Haul: Big Rei, Small Eva and ZEGAPAIN!! New Hairstyle!!

How to show some anime love part 1: Get an ahoge.

No my hair’s not silver, it’s just the flash. But that’s an ahoge.

Onto the new "anime goodozu" as Satou of the NHK so bluntly puts it, I went to the figurine wholesaler at China Square Central today with the intention of getting the Megahouse Karakuri Circus Set. But the store hadn’t gotten the stock yet. Noticing a Alter Rei 1/5 scale figurine that was as beautiful as … Rei herself, I was tempted to part with 85 dollars to get her. It helps that the retail price + shipping costs about 100 dollars, while the store was selling it at 85.

So I did a "the name of the Gundam Shin Asuka uses in Gundam Seed Destiny’s first episode" buy. The feeling is rather sickening because it’s a bit like getting a girlfriend – you know you like her but you also know your wallet’s going to be empty and suffering ensues.

And Revoltech Eva-03, the black version that was devoured by Eva-01, is out. It comes with an impressively cool ballistics shield and I need the full set. So I bought it for 28.

Heading over to Sunshine Plaza, Tsubaki bought his Utawarerumono figures while I browsed around and saw the Megahouse set I intended to buy. Latendo is selling it at 60 each, so it’s 120 in total. Aniplay is selling them at 57.90 each. I get 5% discount and 3% points at Latendo while Aniplay gives a 10% discount. I was going to burn more money when Tsubaki suggested to wait for the first wholesaler shop to bring in these. Considering Megahouse Saya is selling for 75 in Latendo and 58 at the wholesaler, I concurred that waiting was perhaps a better option.

But not buying it straightaway is rather uncomfortable. What if it runs out of stock like the SR DX Suiseiseki? I’ll have regrets my whole life. The Shirogane figurine is rather popular, HLJ has it listed as low stock while the guy at Latendo mentioned that he had one left. It’s at these times that I wish I could press the enter button and type "greedisgood 100000" for 100000 gold and lumber. But what do I need lumber for? To build shelves to display my figgies of course.

And finally, I bought a ZEGAPAIN pencil board for six dollars. ZEGAPAIN!!!!

The Rei figurine breaks the record for largest figurine ever to step foot in the Han House.

7 Responses to “Haul: Big Rei, Small Eva and ZEGAPAIN!! New Hairstyle!!”

    And damn you for that zegapain pencilboardo.

  • Your posts are getting tangential. And Tsubaki seems to love the new style. Anyway, EVA-03 Revoltech is out! Yay, I go get mine today. You actually bought that Rei. It looks rather bad, not going to touch it(1/6 wtf, I’m not buying the 1/6 Atelier-Sai Mikuru either). The only 1/6 I’ll ever buy will be Ayane from Ninja Gaiden. Or chobits lol.

  • There’s a reason for the “filler” posts. Time is needed for research and to prepare materials for a few of the more fact-based posts I’m preparing to make.

    And it’s 1/5. Not 1/6. The quality of it is sure to wow even the most hardcore fans.

  • tj_han: LOL! Seeing your purchase for Jul, my ‘nudge’ is a mere drop in the ocean. :)

    The sticker thingy was something that came up as I chat with figure-retailers. They are tended towards your theory too. Probably parellel imports straight from China. But whether or not such parallel imports have poorer QC remains to be proven. Maybe you can tell us after your purchase on Sat.

  • Ah well, was worth an ask. The Sera fig in question is this, a San Diego Comic Con exclusive:

    We have (3 … >_>) of the original version, HD has a detailed review of it here:

    There’s a Japanese repaint (purple hair, black sailor top and white skirt) but knowing how crazy the Japanese are, it’ll be snapped up immediately. If you see the SDCC Sera around Sg email me and we will pledge our firstborn chibis (we actually never want to have kids because as far as we’re concerned, 9 out of 10 end up becoming cancers of the earth, but for Sera we will happily change our minds) to you.

  • Ah that one. I’ve seen it before. Well, an easy way to get it would be to sponsor my purchases at Aniplay haha. But when or if I fill up my card, I’ll send an email.

    As for first born kids, that sounds like a good offer but I only want girls.

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