Figure Review: Matsuri the Vet and Her Pet

Long overdue review. I took these pictures while testing my office’s dSLRs, so they aren’t really that good. Matsuri is my least favourite Ichigo Mashimaro girl by a large margin and her presence in my inventory is little more than filler material designated to make the Chikas and Anas look better. This meganekko is weak and boring and even her figurine reflects that.

The third of Konami’s very excellent range of large-scale Ichigo Mashimaro PVC figurines, this Veterinarian Matsuri costs 4,200 yen and was released in September. Woah that means this review is like what, 3 months late? I already have gotten the fourth installment of this series, Air Stewardess Miu, a few weeks ago, such is the lateness. Anyway, Matsuri comes with quite a fair bit of option parts, as is characteristic of this series. She has her trademark spectacles, a stethoscope and a stool. Not THAT stool, but a type of chair.

It’s a bit odd that the animal Matsuri is holding isn’t John (who is actually named after John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Ana’s dog is called Frusciante. Barasui loves rock.) but the Itoh sisters’ dog, whatever-suke.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking because I woke up at 4 am today for work. Not exactly what you call good pictures though.

The Good

1. Ichigo Mashimaro is one of the epic must-watch anime and in the category of "MUST BUY WHATEVER MERCHANDISE RELEASED" series. Alongside School Rumble, Last Exile and other luminaries.

2. The base is a diorama. Creative and allows for freedom to pose and cutting out any possibility of leaning. The stool (LOL) is contoured on its seat to fit her butt, which increases her stability.

3. Reasonably cute. The dog, whatever-suke, is very well-made and painted.

4. Useful option parts. The spectacles are necessary of course and the stethoscope is quite realistic, with a soft rubbery cord. The glasses slot into two holes on either side of her head.

5. The pose is serene, which fits the mood of the series. ALL of the Konami figures of Ichimaro so far have them in sitting positions and this is far better because it makes them look more compact and petite. Puchi stuff are cuter of course. Just ask Clayz’s 1/6 Saber.

6. Good filler character to complement the upcoming and existing Ichigo Mashimaro figures.

The Bad

1. Her forehead is so gigantic, she looks like POTATOHEAD.

2. Her hair sucks. The seam is as noticeable as a sexy nude Yakumo lying on your bed, just that these two are on polar ends of the desirability scale. The painting is flat and boring and her manga-style dark brown tips look like she just swam in face-deep crude oil saturated seawater.

3. The spectacles do not fit perfectly most of the time and have to be continuously adjusted.

4. Whatever-suke was featured. Dogs are scum, cats rule. Ferrets too. And how come whatever-suke doesn’t have his penis showing? How unrealistic.

5. No upskirt or anything. Not that anyone is interested in 11-year olds. Except Darkmirage and Tsubaki. Eeew.

Stethoscope is well-made and detailed.

Quite cute but not my cup of tea. I fancy felines more.

It’s a good buy if you’re a fan of Ichigo Mashimaro and particularly, Matsuri. Like that Os. Otherwise, a rather plain and uninteresting figurine.


I realised why whatever-suke has to visit the vet. It’s for his CASTRATION!!!!111oneone

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  • “You like DOGGY? DOGGY-STYLE!!”

    Thats great it made me lol.


  • To tj_han,

    Re: Vet Matsuri

    You have to remeber this is an older Matsuri. This is an older, wiser and capable Matsuri. This is not the scared, childish, wets herself Matsuri.

    As for the figurine, the dog is cute. The hair is ugly especially with the mould line. Overall the figure is not really remarkable. I think the main reason why you hate this is the lack of upskirt pantsu shot. HAHAHAHAHA.


  • The “doggy style” shocked me. Anyhow I thought it was a pretty well done figurine, quite nice.

  • When I saw your “Doggy style” caption, I somehow pictured it in my head.

    I am gonna have nightmares filled with loli-sodomy now :V

  • What’s wrong with Doggystyle? Kohsaka of Genshiken loves it with Saki that way. For multitasking of course.

    waterfall, your comments always get eaten up with akismet. I have to seek them out manually out of the hundreds of “viagra and cialis” ads. Are you a spam bot?

    Zero and Naga: Expected. It’s the same as me asking you, “what would you do if you came home one day to see your sister and brother having sex?” It’s the sort of question that’ll make you imagine the situation straight away and scar your impression of them forever.

  • “what would you do if you came home one day to see your sister and brother having sex?” It’s the sort of question that’ll make you imagine the situation straight away and scar your impression of them forever.

    -Unless its a hentai, in which case youd simply join in the next day and have a dirty sister-brother-loving threesome.

    As for the figure, id only get it for Satake (sp) cuz i hate Matsuri. But i already have a version of him sitting i got with my Chika. So bleh.

  • To tj_han,

    Re: Spambot

    I am a spambot? That is incorrect! Why does it think that? Is it the format of greeting and signing off? Is it the occasionally link? Sniff

    Stupid false positive Boolean-Turing filter. =P

    What do I have to do to not get filtered? Leave funny faces? (O_x) Post silly URL?

    Anyhow, back to the grind. XD


  • waterfall, I think it’s precisely that you post many urls. And your above comented got shafted to the spampage again.

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