by her rightward movement. The swishing is akin to those shampoo commercials we always see on TV.

Her pose isn’t anything special, and it is not clear what Tsuruya is trying to do. Perhaps the pose is to make the gimmick of interchangeable hands possible. Tsuruya does come with one extra right hand, which is a closed fist much like a cat paw. To match that, she can also fit on a pair of cat ears and a long flexible tail. I’m not sure which version I prefer, cat or girl, though I must say that stuffing the tail into a hole on her butt is just about the closest one can get to anal sex of a 1/8 plastic figure.

She stands on a white ABS plastic base with only two small pegs on one foot supporting her. Hopefully Tsuruya won’t lean, but there are no guarantees these days, considering how even respected manufacturers like Alter and Max themselves are making leaning figures. The base is of the same design as the previous Haruhi girls, with a large H in their theme colour, their name, and some basic information printed on.

For a price of 5800 yen, you can get yourselves some crappy figure that will sit on your shelf pointlessly, with you shaking your head in regret everytime you lay eyes on it. Or you can spend that money on Tsuruya-san, guaranteed to bring a smile, or even a fit of laughter, and a warming feeling of “I’m so glad I got her before she was sold out.” By the time this review is printed, it could be too late.


Also, she has surprisingly mature panties eh?

12 Responses to “Figure Review: Max Factory’s LOLFANGTANNYORONSMOKECHEESE TSURUYA”

  • Rather blurry pictures for a D40.

  • It appears to be the low quality jpgs I shrunk them down to. Appears quite fine in their original states.

  • Reminds me that I need to be reviewing mines too.

  • you mentioned 4th haruhi girl… she’s the 5th, you guys forgot asakura ryoko…

  • No, fuck her. She doesn’t exist. She was killed by Yuki.

  • So… it doesn’t come with any cheese?

  • Try mixing it up a bit. Started with 5 frontal shots that are pretty much the same.

  • >> No, fuck her. She doesn’t exist. She was killed by Yuki.

    haha agree with this, just need to collect 4 girls :D

    btw, this photo is better than the previous indoor photo :D

    I agree with LianYL, some of the pictures are not sharp, not jpg compression blur, more like depth of focus issue :)

  • UHHH, sorry, but that’s completely wrong.

    If you read that blurb correctly, her total estimated on face time in the anime was like 5 minutes or around there.

    That fight scene with Yuki was about five minutes or so.
    If you add that five minutes to the baseball game(not sure), you’re going over five minutes.

    The one killed is asakura ryoko – the girl in the beginning that is Haruhi’s classmate who is admired by her peers and wonders why Haruhi never talks to anyone except Kyon. The girl has black/brown hair and the girl in this figure review has green.

    I think you guys need to watch the anime again.

    Kinda harsh about criticizing his picture review. It’s a nice thing that he’s doing this for all of us who don’t own the figure and would like to see the figure aside from the standard pictures circulating on the net.

    Everyone’s a critic, eh?

  • Wtf @ Here and There, “That fight scene with Yuki was about five minutes or so”. So? They’re talking about Tsuruya here. Not Ryoko. Tsuruya wasn’t even in that fight scene. YOU should rewatch the damn show. And Ryoko’s hair is FUCKING blue. Not black/brown. Get your goddamn eyes checked.

  • tj_han said:
    “No, fuck her.”

    Fuck her? Everyone’s favorite knife girl? YES, MORE PLEASE.

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