Figure Review: Full Armour King Saber! On Sale Now!

This is one rare item. The ebcraft 1/8 Full Armour Saber made waves when news of its release first came out. Apparently, Amiami and a few other sites sold out their preorders straightaway. I was lucky enough to get it, since most local stores couldn’t even get any stock. I think Latendo is selling the limited edition one at three or four hundred dollars.

I’m putting this up for sale because I would like some money to get a) School Rumble Pillows b) Perfect Piece Tachikoma and c) the two gothloli Ikkitousen figures. Please contact me through email, if you are interested. I can’t really be bothered to ship it overseas, so you’ll have to live here in Singapore. I’m letting it go at 180 dollars, subject to demand or friendship! View the following pictures first, before reading the really honest review further down.

Using superrats’ advice of a reflector board would’ve made some of these pictures much better.

Mini Stone Henge?

This is my second Saber. The first was Clayz’ 1/6 scale armourless Saber which I sold to my friend. I have to say this ebcraft version is a massive improvement over that and no doubt the best mass production Saber to have been released so far. Why is this so?

The most important factors are the aura it projects and the clothes she’s wearing. Most Sabers don’t give off the "Warrior King" vibe and the only other one that does, the GSC sword swinging one, has a horrible face. Here, Saber is posed as if she’s looking down on her enemies/subjects from an overbearing position. Her legs are spread open for a masculine and powerful stance while she’s holding her Caliburn (or is this the Excalibur already? I’m no FSN fanboy) along with the scabbard in a majestic pose.

This is probably the most armoured Saber is going to get. With her body plate, gauntlets, leg and skirt armour sculpted and layered with immense accuracy and realism, Saber looks every bit the fighter. See how the slight metallic finish is given depth by shading on the edges? Her chest armour is also detailed with plate seams and motifs.

What? No bust?

Her blue dress under the armour isn’t neglected as well, with a very rich blue applied. The gold lining isn’t the most well painted though. One outstanding detail is the edge of her dress. The hem is crisp and serrated with a gold line on each pointy end. It’s not just the front, Saber’s back view is quite awesome really.

The blue is almost shimmering with richness

As for her limbs, they are covered by her gauntlets and boots. Her gauntlets are very cool, they look as if she’s actually wearing them and not having them molded because of its hollowness. Her feet are attached to the dull gray ABS base with a 2-1 plug configuration. Her leading foot has one aperture while her trailing one has two. Note that the fitting isn’t too tight so you can see a bit of space between the heel of her trailing boot and the base. One unusual aspect of Saber is her foot structure. Unlike other figurines where their feet is molded in the same piece as the rest of the leg, Saber’s feet are separate pieces that can be plugged into the ankles. I suppose this allows you to play the "Oh Rider has won she chopped off Saber’s foot" game.

Next up would be the sword and sheath. I’m not sure about the FSN story because I neither finished the anime or played the game. The previous Saber I owned had a different sword with a rather broad design and scabbard. This one is slim, intricately sculpted with fancy runes along the blade and lined with so much gold even a Brunei Sultan would be jealous. Same goes for the scabbard, which is really fancy and exquisite. The blade has a purplish tinge only visible under bright lighting.

The sword has to be pushed into her closed right hand while an open left grasps the scabbard. It isn’t really grabbing it tight but a rather loose fit. The promo pictures on Enterbrain’s site shows the scabbard held like a walking stick, resting on the group but some other pictures show Saber holding it. I went with the latter as it wasn’t very logical to have Saber stick her fingers into the scabbard.

For most people, the face is the defining factor which decides how good the whole figure is. All the sculpts of Saber so far, strangely enough, suffers from weird facial proportions or expressions. Be it excess cheek, cross eye, malnutrition, no Saber has come close to replicating the character. Cerberus Project did a pretty good job of a commanding Saber face. The overall shape and proportions are great, as is the colour but one issue I have is the eyes. Surely for 9000 yen, we can expect a pair of nicely hand-painted ones instead of the run of the mind decals. It doesn’t look half-bad but just a tad emotionless.

The hair is made of up three pieces – the fringe, mid section and the bun. There’s a lack of smoothness and graininess, not sure if it’s intentional. Look at the pictures, the grain is not due to the camera. It is there. Her trademark ahoge is not left out. It’s also nice to see the back of her hair receive so much sculpting detail that it looks.. like hair.

The dot there is actually about  0.4 mm large.

Finally, this Saber does have panty shot. Other versions have made her wear the really old-fashioned breeches but while that is more realistic, nobody wants to see granny undies. So yeah we get the real thing.

This figurine shines in its overall aesthetics. While the immense armour is impressive and she’s pretty heavy due to the amount of material used, what makes this figure great is how it almost brings to life one of the most popular characters around. Standing over your desk, Saber looks so real it’s inspiring. It was about time someone did a good job on Saber! But the downside is, at an insane cost. It’s the price of two figures!

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  • Hi, if the figure and box is nice and intact, I would like to buy it please. Just drop by KKnM with it and exchange for $180 cash. :3


  • Cerberus Project FTW. BTW, I think that is the caliburn. Excalibur should be the more bulky version. What a hefty price man. Other than some obvious seam lines which is expected for PVCs which is acceptable, the overall paint job is good enough. With the stand, I guess this figure stand at about 23.5 cm

  • Great looking Saber! But the price is WOW =X
    Go for it ryukawa ;)

  • I would have snap one up in a heartbeat if this PVC was released a year and a half earlier.

    But Enterbrain choose to retail it at a time where the market is saturated with Saber which coupled with a poor anime adaption and a marked up price tag, managed to turn me off.

    Well, I’m happy just with my GSC 1/8 Excalibur Swinging Saber.

  • Uh, is ryukawa the guy who mans the KKnM counter? Well that was a quick response. I may be going down tomorrow to Sunshine

  • I took a wait and see approach on this figure, because I kind of didn’t like how she looked in the promo shots. Now I kind of wish I got her, since it sold out so quickly. Her face is kind of messed up, but armored Saber is the best kind of Saber. Hopefully, how quickly this sold out will get other companies to make us an armored Saber.

    BTW, that’s a great choice of location for that figure.

  • TJ just got himself a deal! And wow~ Love the pantsu shot. NO GRANMA UNDIES! WHEE!!!~

  • Yes yes, he is mua… See u then.
    Thanks :3

  • lol .. keith got himself a good buy … lol

    darn … i didn’t managed to pre-order it …

  • If I outbid him will you sell it to me?

    I offer $200.

  • You don’t have 200.

  • I don’t actually like this Saber figure. Your pictures make the moulding look rather less clean than I’d like for this kind of money, and the detailing on the hair looks a little too rounded and badly defined for my tastes.

    Black Saber FTW.

  • Nice pic of EB saber. I had pre-ordered it but the supply was cut off due to the high demand. Still willing to sell @ $180? -.-

  • lol Tsubaki. And I didn’t know “the KKnM guy” was into Saber.

  • yeah i bought the lousier version supposedly from you. lol.

    Anyway I still think my Saber’s face looks more decent. For some reason.

  • If you bought this online on ebay it’s most likely a fake. You can tell the difference between a real ebcraft pvc saber and a fake one on their website. I’m not sure if your figure is a fake but I can tell you that the sword is one. The real sword has a differnet distinction in marking and the color. The fake sword shown on the official website from ebcraft shows that the sword the figure is wielding is fake. Look at the official website from ebcraft yourself.

  • I bought the fake type on eBay. I didn’t know it was at the time, but $30 for it is a bit too cheap, I guess. I want to get all the Saber figures available through PVC, but many are never coming back (like this one). I threw my fake one out. I no longer buy from eBay unless they are provided with actual photos and are very reliable people selling them.

    Anyway, I have Saber by Takeshi Miyagawa and Clayz, and it’s the official face from the game, just a bit Miyagawa-styled to accentuate his design. It’s the best I have at this time. I also have the white swimsuit by Clayz and the one by Kotobukiya that is always re-releasing (made in early/mid 2005).

    I have the Saber Alta version from Griffon on preorder, and want the Saber maid version through Clayz when it comes out this month. I love Saber so much, I even drew her a couple of times! ^^

  • i’ve got it at february next year,the re-issue saber enterbrain with 8800Yen^^

  • just cause i can, i found and bought this item off ebay for 8$. 8D it arrived today. *on cloud nine*

  • theultimatebrucelee

    the 8$ one on ebay is probably a bootleg, ithink, cause I spend like 5$ and got one and it’s fake,
    I noticed that, and then I spend 100$ and got a real one, and I’m getting EX version, so that I’ll have
    all the version of this figure, all except one that require to built up and paint .

  • A late comment,but I stumbled upon your website today and found this review.
    To be honest,I have the figure in possesion without realising this one was so rare ^^;;
    I went to Tokyo last year and while going all out in akiba,found this one.
    Luckily I didn’t have to pay 180 for it.
    nontheless a nice review with good pictures!

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