I can Drive Now.

Here in Singapore, (or probably anywhere in the world with a strict driving license test), the ability to drive legally is one of the marks of adulthood. Being in full control of a killing machine capable of speeds far greater than any non-flying organism nature can come up with does truly require a lot of responsibility and skill.

It costs about 2000 dollars to get a license here, which is quite unlike most other countries such as the US. I know testing is lax over there and you can get a license just by having sex with the tester apparently. But here, our testers hold tablet computers armed with GPS systems that will track your every mistake, even fictional ones like "not checking the rearview mirror". Like how the hell can they even see your eyes move!

They make us go for about 20 lessons at driving schools (or private instructors) which cost about 60-70 dollars for 1.5 hours. Add to that the costs of booking theory lessons, exams and so on, you are looking at a hefty 2000 dollar bill or more. I’m probably an average learner and I passed on my first try. If I were to fail, I would require about 500 dollars more in retest booking fees and revision lessons. And I know many who fail multiple times. My brother 4 years younger got his license just 3 days after me, he took a private course and paid about 1400, and took like 20 percent the time. So don’t get tricked by school claims that private guys take far longer.

After all that, passing the test is a moment of elation. Too bad it doesn’t prepare you for real world driving, as I found out just now. I took my mom’s large MPV for a spin, and while I didn’t crash or murder anyone with my dual machine guns, it wasn’t too easy. I’m sure my mom feels real proud today to have her two sons finally drive her around.

Not too many of the local otakus have licenses, I count Zer0 and Windbell and maybe a handful others. It’s probably not that cost-effective as cars are expensive here.

I wonder if mounting water guns the size of super soakers is legal here. Alternatively, I would modify the watersprays for the windshield wipers to face outward with increased pressure, and these would act as water cannons for any evil doers in front of me.

On a side note, almost all the anime I’m following have ended. This transition stage is always the most boring, such that I’m even marathoning World Destruction at the moment in my free time, which is not much anyway.

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  • This blog is turning into “The day in the life of tjhan” lol

  • @Hinano
    I totally agree.

  • tj_han days. Me likes! I’m 26 and I still don’t have a license nor a grilfriend. You wrin! Bah.

  • TJ dude, I have a car license since 2 years ago, and bike up to class 2 lol. Though I whacked into two cars, once in last December and once while parking in January thanks to my bike habits. :(

    I got my car license same age as you I think…no wait. I got it when I was 21. I hear they are going to raise the age, is that true?

  • Is is that hard to get license in Singapore? I thought here in Australia was pretty tough. We first have to pass a theory test (which you need to drill few numbers and facts into your head), then fill a “logbook” to record at least 50 hours of driving with someone with a proper driver license. I wonder if this 20 hours of driving is mandatory in Singapore, because here hiring a driving instructor is optional. I took few lessons myself, and I think it’s a good experience because you learn just how cautious (nearing paranoia) you need to drive in test situation. But 20 hours is an overkill. I passed mine on first try but about 50% of people I know failed on theirs, so it’s pretty tough. One or two crucial mistakes can potentially fail you right then and there.

  • tj_han, oh tj_han!

    I fail my first BTT, now waiting for the 2nd one.
    I seem to lost the fire for getting driving license.
    I don even own a car or planning to buy one (car in sg is ridculous expensive)

    So should i pursue in getting a driving license?

    Oh tj_han, tj_han…..

  • Be the driven. Not the driver =p

  • I only got my license on the third try. EPIC FAIL. T_T

  • I got it on my second try. This does not include the 5 attempts I took to pass it while I was doing NS. Yes, I am still very pissed that I could not convert to a civilian license. Thanks for the false hope, SAF!

  • count me in for another guy with a driving license.

    You think you can drive when you pass in school but then you realise you can’t park without those damn poles. Getting the license is half the learning. The real road is a whole different ball game…

    And driving ain’t cheap in Singapore either XP.

  • Yup, so far I’ve parked alright for such a big car but I’ve always had a more experienced person beside me. Haven’t really driven alone yet.

    Helix: Noob. Lol.

    Ascaloth: Noob lol.

    Loba: Noob. Lol.

    Wong: Noob. lol. But seriously, get it when you’re young and free.

    Guest: Our national pass rate is something of like what, 30 percent? Meaning, the average person takes 2-3 times to pass, with a month or more’s wait in between. You can’t learn without a licensed instructor, you must pass TWO theory tests full of nonsensical facts you forget straight after, and score a 90 percent for BOTH TESTS. During the real test, you do some circuit obstacle course, and the tester fails you for stuff like not stopping at stop lines (even if you’re moving 1 cm/ second).

    Omo: Wtf I watch Xamd till the latest ep.

    Hinano, otakus drive cars.

    LianYL: Noob lol.

  • Ive got my license with 21…I was just too lazy and broke to make it earlier.
    Real World Driving for the first time is absolutely brutal.It just feels awkward when youre hitting the road by yourself

  • [ID Sojourner]

    ‘Not too many of the local otakus have licenses, I count Zer0 and Windbell and maybe a handful others. It’s probably not that cost-effective as cars are expensive here.’

    Nice bait but I will take it.


    That was lame.

  • In the good ol’ USA, I got my permit and in two months I get a license. However everyone American has been in at least one car accident. xD
    Freedom is great.

    btw For my permit, I paid five US Dollars and lessons are part of the education system for free. :D

  • I got mine in the beginning of this year, during chinese new year har har.

    The school isn’t lying about the private instructors. They are a hit or miss, some sucks really bad, while some are good, so your bro’s lucky.

    I failed the first time, cuz i took more than 5 in vert parking geez. The second time, i was told to take it in festive sessions, cuz the chances of passing is higher (go figure), and it really worked. :D

  • ahh the first few weeks or even months of getting the license, it is really fun to be able to drive. But give it another half year, you’ll be bored of it. also, fuel price isn’t really that friendly to be always driving and not to mention the parking space shortage plus tons of drivers don’t even know how to drive properly!! their signaling lights are either not working or they’re too half ass about using it.

  • 2000 SGD, that’s like what… 4 USD?

    Well, the dollar has been in decline as of late, so maybe 6 USD.

  • So says the guy whose country is going bankrupt while ours remain relatively unaffected. Right…

  • In reply to your question about rearview mirrors,

    next time sit next to or behind someone else who is driving.
    You should realise that you will be able to tell when the driver is looking at the side/rear mirrors, blind spot, and for how long. And spot many other driving habits as well =p

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