Figure Review: Nurse + Whip + Rod = Hot Hot

Ah, nurses. The subject of a great many manly fantasies, these sweet selfless women are supposed to be kind, caring and able to alleviate physical suffering. So what happens when you combine one fetish with another, a violent whip wielder, on the other end of the spectrum?

Talanda Lizelotte Tachibana is the result! While I know nuts about Karakuri Circus, the manga she is from, Talanda is a Beastmaster who can tame animals with her "Charm Eye" and trusty whip. I don’t get why she is in a nurse costume but I’m not complaining. This figurine is produced by Megahouse and comes in a set with Shirogane the Puppet Master. She’s retailing at 3800 yen and was released in July 2006. Wow I’m a pretty slow reviewer.

I actually took the following pictures almost a month ago but it was in my post backlog. Pictures were taken with the Fuji Z-2.

Talanda is in a straight standing pose that isn’t too exciting. She’s looking slightly downwards and arching her back slightly. This may not be interesting but it sure is a strong womanly pose that emphasises elegance and power.

Her pink uniform is very cute, it’s all puffy and realistically creased. Her skirt especially looks very 3D. And an adorable nurse hat adorns her head.

She has my most-loved type of face – the relatively small eyed sharp and mature type.

A slender petite figure is great too. We can’t have busty too often. 

So that’s it for the nurse bit. Like how adding spicy mint to honey creates a flavour far greater than its constituents, Talanda equips a long stick whip plus an additional rod on her large leather belt. On top of that, she’s in high-heeled shiny black boots!

The rod is metallic painted while the whip is a very soft PVC that has a similar texture to rope.

The face is my type too – I’ve always liked girls (anime ones at least) with sharp features, ie pointed eyes, sharp chin etc. Talanda’s face is just that. With impeccably painted eyelashes and pretty pink lips, her face is very nice. Her hat also covers the head seams and that is good. Funny how ponytails always look good on non-real life people!

There’s a wind effect from the right of the figure so the hair and skirt can blown to the side correctly. The way she looks down also seems rather melancholic with a tinge of confidence.

Her skirt is removeable for tonnes of skirtless pictures. And the undies are might fine indeed.

Small panties, impossibly curvy waist, we seriously need those.

Belly buttons are great.

Everyone knows panty shots in real life are gross because the butt area of the underwear tends to be a bit airy and loose.

Instead of the really tight and perfect fit that looks good.

How tight must your panties be for them to dig into your asscrack like that?

Base is opaque matt ABS, typical Excellent Series base with logo of the series. But one unusual thing is the square pegs used, instead of the usual round one. The colour, a somewhat cream-white, does go well with the figure.

I like Megahouse because it charges low prices and doesn’t screw anything up. It would be fair to say that they go for the simple no-frills but effective approach in figurine production. Their figurines always look clean, properly shaded and with no defects. But the paintwork never ever stands out and details are never fully fleshed out. Another company like Alter, goes for fancy tiny details but sometimes has minor mishaps.

I like this figurine a lot in spite of a total lack of knowledge of the character. It’s the combination of a strikingly simple yet beautiful face, sweet pink nurse uniform, cool weaponry and kinky black shiny boots. For a mere 3800 yen, it sure was worth it!



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