MiniFigure Review: Rozen Maiden Swing!

This is a set of swings I got for about 18 Singapore dollars. That’s about 1300 yen. The problem with these is that you can’t actually use them, for they’ll end up like my Advent Children Cloud and Tifa. Cloud has only his head left, his body lost in some random vehicle. Tifa is charcoal black.

Otherwise, for such a low price, this set is pretty cute. All the characters except Barasuishou are present. They’re all in chibi form and there’s decent detail for such a small size. They come with a totally shiny, mirror-like plate with the corresponding item and name. Only Suiseiseki can stand on its own.

This set has only six, with no variants or secrets. They go for 200 yen each in Japan and are produced by Yujin.

For the uninitiated, "swing" means it’s just a tiny soft PVC figurine with an attached chain, to be used as either a keyholder (beware!! flimsy as a 90 year-old dick) or just decor for wallets, bags and cell phones.

Suiseiseki front

Suiseiseki back

Last doll standing.

Upclose these look like crap but are actually quite good value for money.

Hinaichigo front

Hinaichigo back

Souseiseki front

Souseiseki back

Shinkuu front

Shinkuu back.

Suigintou front

Suigintou back

Kanaria front

Kanaria back

5 Responses to “MiniFigure Review: Rozen Maiden Swing!”

  • Are you planning on turning them into a headless Cloud Strife like before?

  • What? No Bara-chan?!

    Suiguintou looks mentally retarded, her face looks so deformed. Out of the pack, I think Suiseiseiki and Hanaichigo looks good. The rest.. are Woodbridge stuff. Lol.

  • Shinku looks… weird.

    I would say Suiseiseki, Souseiseki and Hinaichigo are the better looking ones. Sougintou looks alright, but does not look like Sougintou.

    I hate Kanaria with a passion.

  • Love Suiseiseki in the show!
    Cool eyes, long hair, quirky personality…what more can you ask for in a gal!
    All the swings look like they are of shoddy quality actually…gd luck with them!

  • Yay, no Barasuishou, valid proof that she is actually a mistake that only made it into the show by accident. I have to agree with Skane in that Suisei, Sou and Hina are the better looking ones; Shinku and Kanaria look hideous.

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