Figure Review: Chibi Chun-Li!

The very first upskirt I ever saw in my life was Chun-Li doing a backflip in the days of Street Fighter 2. That was when I could write my age in single digits. Despite this childhood memory, I think Chun-Li is pretty shit compared to the likes of Sakura and Cammy. Nevertheless, I took a liking to this rendition of the China Undercover Woman Warrior of Paternal Vengeance. Organic released this cutesy version of Chun-Li that was a polar opposite of the many Amazonian versions of her out there.

There are two versions – blue and pink. I got this pink one from Urban Attic, where it is available for S$109. Each comes with a plain shiny black ABS base that has no attachment to the figure. She stands (crouches) at about 10 cm tall and is very petite.

I happened to be at Haw Par Villa yet again, this time with a Canon S3 and a large tripod. So I got Chunli to be framed by a bridge and those Chinese gate thingies to reflect her roots.

The Good

1. I’ve always hated the power, muscular appearance of the official Chun-Li designs, so this cute, mini and more anime-ish version is preferred. Her head and eyes are very large in proportion and her limbs are made thin.

2. The paintwork is pretty good especially on the dress. The pink and gold are pearlescent, so she’s all shiny.

3. The hair is cool. I like asymmetrical fringes and hers is very sharp.

4. Big earrings. I don’t really remember any figurine with earrings!

5. The eyes are the angular type, slightly catty and accentuates her pose well.

6. The pose is compact and easy to display. Not particularly imaginative but won’t lean.

The Bad

1. The legs are ugly. I hate hate hate the brown colour.

2. Not exciting or interesting in anyway, this figure is. It relies a lot of it being "a different Chun-Li", rather than a good figure.

3. The upskirt sucks. What in the world is that?

Some people like the fresh design of this Chun-Li over the overdone power action look. Personally I think Chun-Li stinks so won’t go near this figure even with a long pole. But if you’re an avid video gamer, why not buy this figure and place her beside you for cheerleading when you do battle in the virtual world? I used to want a Saotome Jin trading figure so that I can pwn better at Marvel vs Capcom when using my favourite character. And when I win (which is all the time), I’ll grab Jin and wave him in the opponent’s face shouting "BLOODIA PUNCH! BLOODIA VULCAN!! SAOTOME DYNAMITE!!! WOOOO"

16 Responses to “Figure Review: Chibi Chun-Li!”

  • Eeyew, that upskirt really sucks ass. It looks like the cloth is coming out of her pee-hole.

    Never did like her that much anyway. Tho I have fond memories of her “bicycle kick” :)

  • Nice use of the background. What kind of depth of field are you using to ensure the background isn’t blurred out?

  • C’mon Chun-Li doesn’t sucks that much, at least in Street Fighter 3 she is hawt! Not close enough to Sakura but still…

    >>>And when I win (which is all the time), I’ll grab Jin and wave him in the opponent’s face

  • Any chinagirl that goes “YATTA!!” is a straight-fail.

    Adun: I was using a Canon S3, which may be a prosumer camera of sorts, but still has control over aperture and shutterspeed. I used f4.0 in aperture priority mode. But i still think the IXUS 800 is better, the focusing is much more accurate and clear.

  • Hot. When I was a kid, Chun-Li rocked.

  • f2.8 should yield better results, although focusing can get trickier then… Ixus 800 benefits from IS and probably has a newer version of firmware in it.

  • Both S3 and IXUS 800 have IS. I probably should just do a shoot with both and compare the results.

  • Did you see any hantu at Haw Par Villa?

  • I had to google for the meaning of “hantu”. I think it’s ghost! No. But the exhibits are fucking ugly.

  • But Chun-Li is a great fighter to play!!! Anyway, great pics and great review! :)

  • i personally feel the best chun li figure is the one by maxfactory..
    of coz this is super-kawaii..

  • haw par villa is lame…its for people who listen to their mommies ghost stories to make sure they behave

  • kusou..cut off my post.

    ….chun-li’s legs were a huge bleh, and the pantsu shots were 0.o. Lucky I hardly (rather never) go out and buy figurines…and taking pictures of them too. Don’t people stare at you weirdly when you do outdoor shots?

  • Nope. It’s pretty common to see people taking pictures of their toys in public. People do stare, but only because of my DASHING GOOD LOOKS.

  • Smitten.

    As they will say.

    What they are smitten with is debatable though :o

  • dunno why, but your ‘What in the world is that’ really cracked me up.

    I could almost see u turning the figure and den exclaiming in disbelief. Riuva = pantsu shots, you are marked for life my fren, for better or worse…..keep it up! XD

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