Announcing Results of Riuva Anime (de)Motivational Poster Contest!

The one-off RIuva Anime (de)Motivational Poster Contest has come to an epic end, after two weeks of prepartion and vote war! With a great response of some 28 entries (and a few late ones which were not accepted) and garnering a not-so-great voting total of 330 votes, it’s now time to declare the champion!

First, I’ll like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an entry. And also everyone who took the mega-time-consuming effort of moving their cursor onto the right bar and voting.

Check out the results:

  • Alafista: 14% (47)
  • Ashley: 7% (24)
  • Atashi: 0% (1)
  • Bridgebunny: 4% (12)
  • Darkmirage: 12% (39)
  • David VS: 1% (2)
  • Fledgling Otaku: 1% (2)
  • Gary Ee: 3% (9)
  • Grey Duck: 1% (2)
  • Holiday: 7% (22)
  • Jan: 1% (3)
  • J Greely: 0% (1)
  • Jp Meyer: 5% (15)
  • Lee Joo How: 0% (1)
  • Lian: 0% (1)
  • Lolikitsune: 6% (21)
  • Mr Mayat: 2% (7)
  • MT-i: 5% (15)
  • NeoHybrid_Kai: 5% (15)
  • Omo: 2% (7)
  • Seaotter: 1% (2)
  • Seth: 1% (4)
  • Shamus: 8% (27)
  • Skane: 2% (8)
  • Tsubaki: 9% (30)
  • Ubu: 1% (2)
  • Zyl: 3% (11)

Total Votes : 330

You don’t need a major in Math to see that Alafista is the winner, with his entry below.

According to the Riuva analysis, Alafista’s victory was due to a combination of several key factors.

1. He leveraged on the popularity of Zero no Tsukaima, a recent anime that everyone knew about and could relate to. Other contestants used more niche examples that alienated a section of the crowd.

2. He selected a suitable picture, with impact and dynamicism, for that extra eye-catching attraction.

3. The word "boobs" appeared. Everyone loves boobs.

4. The word "girlfriend" appeared, stimulating the fantasies of many a social degenerate here. It is a world you’ll never see, chaps!

5. The tagline made a lot of sense and fitted the (de)Motivational theme.

6. Adding the adjective "small" caused a horde of fetishists such as Darkmirage and Tsubaki to vote very hard. I heard they lost the use of their left mouse button through a mixture of brute force and coagulated manjuice.

7. And possibly the biggest factor? He is the first on the poll and the list. LOL.

Anyway jokes aside, Mr Ala wins the choice to take home one out of these three prizes!

And the runners-up, Darkmirage and Tsubaki, in 2nd and 3rd place respectively, get the chance to shake my hand at an official Awards Ceremony. Oh DM can shake my hand twice, since he’s ahead of Tsubaki.

13 Responses to “Announcing Results of Riuva Anime (de)Motivational Poster Contest!”

  • lol @ the biggest factor!

  • congrats to a honest entry.

    does this mean we can kick him in the balls?

  • I thought that one sucked, just like the show. Whatever though.

  • >>> 7. And possibly the biggest factor? He is the first on the poll and the list.

    according to pschology testing procedures I have been taught, this can be the most important factor when people are presented with multiple choices of similar quality.

  • >>> 7. And possibly the biggest factor? He is the first on the poll and the list.



  • Grats. :D Still… it’s an appropriate quote for a Demotivator, so I’d say it works.

  • Yep /// I learnt tat in psychology too … the biggest factor can be attributed to the fact I was on the top of the list … but of course … I”M GEWWDDD

    Maybe next time u could somehow create a poll that does a simple randomization for u … although I dun think such plugins exist …

    Yer yer .. u forgot to add …. i bribed my voters … i offered to give them cookies … LOL

  • Nah. Yours is good. No need to offer cookies, I think.

  • I think Tsubaki is good too..
    I laug hto a point getting my stomach hurt..
    It’s only that many have not see the show..

    I got a hard time explaining Zegapain story to my friends, which is Zegapain illiterate..

  • U know … actually I also felt that Tsubaki’s one was gewd … tats why i voted for him …

    But now … its proven … I”M GEWD muahhaaha

  • Mine’s the kind of joke where only cool people (ie those that watch zegapain and fap to kaminagi goodness) will understand. So it’s okay if most people didn’t get it. IT’S LIKE ELITISM!

  • …..

    I voted alafista’s one because.

    1. Small boobs = win
    2. Tsundere = win
    3. Saito’s balls hit = win
    4. Boobs word = win
    5. Very “motivational” = win

    So yea, win >_>

  • Well, I’ve never watched Zegapain, but I kinda got the joke anyway, so I still voted for Tsubaki…

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