Super Exhaustive 2000-2009 Anime List with Notes so You will Learn.

It’s all the rage now, to make lists of the decade’s anime. I’m late to the game yes but I totally did a list, only for it to disappear when I pressed refresh out of reflex. Anyway, my list is better than the other people’s because while I have rather decent taste in anime, I’m also lax enough with standards to like stuff that aren’t excellent and I like all genres except for BL. I’ve tried my best to divide the shows into genres, but sometimes it’s not possible, because then half of the shows would be scifi. So I just put them in the genre I felt suited them the most. Remember, an underlined entry means it’s uber awesome and must watch, we were totally blessed with it. A struck-out one means I liked it but thought it sucked at the same time. Note that the list might be a little inaccurate in terms of time, since I got the dates from Wikipedia.

– I don’t watch that many of these, but there were some really good ones.
Boys Be – I don’t think it’s 2000, probably ended then. But heck.
Ultramaniac – surprisingly sweet.
Midori no Hibi
Honey and Clover – everyone knows this is probably the best one ever made.
Inukami – crass, crude and totally funny as hell.
Magikano – another one that breaks lots of conventions.
Ouran High School Host Club – the best reverse harem show. The only one we like actually.
Clannad and Afterstory – only for Kyou and Tomoyo. FUCK YOU NAGISAAAAAA!!
Kimikiss – Pretty designs, nostalgia-inducing.
Nodame Cantabile – Classy and entertaining.
Kannagi – Brilliant dialogue and humour.
Special A – It’s surprisingly sweet.
Toradora – Probably best high school romance show so far, for me.
Bakemonogatari – Maybe this shoudn’t be in this genre. But excellent, except for the crappy coloured frames.
Hatsukoi Limited – It’s like an upgrade of Kimikiss.

Scifi - Almost all anime has some degree of scifi, but these are the mainly scifi ones, most have mecha.
FLCL – Stylish to the max.
Gatekeepers and GK21 – watched together, its simplicity belies its depth. Still one of my favourite super power shows.
Vandread – Pioneer of CGI mecha, cute girls and nice plot twists.
Read or Die OVA – Stylish super powers and snappy pacing, exciting.
Scyred - Lots of angry boys shouting with super powers.
Full Metal Panic (all 3 seasons) – Simply one of the most epic in terms of action and comedy, could’ve been one of the best scifi if not for the blasted Lambda driver bullshit.
Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex and 2nd Gig – Seriously, if you don’t like this you must be… yaoi fan girl.
Macross Zero – Beautiful valkyries.
Gundam Seed – Despite the hatred Seed Destiny garnered that took the gloss off the original season, Gundam Seed was a fantastically exciting series.
Overman King Gainer – Cynthia and the Dominator.
Rahxephon – I got bored but thought it was good.
Last Exile – The anime that made Range Murata and Steampunk big in the anime world. Epic.
Planetes – Simply the best scifi anime of the decade. Probably of all time so far.
Burst Angel – Sexy girls, some nice mecha, namely the highway patrol car.
Diebuster – Super animation, nostalgic and clever tie-ins to the original series, and simply the largest scale battles ever fought in the solar system. Besides Gurren Lagann.
MS Igloo and all the other OVAs of the non-Gundam Weaponry – I like these the same way people love car shows. Functional and inspiring mecha design and great animation, plus an unexplored subject matter in the big UC universe.
Zipang – Singapore got featured? I can’t remember, but WW2 is exciting, especially if an Aegis missile cruiser joins the fray.
Eureka Seven – Flashy, touching, and Renton becomes a man. Cemented the thought "Bones is genius".
Sousei no Aquarion – This one is here for the song, voted best song of all time. And the super funny cross dress episode.
Gun x Sword - I like this because Van quietly kills the villain at the end, with no fuss and emoshit about how killing is wrong. A simple chop of a defenceless old man, and THE END.
Noein – It’s not bad, somewhat pretentious though.
Speed Grapher – I love the dirtiness, the smuttiness, the fantastic ending where the bad guy sort of wins and also the 2nd ending song. Plus Saiga has awesome super power.
Code Geass – It’s so melodramatic and full of twists, it’s like some Gundam Seed on steroids.
Ergo Proxy – It’s not really cyberpunk.
Flag – Possibly most realistic use of mecha I’ve seen, plus the unique cinematography.
Freedom Project – Looks like Akira eh?
Zegapain – KAMINAGI RYOUKO. The show is meh but not that bad, the reason it is significant is because it brought Hanazawa "KYRRRRROOU-CHAN" Kana to stardom.
Darker than Black – Best superpower show, in my opinion. Slick, mysterious and stylish yet brutal, it’s better than great.
Dennou Coil – Creative, with a wonderful storyworld.
Engage Planet Kissdum – It kinda sucks but for the fact that it’s very funnily bad.
Gurren Lagann – Escalating power levels spiral into the biggest battle known to anime ever. Revived manliness.
Heroic Age – I like the Starcraft ripoff concept.
Gigantic Formula – Super all-star mecha designer party,  it’s sort of some epenis contest.
Gundam 00 – It’s not as good as Seed for sure, but I still like it. The mecha look better than Seed’s for sure.
Moonlight Mile – It’s like Planetes on retarded mode, with lots of nudity and sex.
Towards the Terra – It’s like watching some 80s show.
Tetsuwan Birdy – It would be really good if not for the horrid animation they tried to pass off as some avant-garde bullshit.
Kaiba – Everyone knows its good.
Toaru Majutsu no Index – Arguably bad, but it introduced Railgun.
Tytania – I’m hoping for its 2nd season if not I’ll strike it off the list. Space opera is a dying genre.
Xam’d – It’s like some rushed, fail Eureka seveN. But even a rushed fail E7 is good enough for the list.
Rideback – Very very exciting mecha designs, very very boring story.

Comedy – It’s hard to separate harem/romance from comedy.
Galaxy Angels – Few people like this, but it’s one of my favourite comedies, simply because it’s long. I like long series.
School Rumble – The first season was pure gold. The others, shit.
Pani Poni Dash – Sort of kickstarted the rubbishy trend of spamming references and hidden text.
Ichigo Mashimaro – Cutest comedy ever.
Gintama – Gintama has elements from every single genre. Seriously, there is NO genre it doesn’t cover, even yaoi. It’s just too good, pity a downward trend has been developing but the filler episodes are mostly really creative so it’s ok.
Kyou no Go no Ni (OVA) – Ignoring the tv series, the OVA is pure dirty fun.
Lucky Star – Despite constant derision, Lucky Star is not bad, the characters are likeable.
Minamike (first season) – The first season was like another Ichigo Mashimaro.
Detroit Metal City – It’s funny. Also created a thousand memes.
GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class – GA is cure, light-hearted and educational.

Shounen – Everyone seems to hate shounen, but I think shounen manga is one of the mainstays of anime and as long as nasty fillers and anime originals stay out of the way, they are not bad at all.
Naruto – until the stupid fillers starter, this was one of the best shounen ever.
Kekkaishi – Unlike typical shounen, this one gets better and better.
Claymore – Ruined by newly created crap ending.
Soul Eater – Beautiful animation and choreography, bad bad ending.

Fantasy - Anime has a lot of lameass fantasy RPGish shows.
12 Kingdoms – If not for the fact it is incomplete, and people hating it for starting slow, it’ll probably be considered the best fantasy anime.
Kino no Tabi – Painful to watch in a good way.
Elfen Lied – Made violence trendy again.
Gakuen Alice – Is this fantasy? Anyway, it’s sweet, cute and has super powers.
Suzumiya Haruhi – Duh, but the 2nd season is not that awesome. Yuki is good. Very good.
Pumpkin Scissors – Poor PS has no sequel to tie up loose ends since GONZO died. Alice is great and noble, most noble of anime characters.
Zero no Tsukaima - This is example of how really bad stuff can be made entertaining with clever use of WW2 weaponry and superpowers.
Ayakashi Ayashi – Criminally overrated to the point of its cancellation. Creative use of kanji as weapons.
Rozen Maiden – Nice dolls.
Seirei no Moribito – Kamiyama Kenji can do no wrong, epic.
Oh! Edo Rocket – It’s unique. Very very unique, with lots of wit and anachronisms.
Tower of Druaga – One of those shitty shows that people love because it simply has job classes.

Action - Again, this category is for shows with tiny or no element of fantasy or scifi but lots of action.
Gunslinger Girls – The manga is better. But the manga is so good that the anime is worth mentioning.
Samurai Champloo – YEEEEEEAAAH. Funny, exciting and stylish to the max. It’s all about style here.
Basilisk – Ninja deathmatch, with one skill each. Full of violent and sex. Yes, I approve.
Maihime – Pioneer of girls fighting girls hime-style.
Shigurui – Most exciting samurai anime so far.
Black Lagoon – Despite the lame English, Black Lagoon is full of the nice things we like, namely death, guns, hot girls, battle royales, twins, Russians and crazy people.
Baccano! – Tied with Champloo for best of this genre, genius blending of timelines to make a fun and engaging story. Also see note on battle royales. We love battle royales.
Kaze no Stigma – I think I said it before, but elemental super powers are very attractive. Plus badass main character. Pity the story’s unfinished cos the author is as Deader than Corpse.
Tokyo Majin – It’s like some gatekeepers anime with voodoo hocuspocus instead of gate power. But a lot shallower.
Garei Zero – Super upgrade of bad manga. It’s one of the fabled "anime better than manga" examples.
Golgo 13 – How can one not love a guy who makes women’s gynies tingle just by his impersonation of a corpse with a flagpole stuck into it?
Kurozuka – Hackslashmashup with vampires.
Souten Koro – Who knew the much-derided Cao Cao was such a badass?
Sunabouzu – It’s like batman, except batman is half the height, fights in sand, and as pervy as a 100 Catholic priests.

Sports – This is the key category where my list differs from most people, who don’t have a SINGLE sports anime. Hey, it’s actually my 2nd favourite genre.
IGPX – Robot racing while beating the shit out of each other. The rules don’t make sense but the robots are lovely.
Kaleido Star – Girly, but brings tears to the eyes of even hardened viewers. SO SO PURE.
Major - Uber long running, following the life of Goro from baby till adulthood. Now he’s 19. Pure, traditional sports anime for the whole family.
Yakitate Japan – Despite its gradual deterioration, Yakitate Japan is the only cooking anime in the past 10 years. Cooking is sports.
Capeta – It’s actually the best sports series of the decade, hugely underrated story about how a poor kid with no money wins gokart races which are basically for rich kids.
Inazuma 11 – I have a totally crazed love for this. It’s like Captain Tsubasa on steroids and heroin at the same time, people cast super novas and fire demons to score goals.
One Outs – The exaggerated thinking man’s sports anime.
Basquash! – See IGPX, except with ugly mecha and action that doesn’t make sense. Actually it rather sucks.
Ookiku Furikabutte – Slight yaoi undertones going on but it’s a refreshing sports series with no overpowered main characters, which can’t be said for ALLLL the other sports series.
Cross Game – It’s actually more a romance anime, isn’t it?

Drama – Only reasonably realistic real life anime here.
Beck – Best music anime ever. Not much competition there, lol KON.
Genshiken – Best otaku anime ever. Realistic too.
Yomigaeru Sora Rescue Wings – Best erm rescue anime ever. I cry every episode.
Kaiji – It’s like a dumb version of Liar Game with higher stakes and ugly art.
Moyashimon – Cute and educational with zero story.
Kurenai – Haha, bones popping out as blades is realistic for me, you laugh? Kurenai is basically about the girl and the guy, so yeah.
Eden of the East – While not as good as people hoped it would be, it’s still really interesting.

I might have missed stuff out, feel free to add on or flame my choices.

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  • Wherebe Evangelion movies?! I bet they do deserve something up there.

  • i think hikaru no go is like the best sports anime for this decade.

  • Dude, how can you leave out Sunred and Zetsubou Sensei from the comedy list!!

  • hmm..maybe a category for anime based on game/visual novel? meh..

  • Darker than black is definitely awesome! :D

  • For Sports Genre…

    Hajime No Ippo – Boxing…

    Great Anime… funny, thoughtful, good action…

  • Hey, it seems you’ve forgotten to underline the RAILGUN (forth last entry of the sci-fi section)… :P

  • Also, I would nominate “Hidamari Sketch” for the Comedy section.

    Once you get the timeline correct (with the aid of wikipedia), you’d start to enjoy this lighthearted and curing dorm-life story.

    “Manabi Straight” would be great too. Even if you don’t like the story line, at least the songs (OP, EP and the MV of character themes in the DVD) are great.

  • hmm gunna try some of what u like but node code cease, i saw one episode and it was terrible.

    but im glad someone shares my views on darker than black. hei is the man. agree about claymore i had a wtf face the whole time while watching the final epi. also i think you should see yamato nadeshiko( the wallflower) it harem/goth/comedy its good but noy like the manga. still its worth ur time

  • I am sad at the lack of azumanga, And Hikaru no Go. These were gold, and I have yet to see things quite fully reach their quality.

    Tho I mostly agree with everything else :)

  • Your list have left me in despair!! Where is Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei??

  • Full Metal Alchemist? wtf? How’s THAT not on there? And where the hell is Macross Frontier?

    Also missed:

    Daughter Of 20 Faces
    Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
    Manabi Straight
    Spice & Wolf
    Haibane Renmei
    Someday’s Dreamers
    Sky Girls

    I’m sure I can think of a few more while you hang yer head in shame for missing these.

    Ah! I’ve thought of one: Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo.

    There. I will shut up now.

  • FMA is for kids.

  • Cowboy Bebop

  • Clannad after story?????????????????????? one of the best anime of the decade. Its better than Kannon and Air, a similar show. Make sure to watch the first season before after story.

  • list is very fine……………bleach , inuyasa , fullmetal alchemist is not in it……………and i cant find english dubbed version of romance/comedy series………but thanks…for list

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