Figure Review: Burst Angel’s Sei Lives Up to Expectations. Read: Filler.

First, I am glad to remind all here that Burst Angel’s going to have an OVA, titled, "Burst Angel – the 2nd coming", to be released this month apparently. Burst Angel is no doubt the GONZO’s Charlie Angels, meaning all fluff and eyecandy, which perfectly fills the part of my anime appetite dedicated to that. Now onto the actual figurine talk.

Having started on the Alter Burst Angel series and purchased the beautiful Jo and Meg figurines released earlier, I have no choice (actually I do but I can’t) but to complete the set, that is, Sei and Amy. I have no expectations of them and they are merely "filler" used to augment the beauty of the first two. But man, Sei’s really bad. There’s another version of Sei that comes with two bodies, both on all fours, with alternate outfits.

It’s partially Alter’s fault since they were the ones who created the figurine. Btw Tanaka Touji is the sculptor for this. More blamable is, however, the character designers, Kamimoto Kanetoshi and Horiuchi Osamu (both of whom worked on great projects like Last Exile, Fumoffu and TSR), made Sei just particularly ugly in terms of dress sense, proportions and accessories. There wasn’t much Alter could do to beautify her if they wanted an accurate figurine.

But it’s not all that bad. There are several areas I found well-made and designed. This Sei figurine, priced at 4,571 yen, is 1/8 scale and stands at about 22 cm.

This is the only full-body shot I have of her. Why? Because she looks like crap. First, I’ll comment on the base.

The base is the very typical Alter plain glossy uniform coloured ABS base. It’s alright aesthetically, nothing to praise at all though. What is upsetting is the poorly designed leg pegs. Even after much pushing, Sei’s feet wouldn’t plant firmly on the base and there was quite a bit of alarming creaks (plastic screams of agony) arising from the tight leg fit.

Sei’s pose is such a generic one but her cloak is blown to the side for some asymmetry. We all know asymmetry is cooler while symmetry is classy. She’s looking slightly left with her right hand clutching her opera mask and her left hand unnaturally clenched. What is the reason for the clenched fist? Weird. I have to say, in spite of the rather boring posture, her legs and hips are rather realistically postured with her right leg bearing most of the weight.

From the back, Sei’s pretty much covered. The paint job looks flawless, with tonnes of metallic buttons and the really sharp zipper in front. The gold lining on her jacket is almost perfectly done aside from a few negligible unclean lines. The belly button is pretty powerful though. A feature of Burst Angel design is the super well toned belly.

The zipper and buckles are great.

The biggest gripe about paintwork I have is this.

This is supposed to be flesh coloured as it’s her naked thigh. It however looks like Alter forgot to paint it blue.

And now we move onto the most prominent organ – the "Melon Pans" (trademark Jason Miao). And then I borrow a line from DrMchrso  (pronounced Dee Ar  AM Krrrrrrr Sou), "RANGE MURATA DOES NOT APPROVE!" Range of the realistic fantasy costume designs will roll in his sleep at this shocking outfit.

How the hell do those massive boobies stay inside that tiny top? Especially when they aren’t supported from below. How does Sei run? And doesn’t she get abrasion? This is my first encounter of "reverse cleavage", where the cleavage’s seen from below. Creative, but just plain weird. The strap across her body’s pretty well done though.

It sure as hell looks like Chinese Buns. The big ones with the paper base you have to tear off.

Moving on, we see the best part of the figurine. The face, hair and mask.

I always liked asymmetrical hair. That’s why I like Blood+ Saya’s post episode 34 look. Sei has a really cool fringe that’s crisply moulded and really stylish, especially when viewed from the right. Her short (for anime standards) hair is neatly tied up in a flowerish shape behind. The great thing about the hair is that due to its shape, there are no visible hair seams AT ALL and everything’s impeccably fused.

Mature lady from the right,

Boyish from the left.

The mask’s colouring must have been rather labour-intensive. I wonder if the Chinese factory workers who made this felt patriotic? It’s a Chinese mask after all. I’m not too into Beijing Opera and the like so I can’t tell you what the colours represent, if anything at all. And I just remembered that Chinese Opera singers don’t really wear masks. So where the hell do these masks that seem to be everywhere, pop up from?

What is striking about Sei’s face are her sharp oriental features. With a pointy chin, defined and elegant nose, elongated eyes and dark hair, she does remind me of women in the mold of Lucy Liu. Btw I think Lucy Liu is terribly UNHOT. But Sei from certain angles is quite. It’s quite strange her pupils are blue though but the Gatekeeperish ring effect’s outstanding.

If you look closely, Sei’s mouth is not just one pink pit as is the case for 90% of the other figures. She actually has a bit of white teeth. Alter goes for the details.

Covering the wrong areas

Gate Open!

I found Sei to be an average purchase. She looks great from some angles, notably a high right closeup but otherwise, looks like crap. The paintwork is quality, as is Alter’s standard. The pose is standard and boring but it reflects how Sei was portrayed in the show – a complete passenger fit for nothing but filler. And the base sucks.

Below are some more photos for reference.


6 Responses to “Figure Review: Burst Angel’s Sei Lives Up to Expectations. Read: Filler.”

  • Nice figurine as usual… is she wearing a bra?(meaning if the white part is the bra)

  • I can’t help but agree at how boring her figure is, considering how fantastic Meg’s figure looked.
    I’m planning to go watch Burst Angel soon, so there might be a possibility of me attempting to acquire them all of i like the show.

  • Chairman Rockwell feels that reverse cleavage is truly wonder, and we should all support it to help fight terrorism in our glorious homeland.

  • He also believes it is “wonderful.” The Chairman has a case of early morning keyboard dropsies and shall not tolerate mocking.

  • now we know why they are called “burst” angels………..

  • I too have this figure (as I said in the Meg review), but I really like this. I didn’t buy this for filler, as this was my first figure bought of the set, then Amy, and then Meg.

    I liked everything fine. It’s very accurate to the designs Ugetsu Hakua drew in his book (Flamboyant, Y2800 at Amazon Japan). I think her english voice is what sucks (I want to buy the series, so I can check it out in Japanese). Anyway, I just need Jo to complete the set, and hopefully they are re-released again! ^^

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