Figure Review: Pizza Hut Mascot CC Naked


Last month, we reviewed the beautiful Kallen (from the anime Code Geass) figurine from Alpha and Omega, the new brand formed by the amalgamation of popular figurine manufacturers Megahouse and Alter. Kallen comes in a pair with CC, the beautiful and mysterious pizza-loving girl and this month, we shall be looking at this figurine.

CC and rival Kallen.

CC is the direct catalyst for the plot in Code Geass, as she appears and grants mind-controlling powers to the protagonist Lelouch to aid in his bid to overthrow the Britannian Empire. CC’s backstory has not been revealed at all, and even in the second season of the show, she’s one big enigma. But of course, us guys love mysterious girls, especially those who wear stylish, sexy clothes and the occasional oversized white shirt at home. She’s always seen hugging Pizza Hut merchandise, collecting Pizza Hut vouchers or just plain munching pizza, as a result of the sponsorship the fastfood brand made towards the show. But strangely, to the fans, that just added to her attractiveness. Fanboys sure are odd.

This figurine of CC was released in March 2008 in Japan, along with the Kallen figure we already reviewed last month. Standing, or kneeling rather, at about 11 cm tall, she’s 1/8 in scale. Don’t let the rather short height deter you, as she’s in a very interesting pose. Similar to non-standing figures, CC is not attached in any way to her large round colourless base. Instead, her blanket is the one with all the pegs and you have to attach the blanket onto the base. CC rests among the well-sculpted and fitting grooves of the blanket, and you can make her grasp the highest point of it with her left hand.

CC is basically in a kneeling position, wearing little more than an oversized white shirt (Lelouch’s) and undies. Nothing else! Her thighs are revealed in their full glory, as is part of her chest. This pose is sure to make her fans very, very glad. One more advantage to a kneeling figure is that these do not lean at all, due to the low centre of gravity.

Face-wise, some are of the opinion that there is a lack of similarity to the anime character designs. I beg to differ, it’s a perfectly good face, maybe except with too demure an expression. The expression does fit the pose though.

The paintwork is impeccable, and there are no flaws whatsoever. The creases and wrinkles on the shirt are perfectly sculpted and shaded for realism, and even her flesh tone is proper anime skin colour.

If you look closer into her shirt, at the risk of looking like a perv, you’ll be able to see some tattoo/scar like patterns intentionally painted under her left breast. Such uncanny details really make this figure a good one.

Look harder and you can see some nipples.

No, don’t look at my nipples – CC

The price is alright as well, set at 5500 yen. Gone are the days when figures were sold at 3000-4000 yen, nowadays the bare minimum is 4800 yen. I blame inflation as well as wicked price-raising by the manufacturers themselves. Or maybe the oil price raises makes plastic raw materials more expensive. Perhaps. Buy this figure if you’re a Code Geass fan!

I can assure you that no cotton undies on this planet is capable of being sucked in so so tightly.


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