Figure Review: Yujin Bonfire Party Part 1 – Suigintou

I’m so fed up with rubbish Yujin quality that this Suigintou is now lying face down flat on the floor like JUNK. I couldn’t even be bothered to do a proper photoshoot. Gah this sucks! I want my money back Yujin!

I lost the feather she was supposed to hold in her hand. It was just too flimsy. So I stuck a needle in her palm for greater lethality.

Let’s just go into the good and the bad.

The Good

  1. A relatively low price of about 3300 yen. But this is because she sucks.
  2. The stand is rather creative. But the application is so bad.
  3. You can stick stuff into her hands for fun.

The Bad

  1. She’s so ugly I have to keep a barf bag with me when I handle her.
  2. Her hair is like some thick noodle and even covers her face completely.
  3. You can’t see her face!
  4. Her face is ugly!
  5. She comes packed with five ribbons, 2 wings and one feather, which you have to attach yourself with no printed instructions. And these come off as easily as a virgin boy!
  6. Her stand is poorly designed and cannot take her weight. It lists after a few seconds. Permanently.
  7. Suigintou falls off her perch when someone breathes within a 2 metre radius.
  8. The paintjob is so flat and boring, it makes gashapons look like Bubba’s works.
  9. I hate Suigintou.
  10. No upskirt shot.
  11. She actually costs money. Yujin should pay me to take her. Fuckers.
  12. She has volume and mass, taking up precious space.
  13. By far the worst figurine I have.
I’ll be organising a Yujin party sometimes soon. Interested people can pop by, I’ll prepare a large bonfire which we can toss all our JUNK Yujin figures into while dancing around with elegance and grace. To prevent air pollution from the burning of plastics, the resulting gaseous exhaust will be captured, packed and mailed back to Yujin HQ.

Do not, at all costs, buy this piece of donkey poo. With that 3000 yen, go take a two hour Thai Massage or something.


26 Responses to “Figure Review: Yujin Bonfire Party Part 1 – Suigintou”

  • Tell us how you really feel about this figure and Yujin.

  • Is it really that bad ? It looks ok to me.

  • It LOOKs ok because the camera beautifies it. It’s now somewhere out in the living room because I can’t be bothered to pack it up and put it back into the box.

    Super rats: Tis the truth. I hate Yujin and I’ll never buy from them ever ever again.

  • Yeah, i agree with Juice, the photos really look good.

  • Lmao, the photos of it is fantastic.

  • 3. You can’t see her face!

    Considering that her face looks ugly, I’d probably classify that as a good point.

  • Why burn? Give it to some kid with no toys for Xmas.

    Santa will love you and drop by one day.

  • Lupus: Lol you’re right. But it’s a bit like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi henge.

    Ethreal: It’s not nice to give junk to others, in spite of how needy they may be. Are we being helpful when we dump toxic waste on hungry African children?

    The photos look like crap btw.

  • LoL, this is funny because it’s pretty much true – Yujin DO suck. Particularly their trading figures.

  • the ribbons on mine dun really come out easily…only the feather…

  • I dont mind the figure, I wouldnt buy it again though if i had the chance. The feathers and ribbons are a pain in the ass, and the cross that she sits on, well at least mine, leans under her weight. The photos do make her look good, but I doubt ill buy any Yujin stuff from now on as well.

  • Did you know Yujin are doing a remake of Suigintou? Except looking at the promo pics she has been “improved”.

    From the looks of it the only thing changed is the knee joints instead of plug-in legs, and she holds a rose rather than a feather. Even though some parts have been improved, I doubt it will be any better. Though I do have to agree with you that this figure really does suck. It sits at the very back of my cabinet so I don’t have to see it often.

  • To tj_han,

    Short one.

    Firstly, welcome home!

    Secondly, JANKU NI NARITAI!! XD


  • Heh look at the sequence of the last three shots.

    “Otou-sama doushite?!…”


  • The lack of sexy doll joints makes me sad I bought this ;P

  • if you aren’t Suigin Tou’s FAN, why bother to buy one… there are many Suigin Tou’s FAN disagree with you. Altought I’m not Suigin Tou’s FAN, but i can tell that this is a great one, the pose, the expression, all looks like perfectly Suigin Tou.

  • Joints? I think that’s the great point of Rozen Maiden Figures, that joint looks. The more similiar look the figure with the anime, the more perfect it looks.

  • If you like it that much adan, then buy it. If this looks exactly like Suigintou, it is no wonder she’s JUNK in the show.

  • I have this figure meself and im pretty much happy with it ( then again there really isnt a lot of choice when it comes to rozen maiden figurines >.>

    But the only things that really bug me about thiswas putting those ribbions and wings on her , such a freaking pain

    and the fact the base is really weak that she now till to the side =\

  • I agree that this figure was unsatisfactory. I’m a little upset I bought it as well. But after a while, I found it to be rather creative in prop usage. I found the reason why the cross leans so much is because of the peg it sits into – it’s too short, and slightly too small. If you take some Tamaya cement, and brush some on the bottom of the cross, and around the peg, plug it in, and let it sit for a while, the plastic will dissolve and solidify again. It eliminates the leaning.

    You should probably do the same for the feather too.

    I really don’t understand why the ribbons and wings were “some assembly required”. There is no reason for it!

    Other than that, it’s not too bad of a figurine.

    I’m not super keen on Yujin figures myself. But I like how you can almost completely take them apart. Makes for good custom paint jobs.

  • At this website i saw the same figure had a upskirt shot.

  • I think she looks kinda pretty. I would buy one. =/

  • hey,she is pretty.try watch rozen maiden ouberture and you can understand suigintou.

  • It looks good If there were like that here I would buy it if I had the money of course things like that here is very expensive and rare.

  • “10. No upskirt shot”

    You must be a lonely guy…

  • Waaah! Don’t burn it! I’ll buy it when I save up the money!

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