Figure Review: Evangelion Tennis Doubles Match!

The tennis courts are forever occupied! It took lots of rain to drive those pesky PoT-wannabes off. But it also meant the courts were rather wet.

Why did I need to book tennis courts in the first place, when I don’t even own any racquets? The Eva girls wanted to play. I bought them in Hong Kong back in September last year as a set. These are from the SEGA Eva lineup but back then I didn’t know this yet and was hooked by the affordable price. The cool thing is, these two are rather well-sculpted and painted for the price.

I shan’t write too much since these are old figures. They, especially Asuka, are on my To-Sell list though.

Matching Tennis court base

Rei takes a conservative stance. She is in character.

Decent hair and impossibly good figure.

For a SEGA figure, the face is great.

Her dress is pearlescent white.

Asuka’s figure is the better one actually.

Shiny pearlescent red outfit.

Note that both figures are fixed to their bases via screws.

Nerv tennis racquet.

She’s got a trim tummy and fit tits.

Nerv sportswear.

If you want to buy this, just email me. I’ll let both go for 60 Singapore dollars (local buyers only). This is out of stock and discontinued so there isn’t any easy way of getting them.

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