Figure Review: SR DX Kanaria, Catch Her Before She Warps Out!

These pictures are deceiving. SR DX Kanaria is a bad figurine. People have said that Yujin’s SR DX Rozen Maiden series is good and on first impression, this seems correct. However, upon closer examination, there are huge flaws in the design.

For Kanaria, she comes in 14 pieces. Her head, arms, hands, torso and legs are separable much like other SR DX figurines. The umbrella is a three piece item, consisting of the canopy, the round fastening peg at the top and the actual handle. Kanaria also has two ahoge which have to be carefully inserted into the sides of her head. Finally, a metal curved rod holds her up on top of the black ABS plastic base.

She did need an umbrella during the shoot.

The golden metal curved rod attaches to the heel of her left shoe. The tip of the rod, about 1.5 cm, is grooved for more grip. You have to force in this 1.5 cm into Kanaria’s calf, so it doesn’t warp. Pretty thoughtful design.

In terms of paintwork, Yujin actually does a pretty good job. It’s clean without obvious defects and the pants are graduated orange to yellow. The many frilly laces are also decently painted on. While Kanaria is one of the least popular Rozen Maidens, I find her umbrella pretty cute.

No pantsu or titties to speak of (they are DOLLS). Aesthetics-wise, Kanaria is actually pretty good. She’s faithful to the anime designs and colours, with enough quality to not look out of place beside the more expensive figurines.

Now I will go into the design flaws and inadequacies. This is where I’m very disappointed.

While the elevated pose is a nice creative approach, there are far too many sacrifices made for it to be physically feasible. Kanaria is made very light-weight, possibly hollow and she weights half or even less than half of what a similar sized Henrietta does. As such, there is a clear lack of mass, which makes the figurine feel rather cheap. I don’t like these light figurines.

In spite of the lightness, the figurine still topples over easily. This is of course because of the high centre of gravity, as well as the cheap tiny base Yuujin provides. The base is so small, there’s not much stability at all. The very one legged design, which has her left ankle taking the full brunt of Kanaria’s weight, makes it a hotspot for warpage.

Do not try this at home kids!

The umbrella is difficult to assemble. You have to insert the round-tipped plug through the canopy and then into the handle rod. This must be done with care as the rod’s pretty malleable due to the soft PVC material. Yes, Yuujin loves to cut corners with poorer PVC quality. On top of that, the entire weight of this accessory rests on ONE hand. The hand is joined to her arm with just one plug and it can barely support the weight of the umbrella. I can see it visibly bending under the weight.

She makes her for her lack of breasts with a giant one.

Kanaria’s eyes are a bit plasticky. You can see it from the pictures below.

The biggest irritant is the twin ahoges on the sides of her head. They come attached to a runner, so you have to use cutters to extract them and if there’s any of the stem, it’s advisable to use a sharp penknife and shave it off like how you would prepare Gundam kit parts. Having done so, it took me quite a while to attach the two plastic bits to her head. This involved inserting them into a microscopic hole on either side and praying to Budda/Allah/God/Ukiya Shun/Takemoto that they wouldn’t fall off and disappear. After all, each of the parts are as big as an eyelash. After plugging them in, do not touch at all costs because a mere breath will knock them out. I was very careful when taking pictures.

So the amount of design flaws far outweigh the pretty appearance of this figurine. For a price of 2565 yen, I would’ve expected slightly better quality from the Yujin. Their next Rozen Maiden is Suigintou, and they are charging 3000++ yen. Shame on them!

The umbrella scores points, as does the decent painting plus frilly laces.

8 Responses to “Figure Review: SR DX Kanaria, Catch Her Before She Warps Out!”

  • The Yujin Suigintou has a more down-to-earth pose so it shouldn’t be plagued with the same problem hopefully. And if everything else is on par with this kit, I’ll be a happy customer comes September.

  • There’s a scratch on Kanaria you missed.

    Also, if Kanaria is so crappy, ZOH NOES NOT GIN-CHAN.

    Yuujin must not screw up.

  • How can you talk up the paint job with the shit work on the shoe lacings? BOOOOO!

  • I’ll never part my money for Kanaria. She’s just so annoying in teh anime.

  • Yujin surprised me with the Suiseiseki figurine that looks good. I wonder how that compares to this. Kanaria has a nice design but Yuujin cheaped out on the production. So this is Yujin back to normal. =P

    I disliked Yujin ever since they “ruined” the ROD TV Paper Sisters. I got the Yamato version of the Kami Shimai and am waiting for their version of Anita.

    I haven’t got many figurines. I prefer the larger ones rather than getting little gashapon type sets. (although I have Cafe the Ochaken and a Bandai tachikoma) The large figurines I have is the two Yamato Kami Shimai and Shinobu from 2×2=Shinobuden.

    Which company do you prefer for your figurines? GSC? Alter?

  • I like the usual. Alter, GSC, Maxfac. I hate Yujin and Yamato.

  • Hooray for Kanaria! There needs to be more love for the most intelligent Rozen Maiden of all ~kashira!

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