Riuva Contest! Design the Best (Ani)Motivational Poster & Win Big

I’m organising a little contest here, seeing the popularity of the faux-motivational posters. Everyone is free to join.

The rules are:

  • The winner will be decided via a poll.
  • Deadline for entry submission is this Sunday, 8 October.
  • For an example, check this site.
  • To submit your entry, either post a link here in the comments section or send it via email to tjhan86ATriuva.com.
  • Everyone is entitled to only one submission.
  • There will be attractive prizes to be won.
  • On Monday, I’ll post all the entries and set up the poll, which will close on the following Sunday.
  • Content must be anime, manga, merchandise, character, people or culture related.

So, brave souls, step up to the challenge and test your creativity and skill in this unique competition!

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