[LianYL] Photos Of A HOT China Cosplayer

I was meddling my own business trying to learn Laplace Transformation of Matrices with Differential Equations in peace two nights back when my dorm neighbour walked into my room with a cunning snicker on his face. He knew I was into otakudom and linked me to a cosplay site with pictures of one hot, hot cosplayer. I always knew that most China cosplayers do their cosplay extremely well at the standard of Japanese ones but this site blew me away.

I sent the webmaster a mail for permission to use the photos but a daemon error occurred so what the heck.

You could browse the site for yourself at: http://cos7.huming.com but to save you the trouble have a preview of the pictures below, absolutely gorgeous:



Of all HIS pictures I liked this picture the most

What’s that sound? Are you in pain?

A little note to anyone who might be concerned: 若站主路过此站觉“盗用”不当,请发个邮件给站长要求撤下。

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