End of Year Cosplay Event Part 3: The Others and the Show

In my last entry, I highlighted my personal favourites out of the whole heap of cosplayers present at the EOY yesterday. This time, I’ll just post the rest of what I photographed. I like some here too, just not as much as yesterday’s.

For part 3, I’ll just talk about the stage show and the rest of the participants, including the non-costumed ones.

Singaporeans are in general, really docile and passive creatures. They shun any sort of response and just love staring blankly. I suspect we would produce a great number of Nagato Yuki cosplayers. That’s why good emcees are important. I thought the emceeing was soso. It’s not BAD per se but just not as effective as it could have been. The good points were, they obviously seemed to be well-versed in cosplay and anime and could talk about it. The girls also seemed friends with most of the participants, so creating a less competitive and more "old boys club" sort of feel. But this also means the ones left out, the audience, would feel isolated and bored.

Here picture are the famed stone sculptures of Singapore. That girl at lower left corner with hairband is hot.

Ouran Host Club gets its act together. I never saw them upclose. I heard rumours that Haruhi was a handsome girl. I love handsome girls.

The emcees. The Simca isn’t wearing pants.

Too bad good emcees never love anime and anime lovers are never good emcees.

The stage performances didn’t interest me much. I noted the promised SOS Dan performance didn’t materialise, not that I cared. We heard later on that it was because the singer came down with a bout of conjunctivitis (SORE EYES, she must’ve seen Bjorn in the buff). Too bad. But one thing, the Rinali who sang Yui’s Life (Bleach EDX), did a rather… mediocre job. I am a guitarist, being in the school’s club for four years and man, her band members were so bad I felt bad for them. Could be a lack of stage practice which led to nervousness. I mean, their chords were all pressed poorly or wrong, their strumming was out of sync with each other and the vocalist. The singer is supposed to follow the music, not the other way around.

Tips on how to make decent performances. If you’re standing up and playing guitar, make sure you practice standing up and playing. People normally just slack off and sit down, but a change of posture is quite hard to adapt to especially when pressure mounts. Also, ignore the freakin audience. It helps to have familiar faces in it where you can just look at them. Seeing friends cheer is quite helpful for soothing nerves. And finally, practice like there’s no tomorrow. When your body remembers the song, you don’t even need to be paying any attention and can still play godly.

But that girl who sang Shangri-La and something else was pretty much the best hands down. In fact, she can challenge on those reality idol shows. Her voice was so powerful that the stupid idol singers should just bury themselves in shame and die. I tried to record the song on my digital voice recorder but there was too much background noise. Sheesh.

She cosplayed as DIVA from Blood+. Vocally at least.

Eclair sang the Kiddy Grade OP. Where’s Lumiere?

I wasn’t paying attention to the prize giving ceremony at all. I was looking around for hot chicks to photograph, with or without costume. I failed.

Now for a smattering of random pictures with caption commentaries.

SD Gundam. He’s blind. There were so many blind people at the event. It was tragic.

BOKU AND DESU. This is awesome. I would’ve put them in yesterday’s post if I had more pictures. She’s SOU hot.

Team Naruto. I like them. Anzu was a friendly girl.

Surprisingly, only 3 Haruhi cosplayers. Looks like Haruhiism has not struck these shores beyond the hardcore male otaku freaks.

This Kon Kid appeared at Cosfest too. I’m no shotacon but they are quite cute. I can’t remember where the duck’s from. The Luffy seems to be the brother of Anzu. I saw them running around together. 

Not sure where these are from, but the costume’s pretty nice. Kwok loves Mikos.

Honey-senpai being assaulted by Nekozawa.  Or is it Tamaki?

Nagato Yuki upgrades from optical mouse to PSP.

Guess who’s this? Hint: He’s made of cellulose and has an oxymoron.

A very sweet couple. Shaoran and Sakura. I think I scared them when showing them the picture on my screen.

Tsubaki "I fried my coconut hair and it now looks like a husk"

 "Lay off my Yuki you bastards!" Btw, Yuki aka Umehiko looks like a gangster here.

My anime knowledge is slipping. I don’t know who’s the scarface on the left is.

A daring Cammy. You need to go to the gym for some resistance training!

Those scrawny arms will not defeat M BISON!

You know, have they ever heard of camo paint? I can get them lots of it.

I like this girl’s costume. Not sure if its an original or some character.

The gothloli + Jigoku Shoujo style oriental murder touch is refreshing.

Haji. Now where was he during cosfest? He actually did a fine job here, even though I don’t rate males.

I think more makeup (more powder and eyeshadow) would further augment his costume. As well as a more fitting cut.

Orochimaru purchases some Gundams. He pays with brute force.

Not sure if this Kunoichi was part of the Naruto group. Didn’t really do her justice with this picture.

This is the Medic, Luqman,  who was part of the medical team that drew out an extra five vials of blood from me. Why? Because one of their colleagues stabbed himself with the needle he used to draw blood from me. Why? HE LOVES PAIN!!! Or he wants my blood.

Urahara Kisuke. I don’t normally care much for Bleach dudes but he’s one of the cooler ones.


This guy is a crazed stalker Otaku nerd. His name is Bjorn. The blue one on the left is Windbell from #animenano.

This is Tsubaki flirting with Anzu. He invited her to dinner but was rejected because of his hair. It was "too deep fried".

 I like the netting. It’s sexy. Note the top of the picture? It’s quite suggestive, especially the giggloish way Tsubaki is standing.

There was a clan of School Rumble girls. Everyone here knows that when doctors test my blood type, the results say "School Rumble +".

Here’s a scene from the Battle Royale arc. Akira stands over the rest of the corpses. I forgot to get a picture of Harima. Actually, I didn’t because he didn’t have a beard, that wuss. We all know beards and moustaches are the sign of manliness.

You know fashion is strange, when metal boxes replace handbags as women’s best friends.

Rozen Maidens.

GINTAMA!! Gintama is a totally underrated anime (the manga is shit though). Was pretty surprised to see a whole group doing Silverballs, although it IS a shounen Jump series.

Not sure where the red girl’s from.

A game character. Her anchor is quite awesome.

We found out that this girl BOUGHT TWO DARK SABER figurines from Urban Attic just for reference. I applaud her effort and costume accuracy. She could’ve just used my pictures though. Her sword is very realistic. But she needs to dye her eyebrows and wear some contacts.

This Kimimaro (naruto bone guy) was Soi Fong at the last cosfest. She’s firmly placed in the boyishly handsome category, especially when out of costume.

Not sure if this pose was any good. Sometimes, 2D poses just don’t translate to 3D.

This is Red Riding Hood and another fairy tale chara? RRH is that AngelZhou girl that Tedfox interviewed. She’s like, married at 18. I was doing my A levels at 18 while hanging out playing Counterstrike! Great costumes though.

A bunch of maid goth loli cat girls?

Not sure where this is from but it’s pretty cool.

Where’s the bird?

Otome! What’s with the converse sneakers? Natsuki will kill you for improper attire. Was there a chara who had sneakers on? 

This group is very good. But no idea from where. 

Great idea and execution. The Akito and Agito schizo pair.

A fried coconut husk at work.

Prince of Tennis. The scary thing is that you can walk around in town with this and nobody’ll bat an eyelid except fangirls.

Not sure where from yet again, but fantastic makeup, hairdo and costume.

Not to mention godly weaponry.

This shot was taken before lunch. I had her take off the watch during the meal.

OOPs such a puny pea shooter you weakling!!!

Grand designs. I like how they seem to be looking down on us poorly dressed riffraff with disdain.

General Cross from Dgrayman.

Now this ia a great whatshisname from Dgrayman. Hammerboy.

We even have the older brother, who really looks the part. And the Earl of Millenium, who looks too kind.

Proudly sponsored by Burger King.

A true Battle Royale.


Ansel from KH?

Nekomimi Mode de.

NERDS!!!!! NERDS!!!!!! The one on the right is Tedfox. I warned you guys not to stay in my way.

Tifa AC version.

The girl on the left has a facial expression like CPT Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Carribean!!!

I bought some of the girls.

That’s all for the photos. I’m not publishing all as a bikini is sexier than a full frontal nude body. Get it?

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