The Top 11 Manliest Men! Perfect Phenotypes of the Y Chromosome

Lists of favourite females have been done to death. Girly men have been fangirled too much. So here is a list of the TRUE MANLY MEN. Ohno Kanako would so agree. I have only included the males who exhibit great manly traits and don’t rely on their looks at all (or for the most part). These are truly men who make other men shiver with excitement and respect. Watch out for spoilers though.

Director of Ikari Pavement Pte Ltd (Capeta)
First up would be a real dark horse, the baldy short and mustachioed Director of Ikari Pavement Pte Ltd from Capeta! He doesn’t even get his own name but is a major driving force behind Capeta’s success on the kart tracks. Director started his business from scratch and made it moderately successful through sheer hard work and good morals, treating his employees especially Papa Capeta very well but never spoiling them. Director’s always offering words of wisdom to the less experienced and he does so not in a sweet sissy way but a gruff, manly and indirect tone, forcing them to think hard, reflect and understand the true meaning of his words. He’s manly! The true star of Capeta!

Wisdom is manly.

Azuma Kazuma (Yakitate Japan)

Nothing is more attractive than a man totally immersed in his passion and going all out to achieve greatness. It helps if he’s good at what he does too. Azuma is no doubt the most sincere, creative and focused professional ever seen in anime. Nothing distracts him from his love of Ja-pan and he’s a family man too. Note that his twin sister Kouda Akari also shares his personality but instead is going for an acting career, though she lacks talent.

Talent and effort are manly.

Ukiya Shun (Gatekeepers)
One of the traits of a manly man is forcefulness. Ukiya Shun, with guts, willpower and his Gate of Cyclone, destroys all the bad guys and saves the day. Having cool attack moves and a great car also make him very manly. ULTRA SENPUU KIRI!! SHINKUU MISSILE!!

Powerups are manly.

Big attack moves are manly.

Harima Kenji (School Rumble)
A true man is capable of true love. He’s willing to sacrifice himself and dedicate his all for his girl. He’ll embarrass himself doing silly things just to get noticed. Harima Kenji is the epitome of the much-loved clueless baka Manly Man.

Dimwits are manly.

Honda Shigeharu (Major)

One of the roads to becoming a Manly Man is through being a great father. Honda led the son, Goro, onto the path of baseballing greatness by setting a fine example and imparting tremendous moral values. And his manliness is augmented by the successful capture of Goro’s kindergarten school teacher, Momoko and his tragic death from a deadball after hitting the greatest homerun in Japanese Baseball history (in the Major world of course).

Fathers are manly.

Homeruns are manly.

Asakura Yoh (Shaman King Manga)

Being manly isn’t all about size and physique. Yoh has arguably the greatest personality and thought processes of all shounen heroes created. Being all laidback and calm at all times, even during crises, Yoh can be relied upon when there’s trouble. It helps that his fiancee Anna is uber Tsundere, letting Yoh show his caring and accomdating side. All Manly Men have a sensitive and caring side too you know. And his Oversoul is cool. Did I mention that he’s a headphone guy too? Headphone guys are manly. Please see SK manga volume 19 and 20.

Headphones are manly.

Horo Horo (Shaman King Manga)

Two characters from SK made it into the chart! Horo Horo is generally crap, except for one specific incident – the Apollo arc. During this short story arc, Horo Horo reveals his beliefs (manly ones) and these beliefs propel him to the dizzy heights of manhood. He says (more or less, I read it a few years ago), "It’s alright to take [animal] lives if you’re hunting them for food, or for survival. Make use of the body, the meat and the skin it leaves behind well and offer gratitude to the spirits of those that have sacrificed for us, in this natural cycle. But no one can be forgiven if he kills for fun alone and wastes life." And he proceeds to beat the shit out of the poachers who were hunting bears for sport, with his Oversoul. Truly a manly nature lover.

Nature lovers are manly.

Iceblades are manly.

Suitengu Chouji (Speed Grapher)
Vengeance is another gate to manliness and Suitengu is the revenge warrior of the decade. With cunning, ruthlessness and patience, he uses the powers of economics to tear down the entire fabric of the society that so destroyed his life. Hmph Sasuke really is a candle compared to the volcano that is Suitengu. It is manly, when one sets out with a massive goal and achieves it after much planning, hardwork, single-mindedness and selfishness.

Vengeance is manly.

Renton Thurston (Eureka seveN)

Growing up is part of being manly. There is no such thing as a perfect man and someone who learns, reflects and improves himself constantly in both heart and mind is a Manly Man. I don’t believe there’s a protagonist who has changed and grown more than Renton. Compare episode 1 to episode 50 and even our manly hearts flutter with respect! RESPECT!

Growing up is manly.

Hananakajima Masaru (Sugoi yo! Masaru-san aka Sexy Commando Gaiden)
Doing randomly funny stuff for his own pleasure, not caring what others think of him and having supreme confidence in himself are what Masaru’s manliness encompass. His great fighting skills and love of defending the weak are also manly. Very very manly. His dress style is uniquely manly as well.

Over-the-top insanity is manly.

Drake (Read or Die)
Being manly doesn’t mean being in the spotlight. Supporting from the back, being totally reliable in spite of no special powers or good looks, standing guard while your allies rest, shielding girls from deadly paper attacks with your bare muscles are also ways to being listed in the Manly Hall of Fame. Drake, the American pony-tailed beefcake, is one of the rare ROD characters who do not possess special powers other than guts, willpower, reliability, resourcefulness and fatherly love. A true underdog, a great Manly man.

Unsung heroes are manly.

I listed eleven but I’m sure there are more. Do add on to this list! And no retarded Prince of Tennis type pretty faces allowed!

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  • How could you all forget Kamina from Tengan toppa guren lagen, he represent a true man completely and his personality is awesome…

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