Sankaku Complex is my New Favourite Blog

Haha, because of this post!

It’s downright embarrassing for Hirano Aya and her team of stylists, if those pictures are real. I mean, a normal bikini mistakenly worn as a halter? This means that her bra cups aren’t even in the correct orientation! Amazing blunder, it’s like having sideways support instead of upwards. Then again, I suppose the error came about because she has such tiny tits that don’t even fill up an A cup. When you see Hirano Cleavage, it’s all padding!!

But as Sankaku Complex’s other posts show, there is a healthy debate between whether big is good or small is tasty. I myself prefer a healthy bust-size to arm/waist ratio. It’s no use having large busts if you’re a godzilla-waisted woman with a muffin top!

I must admit I am reading anime blogs a lot less these days, and I blame the noise in the blogosphere. There are just way too many bad or non-related posts on the various aggregators. While Animenano offers the filtering service, it is sometimes nice to see new blogs so I don’t use it. Jlist’s blog spams the entire page on random Japan stuff, pushing all the entries down.

But I digress. If you’re otaku male and have yet to check out the site, you won’t regret it. All NSFW though. He’s not really an anime blogger, but more like a Jap-otaku-pornoblogger, which is cool. If only he had a better comment system.

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  • alot of the nus anime club guys are talking about Sakaku Complex, even before this post lol

  • Sankaku is nice

  • Eh, their comment system isn’t so bad.

    Love the content though :)

  • Sankaku Complex was my favourite ever since the “Louise Riding” video.

  • Further proof that content is king, I suppose.

  • Sakaku Complex is like waiwai mainichi but more porny and more ad-filled. Sometimes it’s interesting I guess, which is more than I can say for far most other blogs on animenano. At the same time sometimes it’s downright disgusting and shameless “hey, have some free porn” like all those olympic ones :boggle:

  • “I must admit I am reading anime blogs a lot less these days, and I blame the noise in the blogosphere.”

    The constant deterioration of signal:noise ratio as anything on the internet grows larger is an unfortunate reality on the internet. That said, other than things you mention like jlist spam, I don’t really think the signal:noise ratio is significantly worse than it ever really has been (though to be honest I don’t think it’s ever been very high in the first place).

  • JRoxas: Actually, just doing a small sample on Animenano’s front page will show you the percentage yield of related/good entries (though subjective) is extremely small nowadays. Not that I myself am writing anything decent, so I blame fatigue, lack of good anime, for these.

    Looks like all men love porn. Omo: True, there are some duds, but hey its porn!

  • What the f… What is that site about? Cause my mind is seriously teared asunder by the content they carry.

  • Maybe it’s just because I have a lot of free time, but I don’t see the problem about “noise” on Anime Nano. I don’t mind skimming 3 pages of posts instead of 2 in the morning.

    I mean, the more the merrier, and while some may complain about dilution of their content, it’s not like Anime Nano was meant to be any sort of elitist place anyway. True, there’s a minimum bar to get in, but all it takes it time (so it weeds away the flash-in-the-pan blogs).

    And I think the intelligence level is still pretty high compared to a lot of other places I could frequent. Maybe there’s less new blogs to discover, but noise won’t stop me from reading the older ones I enjoy.

    I do have to agree, though, that SC has not only interesting but also “interesting” posts.

  • “I must admit I am reading anime blogs a lot less these days, and I blame the noise in the blogosphere.”

    That’s because at this point most blogs read no better then your average 4chan topic. Though I’m starting to suspect that’s the point.

    “Fans of bikini model and occasional seiyuu Aya Hirano”

    See now this kind of stuff is funny. It’s good old fashioned biting and sharp witticism. That’s what’s missing from other blogs, they try to be funny, but their jokes are either stolen or just…..painful.

    (Note to self, TJ_Han gets it.)

  • Sankaku is my new favorite blog since Dark Mirage went Geass nutso.
    I must have spent this evening looking at a dozen articles.

    What I’d like to figure out is what this fallacious crap is:

    That’s no Aya I know! Best not even try, amateur!

  • Oh hai thar, tj_han. Long time no see.

  • I can’t tell that she wore her bikini differently.

    As for me, I prefer face over boobs. Too-big a booby is not my type. I like Aya-sized boobs. ^_^

  • I give her credit for not getting a boob job… yet. Anyone with more than a AA-cup would’ve recognized glaring boning at the top and lack of support at the bottom. :P

  • It’s kinda funny but I think it was very original how she wore it I didn’t see anything wrong with the bikini until I looked at how it was supposed to be worn. Maybe she could start a trend? To me, it looks a lot more interesting as a halter top.

  • Yeah I agree, Sankaku Complex has some dazzling content!

    The stuff high blood pressure is made of, haha.

    Love em’ I agree.

    I found em looking for anime statues to add to my collection they are number 1 on google for “Bounty Hunter Yoko”.

    Very slick statue BTW. Going to be added to my collection for sure!


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