Figure Review: Mine Blue #10 – Boobies and Bikes Do Mix

This is quite the season for biker babes. The first to arrive was Mine bluE #10, a character from an illustration by Mine Yoshizaki, better known as the mangaka of Keroro Gunsou. You can really see his shine replicated, with the trademark petite bodies and large eyes as well as soft curves both on the bike and her body. Yoshizaki is also the designer for OS Win-chan, that meaty girl.

Yamato’s Creators’ Labo line, reputedly the most technically sophisticated series of figurines that Yamato are doing, are the producers of this mass-produced PVC version of Mb #10, who doesn’t seem to have an actual name. I’ll call her Mb from now. If you’re wondering, the original sculpt was done by Sunny Day of Cerberus Project TM, hence the brilliant standards. Her tag line is "On a white scooter, the girl in a blue swimsuit heads towards the sea." And so, we all headed to the sea for this photoshoot.

The location was Sentosa, the only place you could call a beach here in Singapore. Other locations, the term "Swamp" would be far more appropriate. Anyway, Sentosa is supposed to have fine white sand (imported from Indonesia! This island is not geographically ancient enough for real sand) but thanks to a sudden rain, the fine whit sand turned into beige muck. Not cool. Backtracking to the train station, a backup spot was found.

Upon opening the box, I found that the prototype was much better. It being mass-produced clearly created some niggly artifacts which I’ll go into later. The rear-view mirror, a bunch of keys and her hat are separate parts. Mb is also removable from her seat but you’ll have to pull her hand off the scooter handle. There is no attachment between the bum and her seat, which is nice because there really isn’t a need for it.

The design is fantastic. I could go on all day about how the blues and whits blend for simple elegance but take a hard look at the pictures first.

Figures in swimsuits are great – that I realised. People may whine about how swimsuits are easy to make, with little fancy parts or painting needed, but judging from all the hot figures I possess, the best ones are mostly in bathing suits. Just look at that HJ Bikini Rider, Bikini Yurika etc. Mb’s in a very nice blue bikini with a halter strap. The boobs are so enormous, you would think she’s Australian. Lol. Yamato shows off their rubbishness despite this being one of the premier lineups, you can see areas of bad moulding, seam lines and other nonsense. Remember, a camera in sunlight beautifies the figure.

Complementing her blue bikini is a large white hat, white ribbons on her hand, an orange watch and some cool blue shoes. The inappropriate combination of bikini with shoes is quite interesting, much like how some people love to have sex with clothes on. The shoes are really well-detailed though, pity about the lack of sharpness with the complicated paint patterns.

Her petite frame and naturally sculpted shoulder blades make for a very attractive backview. The tits are quite the excessive really. Her skintone is perfect – nice and fair without being too pale. Some figures tend to be tinted yellow, particularly the Konami ones and these make for horrible photography. I like to saturate my pictures for more powerful colours and doing so with yellow-skinned figures makes them very very jaundiced. I’ll show you an example when I do my next review of the Goth loli Kanu.

The large white hat is a great touch, also featuring wind-swept ribbons on top that match her arms’ for a great sense of driving. Her swept-back hair plays a part in this sense of movement too. Mb’s hair is great – simple and true to the artist’s style.


Mb’s face is one area of concern. She looks like Big Bird of Sesame Street, particularly from the front. The side view is quite alright. The problem lies with her nose, a bit too sharp for her own good which combined with the gaping mouth, forms a huge beak. But once you get used to it, she’s unique. An interesting facial unique of Mb are her eyes – extremely large and actually sunken in. Her nose bridge is pretty far forward as are her cheeks and to make her eyes still look 3D, the sculptor pushed them back into her head. This makes her look a bit odd from some angles. Mb has blushes too, which are always bonus points in any case.

And then we have the bike. I’m not sure if this is an actual model or just a fictional one, but it rocks. The amount of detail is very high, which lends a strong flavour of contrast to the simple and no-frills rider girl. With speedometers, brake cables, suspensions and all that, it looks super good doesn’t it? A few areas of possible improvement are: the tires could be made of real rubber instead of PVC; the painting could’ve been done more accurately and with less sloppiness; and real mirrors could have been used for the headlights and rear view mirror.

No doubt Mahoro’s sports bike would be far better than this one (it’s being shipped to me right now) though the girly cuteness of this scooter isn’t bad at all. Oh, Cerberus Project stuck their logo onto the front of the bike.

The shitty thing is how the painting was done on the rear wheel – the "2" is partly painted onto the mudguard.

A metal part! The keys may get lost because they aren’t attached, you just stick it in the hole.

The bike can’t stand on its own and needs a base. But following Max’s Ignis, the new trend these days is "Mirror base". That’s so gay. I now have three figures with mirror bases. I felt a plainer base or a diorama one would far suited Mb more, than this voyeuristic device. I don’t think there’ll be any leaning really, since the scooter is attached to the base via a large and sturdy plug on each wheel.

This figure is expensive at 7100 yen. The rising figurine quality these days gives the manufacturers a reason to push prices even higher, but this is one case where every single yen has been rather worth it. It takes a special figurine to make people fork out such cash without knowing or liking the character in the first place, and Mb has done just that, and this is the hallmark of a good figurine. Good buy! Someone needs to remove those ghastly shoulder seam lines though.

23 Responses to “Figure Review: Mine Blue #10 – Boobies and Bikes Do Mix”

  • Reflective bases ftw.

    I think bikini figurines are easy to make, but very hard to make it look nice.

  • Reflective bases ftw.

    I think bikini figurines are easy to make, but very hard to make it look nice. imo.

  • Actually, I think they are easy to make and easy to look good. Think: A girl walks past in a bikini. Everyone looks. Men are attracted to exposed skin.

    Deep inside, we all know we are getting fleeced but we still want the strippies.

  • To tj_han,

    Nice figurine but that obvious joint on the left arm ruins it. =/
    Did you order the red bike or silver bike Mahoro?


  • Her face still looks ugly to me no matter how much I try to give it a second chance.

    But the backshot of her riding the motor (8th picture from top) is a good shot.

  • The backshot that Tsubaki is talking about is one of my favorite shots you’ve done.

  • Yup, when I took that one I knew I struck gold. In fact, it’s so good that I used it in my Figure Reviews section as her portrait despite it not showing her face.

    And her face is really not too bad. Reminds me of Keroro’s Kasumi.

  • By Kasumi you mean Natsumi? The resemblence really is great, but that’s to be expected since it’s be the same designer.

    I noticed that her breast’s overflowing onto her bikini (3rd and 5th pics), but this figure really does look great.

  • This kit is pretty good and beautiful. Quite expected from my favourite team of scupltors, C.Project :D Other than the obvious seam line on her arm, this figure is very nice.

  • @Tsubaki That’s because you only like tsundere girls with ultra wide grins.

  • Great pics as usual :D Can’t wait to receive mine, she’s a really good piece of figure !

  • I don’t understand. You went all the way to Sentosa, not to look at the bikini babes and Steve Irwin killers, but to take pictures of a bikini figurine?


  • Bike looks like a Vespa :V

  • anyone stare at you while you take this pictures ?

  • She is great but that joints was a totally wrong design decision. Maybe i should go ask the Creator Lab team to make a Natsuki biker. If they are not that kind to listen to me i should go ask Danny Choo for some Evil Empire support LOL

  • I double Chicken’s question :D

    I know close to nothing about figurines, but I find the back shots really pretty, and the detail on the shoes also struck me, but this is how it looks like in the pictures–dunno how it is in real life.

  • like the bike.
    dislike the girl.

  • Lupus: Yup, Natsumi. The boobs aren’t that perfectly painted.

    Juice: C project really makes great stuff. I wish they mass produced their Rider.

    Chiken: Not at all. Anyway I was staring at bikini girl, just a bit plastic.

    Lazy: The joints are indeed a poor design. In the original resin sculpt, the seam could be concealed but not for PVCs.

    Zee: Back shots somehow are much easier to focus, so I take much better back shots.

  • I got this figure yesterday, and there’s nothing wrong with it (in my opinion).

    The seam in her arm is there, but I care less about it. Other figures have these seams, so I don’t mind.

    A note on the “2″: it’s exactly the same on the original artist’s drawing. The “2″ slips over onto the mudguard, so this is totally accurate. For me, the mirror finish is fine, I have one with that now. I don’t care about the base, as it holds her, so it’s useful! :P

    Anyway, for any who really like figures, it’s not that bad (I personally amd extremely happy with it), so give it a shot some time, if you care to part with that much money. I’m fine with it! Bring on more Yamato figures! ^^

  • They now make a limited edition black bike version and black with flames bikini and guess what? They covered up the seam with some linen/ribbons or somesuch so no more ugly join. Guess they listened. I think the mirror is still not a real mirror though.

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