Figure Review: Negima’s Evangeline 1/8 PVC: She Fell for Me

I have changed my photo-taking ways. No more will I use a crappy makeshift white paper background, a horrible yellow lamp and high ISO settings that resulted in abominable photos. I realised that natural light is so much easier. So I take my shots out on the balcony now, in the day and let destiny decide the lighting conditions. With the extra space, I can also use a tripod and hence low ISO settings, which clears the previously rampant grainy problem. Pity my Speed Grapher (erm that’s my camera) only comes with a mini-tripod so most of the time I am prone on the ground like a good soldier in the trenches of WW1.

These photos turned out much better than my old ones and I didn’t even use Photoshop to touch them up.

To start the review, let’s see how Evangeline looks like.

Not an official picture, but nice enough.

She’s the tsundere+loli vampire magess of the class and is also Negi’s Magic teacher. The figurine is produced by Konami and stands at 20 cm. I paid 3610 yen (S$50) for it, excluding shipping which was about 820 yen.

This is a terribly designed product. The balance is completely off and a slight touch topples her over. Don’t be tricked by the four plugs, they are too short to hold the figurine. Aesthetically, the pose looks very good but you have to stick a bit of blu-tac to hold it. DO NOT USE SCOTCH TAPE if you don’t want to leave a permanant mark. If you use tape, just get some alcohol wipes and wipe off the glue but this may remove some paint.

Click all for bigger versions.

Bad design but nice base

She looks alive. The pose is good.

She’s wearing a tiny black dress and a giant vampirish cloak.

70% of the time, this is her state of existence.

I really wonder what she’s reaching out for.

Her foot is not directly connected to the base but instead, an ABS piece so that should prevent warpage.

Her hair is subarashii.

Even more so from the back.

The oversized cloak is a cool contrast from her tiny frame.

And pert ass.

The cloak even wraps around the basal ABS piece.

There’s a bit of defect on her hair for my one. The face isn’t too nice, its a bit broad.


The fringes are too stubby too.

So while this figurine scores high in the aesthetics and pose department, its shocking inability to stand drags down its marks. The  painting is decent but isn’t too smooth with a few grains here and there. The skin colour is slightly unnatural but I suppose the undead have dead skin. For a relatively cheap price, this is well-worth it. The Negima Konami series are all quite pretty but I purchased this one only since it was the only unique figurine compared to the rest’s boring seifuku.

The main draws are the wavy hair and swirling cape.

Score (Maximum is 10)

  • Pose: 10
  • Paintjob: 8
  • Detail: 8
  • Design: 5
  • Originality: 8
  • Excitement: 8 (I almost died when I placed this fig on the ledge of my balcony and it almost fell six storeys.)

15 Responses to “Figure Review: Negima’s Evangeline 1/8 PVC: She Fell for Me”

  • oooh…. I see the photo quality has certainly improved!

    And the figurine looks horrid, right from the moment I set my eyes on her. Yuck. Sorry if I don’t share the same taste as you.

  • The natural lighting sure looks good on her.

    Where do you live by the way? I’m assuming you live in a condo, by the looks of your balcony.

  • I’ve also done up the Maia review, with an outdoor setting. Now I have to rotate my backgrounds since I’ve used my balcony twice. Maybe beside the pool or something haha, since its Daphne in the Brilliant Blue’s Maia.

    Yeah it’s a condo.

  • Man, how much did the cape stink on this one when you first opened it?

    I still think the Konoka figure (which, coincidently, isn’t in a seifuku) is the best of the first Konami have released – it just has better paintwork and more detail. The Makie figure is crap though.


    You are right, Konoka’s was the best since it had a diorama of sorts. But her character is so .. boring. The Asuna is the worst. Makie’s one looks similar to Asuna.

  • hahaha, pert ass! i luv it, chuckled on that pic. thx for the review, purdy figure ^.^

  • I see what you mean.

    The face is a bit broad and does not scream “Evil loli tsundere”. Eyes could be slightly narrower.

    And yes, Eva has a nice, pert ass.

  • Hi there, nice review and the best I think but I was wondering how’s the limited version… I’m thinking of getting the limited version through a guy but would cost more as I can get the normal near my place for a nice price.

    Ohhh the headache >_

  • Limited version? Of this? Is there one? I was unaware. What is it?

  • Yes, there is a limited version of it which just released around last week, so far I managed to ask a guy to get it for me… hopefully… as I like the natural pose and also her cute vampiric face hehe.


    The box is similar to the normal version:

  • Where can one find the anime of this?

  • You know, I was really looking forward to this figure when it was coming, only to see it’s shoddy and not at all like the real Evangeline. Konami owning the rights to merchandise such as figures exclusively make it worse, since they tend to suck at figures (a lot). So, there’s a few really awesome figures made through Wonder Festivals and such, but they will never be made into PVC, since Konami won’t suffer good figures to be made (don’t quote me on the Ichigo Mashimaro ones yet though – these might be the exception), so I guess we suffer! T_T

    And Hi there: you can buy the anime from America or Australia for the actual english releases, or buy them in only Japanese from Amazon Japan. Don’t be cheap now! ^^

  • I like it but where did you buy it?

  • น่ารักดี

  • evangeline AK MCDOWELL

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