Figure Review: Gunslinger Henrietta – Emotions Conveyed

Make no mistake about it, this one is one of THE best figurines I have purchased. You can go on about how flailing long hair, sexy boobies, bright colours, dynamic poses, gimmicks etc but Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Henrietta figurine captures exactly the beauty of a Gunslinger Girl without being too excessively lavish.

It is testament to the declining production quality of Alter, when I place my two newly bought figurines side by side. Alter’s Sei is just bad when compared to Henrietta, even if the former costs 1000 yen more.

For just 3,800 yen, Henrietta comes with an awesome base and a pistol too.

The components.

The base is amazing. Rather than an uniformly coloured boring shiny ABS base, GSC chose to go dioramaish. Each of the bricks have variantions in their colour and are even weathered for realism. The floor weathering is so impressive, it’ll make modelling enthusiasts proud. The pits, chips, cracks and spaces are shaded with dark paint. It feels like a setting from Gunslinger Girls. The small size is natural and space-saving, especially on crowded desktops or shelves, yet not compromising stability.

Three pegs attach the figurine to its base. Two for the left leg, and 1 at the tip of the right leg. The fit is good and you don’t have to stretch the leg much to get it in.

Looks just like a real piece of Italian street!!!!!!!!!!!!

Henrietta’s face is also perfect. Replicating the style of the manga completely, it captures the innocence these mind-controlled girls exude. You can see hints of sadness and loneliness from Henrietta’s face. The highest realm of figurine sculpting is the emotional one, where the sculptor is able to reproduce the character’s emotions. An insecure, melancholic and innocent Henrietta.

The hair is great too. Nothing too flashy, just down to the basics. A bob with a black hairband. The tips of the hair are well-molded, very crisp and smooth. While the seam’s pretty obvious, the brown shading creates a pretty 3D effect, especially on the fringe and the ends. The back looks layered too.

Henrietta is in a school uniform I think. In a white blouse with a red ribbon, a jacket and pleated skirt, she appears quite the normal school girl. Her blouse is very detailed with many folds and creases, as her torso is slightly turned to the left. Her blouse is tucked in, with a bit of slack so the little bulges there are quite realistic. The skirt is pretty long for anime standards, it covers most of her thigh.

Her sleeves and back of her jacket are amazing. Just look at the pictures below.

Henrietta’s body is that of a young pre-pubescent girl, so there isn’t much curve. True to the artstyle of Aida Yu, her legs are more realistically proportioned than most anime characters and this is reflected here in the figurine. Look at the shading and sculpting of her knees! Looks like knees doesn’t it? The shape of the knee cap is visible, as is the shallow pit at the side of the knees that appears when it’s bent. Anatomists would be proud of this.

Henrietta’s holding an AMATI violin case behind her back as well as a pistol. No doubt the case contains no string intrument but a P90 or something. The pistol has no plugs or any attachment, it just fits into her hand. Those with poor dexterity may find it hard to squeeze it in as there isn’t much space but I used an eyebrow tweezer. Henrietta’s finger is at the correct position, straight and not touching the trigger. She’s so well-trained, even in safety measures.

Unlike the pistol, the violin case is not removable.  It is however, a nice matte black and studded with metallic dots. The brand name is printed crisply on too. I much prefer this to the other version of Henrietta, a resin kit of her famous crouching P90 pose. I found that rather crude.

With the violin case and pistol, it shows the main point of Gunslinger Girls – that these adorable and innocent girls are trained to kill efficiently making use of their harmless exterior to put enemies off guard. The girls are made to handle deadly weaponry no normal person would.

From the front, she looks like a normal school kid with a penchant for music.

The mad skillzzz of GSC’s factory guys are displayed. Not a SINGLE defect or flaw. The only thing I have issue with is the hairseam but that’s mostly inevitable. The base especially, is impossibly well made.

In conclusion, this is an awesome awesome figurine. Not only does it have perfect paint work, a super base, and optional parts, Henrietta’s emotions are clearly transmitted through the figurine.  The pose is simple but elegant, showing the hidden deadliness of the modified gun girls without overing emphasising the guns. The real figurine even looks better than the promo pictures!

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