Figure Review: A Tribute to Jeff Lawson, Kana?

Since Mr Lawson himself was talking about Canvas 2 and professing his love for the Hagino Kana, I might as well put out a review of her figurine.

Hagino is the mandatory loli character in Canvas 2 and she’s also a novelist who specialises in lovey shit. We all know where this leads to. "Teacher, can you show me what love is?" or "Teacher I need real-life experience."

Out of the three Canvas 2 figurines that were released by Toys Planning, Hagino’s is the only one that is decent enough. I got her at the insane Urban Attic sale for a mere 25 dollars (that’s like.. 16 US). I didn’t really want to get her but the price was so low and there’s a really cool gimmick. The actual price is 5500 yen. Amazingly expensive for such a badly balanced figure.

The other two are Sumire and Elise, both of whom are sculpted so poorly they look fatheaded.

The main gimmick for this series of figure is that extra upper body part that can be switched in. So instead of dear Kana (or the other two) in her school uniform, we can pose her in just her bra, or even better, remove her skirt too and make her stand in her undies. This is the only reason why I bought her.

To make this possible, Kana’s head is constructed Pinky Street-style. That is, her fringe and main hair piece are not glued but detachable, and her face can be separated from the rest of her head to unlock the neck peg. Then, you pluck the body off her hip and replace with the bra one.

The posing is cute but she’s one legged. And worse, the base is a regular two plug one. Kana leans like mad, I think I got the display set so she was already leaning when I got her out of the box. In fact I could barely take pictures without her kissing the ground. This is partly also due to her foot construction – her foot is attached to her ankle by a plug and the figure is made of soft PVC, which isn’t strong enough to support any weight.

Kana’s bra body pose is the same as her uniformed one, but this is weird. They should’ve done something different.It makese sense to make that pose when Kana has her schoolbag on, but in her bra?

I don’t normally buy figures in school uniforms, especially bishoujo game ones because these generally have similar clothing and are horribly forgettable. Kana’s in a nice but unmemorable school uniform, like 90% of H-game characters. One good point is that her skirt is a bit raised in front, albeit illogically. This offers a better view. She’s also carrying a school bag, which is rater detailed and well-made.

Facewise, she’s cute and all but I never liked her much as a character. I prefer Tomoko the goth sickly girl. Kana does have a fang-grin like Melissa and her giant ribbon is cute, like rabbit ears. One drawback of the interchangeable body feature is that her fringe doesn’t really snap back properly and it shows. An even worse drawback is that her chin looks weird, like it’s a mask attached to her real face. So was the bra body worth it?

"Ah I’m losing hair"

What, she’s wearing her face?

So overall, I bought this because it was dirt-cheap, I got a displayed item which was leaning badly, I can make her wear nothing but underwear and the painting is ok. I would never have paid the original price for her and those who did are fools. Perhaps if she didn’t lean and had properly-made legs, 5500 would’ve been reasonable considering there’s an extra body.

Extra Info
Birthdate: 26 April
Occupation: Nadeshiko Gakuen 2nd year
Horoscope: Taurus
Blood Type: AB
Height 149 cm
Vitals: B76 W53 H79




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