Figure Review: Last Exile Grand Stream Set! WOAH LAST EXILE! WOAH!

After quite a bit of delay, Alter finally released its Last Exile Grand Stream trading bust set. This set was produced under the supervision of King Designer himself, Range Murata, so you can expect details to be properly reproduced. There are seven types in total, each costing 680 yen. The Vanship is considered a rare piece and hence not everyone has it. In fact, when I collected my pre-ordered set from Latendo, they told me that mine was the last full seven-piece set they had and people purchasing after me would not get the rad vanship.

Normally, these are sold either in a box of ten or individual pieces. The 7 in total cost about slightly more than a 1/8 PVC figure.  I make it a point to avoid these trading figure sets because they are small, take up space and come with unwanted characters. But Last Exile being Last Exile, one of the top 3 anime ever produced (the other 2 being Gits: SAC and Planetes), I had to get all related merchandise.

I’ll go through the figures one by one. I tried to include more sky in the background but this being a permanantly over-cast country, never has blue sky. This is about the bluest it gets, which is a far cry from the azure of most other countries. I really should take some of these with me to Australia in a couple of weeks, I think they have proper sky there.

In no order of preference, first we have the Captain, Alex Row. His is a half-body bust, cut off at his hip. This makes his face a lot less detailed than the rest, who have more face to show. But his uniform is comparable in quality and detail to some 1/8 figures. Actually, considering the small size, it’s probably way more sophisticated than the average figure. It looks like he’s clutching a lightsaber though! I don’t really like guys at all. He’s about six cm tall.

Claus Valca unfortunately looks more like that sleepy white chocobo in LE, than himself. Wait, the two look pretty alike actually. What is unusual is his eyelids being highlighted orange. It looks like eyeshadow. This is a true bust, so his face, hair and clothes are extremely detailed, much more so than anything you’ll find on the market. There isn’t a headseam or any seam for that matter.

My favourite piece is of course, my favourite character, Tatiana Wisla. She’s the tsundere of the group. With her pale hair and violet eyes, there’s no way anyone’ll not find her elegantly hot. And uniforms make anyone hot. Almost anyone. Unfortunately, workmanship-wise, she isn’t at the level of Claus. You can see the white bands of her headdress not really that perfectly painted on. She also has a very hollow and cold stare, which is somewhat a good thing. What’s great about this figure is the realism of the clothes – this is Range Murata’s forte after all. He has a way of making clothes look real real.

I support this couple by the way.

Lavie Head, voiced by the talented Saitou Chiwa, is very simply dressed but this doesn’t make her any less well-made. Again, her blouse just looks beyond natural. Lavie is actually quite the standard looking Range girl, with her large round eyes, circular face, short straight fringe and brown-orangy hair. She does have a headseam but this one is wellcovered up, blending in with the other numerous lines of hair. Like Claus, Lavie comes with orange eyeshadow. I wonder if its town fashion or something more sinister, like their raceteam symbol? There’s a fetish for amputees on Danbooru actually. Lavie, Claus and Tatiana are actually above 1/8 scaled. It’ll be great if we could see them fully figurised with this amount of quality some day.

The secret Vanship. It looks impressive in these pictures but in real life, it measures a puny 7 cm long excluding the tail. But for this miniscule size, the detail is butt-lickingly good. The ship comes in two pieces, the main fuselage and the tail.See how finely done the ridges are? Remember that Claus and Lavie’s vanship is the only one that is ridged. Why? This is to increase the body strength because these are designed to cross the Grand Stream. The figurehead is made of a clear plastic. Amazingly well done. Pity the small size is a turn off. I want a giant die-cast version right now! Can the stupid toy makers stop producing bullshit like Getter and the like?

All prepped ready for takeoff, Sir!

Alvis is the only one that has been fully figurised, so this version isn’t really impressive. The previous Alter version of her had tied up hair while this has her hair sort of let free. I can’t really say much about this figure because it’s just like any old good trading figure. Quality and detail is sacrificed to make her full-bodied instead of a bust.

And finally, the guild guys – Dio and Lucciola. Unlike the others, they come on a white rounded base shaped like the bottom of a chess piece. I can’t say that I like Guild uniform more than the dark imperialistic Sylvana ones or the steampunk Klaus flightsuit. The regal and flowing robes of the Guild are the other aspect of Range’s design critically lauded, especially Maestro Delphine’s gown. I guess Yaoi fangirls would prefer this duo. Dio has a butterfly on his hand but due to technical limitations, looks like shit. Have you seen a butterfly with wings as thick as your finger? At least the patterns on it are very finely printed.

I have to say Tatiana, Lavie and the Vanship are the only beautiful pieces of this set. The rest are nice but probably not good enough to warrant display on their own. Claus would be included if he didn’t look so retarded. And I think we should’ve had Alicia in too. Looking forward to Alter making 1/8s of LE girls! I know it’ll happen.

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  • OMG, these Last Exile bust figurines looks fantastic

  • Why there has not been a 1/8 size figure of Tatiana in her flight suit is beyond me and while we’re at it they should make one of Alicia as well. And likely never to happen, but I’d take a Sophia figure while we’re at it.

  • Rats: The GONZO shows seem to have very few figurines except those made recently. Alvis was the first for LE and she came last year, 4 years after the end of the show. And we still have none for Vandread, Gatekeepers and other GONZO shows. I presume it is because of tight licensing of GONZO products.

  • Bring harddisk tomorrow. I want Last exile. What do you want btw? Pastel porn and what else?

  • Last exile was so long ago i totally forgot the story already… just vague impression that it’s quite nice. haha

  • Hey, Ani-Play is having a figure clearance sales.

  • Yeah I was there just now but the discounted price is still higher than what I paid for it, surprisingly. Other items weren’t much either.

  • Lol, great figures!!! and a great review, thanks for sharing this nice photos, and I’m a fan of LE too!! I want a figure of Tatiana and Alicia too!!!!!

  • For some reason, the Alvis there makes me think of Ichigo Mashimaro.

  • omgshittheyareoutineedtobuydamnit

  • Hello,
    I can say u really have some nice photos of them. I’m collecting them myself, but pitifully my collection miss out Alex Rowe. I am so angry n frustrated. Where do u think i can purchase it individually, i mean thru the internet of course? honestly this is my first figures collection. so i do really really hope i can complete the set.



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