[LianYL] BRStick – 93 >> iSpirit

Message to tjhan: I think the new banner is cool.

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  • Yes, the people who put apple stickers on their PC and think they are cool… ugh.

  • Lol… This Mac vs PC fight again?

    I had to give them a hand, though. Making a satire out of the Apple brand phenomenon is like beating a dead horse. Pretenders and extreme evangelists on both sides of the camp… ugh.

    …Nothing here. Back to whatever you’re doing guys.

  • My iPod died after I read the post. FUCK YOU.

  • iTunes sucks. I really hate the fact that I’ve to sync with it just to add photos or apps to my iPod touch.

    Oh, and welcome back BRStick. It’s been ages.

  • I have a friend who put an Apple sticker on his iRiver. He also put a Nintendo DS battery into his iRiver, so that evens out.

    I like this BRStick a lot. It’s very relevant because with the new releases Apple has basically sold themselves out completely. The Mac’s attractiveness just fell rock bottom when they started using Intel chips. Would Intel bother selling better chips when there’s no competition? Mac OS doesn’t really tell you when your computer fucks up, unless PCs, which does that all the time. And a whole block of aluminium for one casing is just decadent.

    That said, Macs have very nice casings. kokanaden you should buy a Mac Pro and put your PS3 in its casing.

  • What’s a “Ratonale”?

    Sounds like some kind of tasty Spanish dish.

  • The science of macbook’s cover:

    “One of the marketing pushes for aluminum is that it is robust, but if you look at aluminum versus magnesium alloy, you will see that it is not exactly tough, in fact it is quite a soft metal. Also, when people talk about it being very light; take note that magnesium is only one third the density – that means aluminum is heavier.”


  • lolwhut…? No black turtleneck on the Jobby stick figure?

    Seriously, as a mechanical designer, I find that while Apple products have really nice design (the cool factor), from a user standpoint there’s always one major annoying flaw about it which ruins the experience, like a Turkish rug with a deliberate flaw in it…

    Examples are the iPod battery life (my 3G can only last 5 minutes now on its second battery and is now permanently attached to the FireWire cradle as a backup HDD), the Nano (scratch city!!!) and the iPhone 3G (ugh, cracks in the back).

    iTunes is easy to use compared to other sync software (*cough* Nokia…. *cough* Creative), but the song portability and DRM crap, not to mention that Apple wants you to install other pieces of software (like Bonjour, Quicktime and Safari…) all the time makes it seriously annoying.

  • I don’t really care about music management software. Anyone with a decent brain can do tags and name folders. I use foobar2000 for everything I do with my music: Tagging, housekeeping, playing, conversion, recording, lyrics and whatever you got with plugins. Want it to look like iTunes? Just download the skin.

  • Brilliant take! Who do you get all your Apple news? ^^ My hat is off for you.

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