Figure Review: Hi, I’m the Spawn of Satan and Very Fashionable

In other words, Goth Devil Girl.

This is a resin pre-painted recast of a popular garage kit. LianYL, aka Troll, purchased it via e2046 a while back for S$200 and he borrowed my camera for a quick photoshoot. And as payback, I did a review.

The illustration was done by Suzuhira Hiro, more famous for his Shuffle illustrations. It’s a nice picture really, with two versions – blue eyed and brown eyed. Can’t remember who sculpted the garage kit but it never made it to a PVC mass-release. E2046 is a HK-based company that produces recast kits and prepainted resin figures, shipping it worldwide. They do it without a license, which means it’s sort of bootleg. But I hear their "gathering" line of figures are pretty well done.

This Goth girl happens to be under that line, and so the Troll spent half his then-salary to get one for himself. The funny thing is, Troll Mama got upset because she felt the giant Christian tomb Gothgirl was leaning on was too "JESUS CHRIST". Talk about irony – isn’t the enemy of her enemy her friend? It would be good if we got a mini-figure of Buddha and his merry band of Meioh, Senju and other lads to pose with Gothgirl instead.

Gothgirl may be a resin figure, but it feels pretty PVC-is due to the nature of the resin. The location is the Art Museum but the overhead sun was pretty harsh.

"Yo Lelouch, what’s up? I mean, why are you looking up?"

The Good
The original illustration is pretty. Black and red are evil colours and evil is great.
Details aplenty, with real metal parts. Her chains are iron too.
Just look at the pattern on her skirt, now that’s great painting.
The finer aspects are not missing too, such as the spider motif on her red tie and butterfly inner layer.
The little bat wings are cute. And very sharp.
The base is a solid block of resin it seems. Or wood. I can’t remember. There’s a hole and an iron pin that extends from GG’s foot goes in.
Her pose is side-heavy but the iron pin saves the day.

The Bad
You see that large cross? She’s supposed to be leaning on it right? WRONG. It has no attachment to the base and hence falls off when any microbe breathes in the vicinity. During the shoot, the cross toppled at least 2115 times and by the end, had paint chips. She can’t grasp it too, so the large piece of resin just sort of balances precariously. It also looks like Gothgirl is HOLDING it, rather than leaning back.
The hair is pretty blunt and poorly molded. There’s a bit of flash. At least thanks to the headwear, the headseam is well concealed.
Her skintone is a bit flat and yellowish.
Eyes are hand-painted, but not skilfully so there’s a bit of a mess.
Garter lines aren’t straight.
The tips of Gothgirl’s fingers are all chipped, the result of an imperfect molding process that could not replicate the fine details.

I’ll never pay 200 for this. It’s just not worth it, considering she’s a non-character and this is a recast. What I would pay 200 for is perhaps, a 1/48 transformable YF-19.


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  • Heh, no way a 1/48 YF-19 will cost 200 , the recent Yamato 1/60 costs $240 average as it is now.

  • Aww… you’re too harsh. I would pay that amount if it was a character i liked

  • It’s too bad this never made it to PVC.

    From what I can tell in these photos the paint job looks pretty good and it appears they actually put a bit of effort into the paint. The downside is the recasting just adds another layer of seperation between it and the original sculpt, adding artifacts and oddities. I looked at GothGirl during the whole e2046 Haruhi mania thing, but couldn’t see spending that much on a recast.

  • can you take the cross out of her mouths? reminds me of misa misa though..and somone just did some not bad but not enuff fanservice..thx..

  • I’m still figuring out how to remove the skirt.

  • Haha. You grabbed it as well.

    I’m going to try a indoor shoot for this one.

  • She’s hot, and she’s worth 200 if you can con her out of someone like Toshiaki.

  • The details of her skirt and chain is pretty impressive.

  • @lianyl you cant remove the skirt its part of the casting. anyway if you think the cross falls too easily check theres a more correct method to hold it.
    e2046 should have provided a larger base but it looks good anyway

  • Prime: LOL yes. Well, I’m only interested in YF-19 so price is not an issue.

    Tedfox: I didn’t like the character. So no go.

    super rats: The clothes were well painted but I just didn’t feel any awesomeness about this figure. Perhaps it’s cos of the recast. Or maybe the whole design isn’t my type.

    Tiny: I think you can’t. It’s pretty much Misa2′s costume.

  • i’m more curious about how much the lelouch penguin cost .

  • now i think bout it, japanese like the bottom half of the body more than the top. see the difference in quality in the skirt and her hair…all are perverts!!XDXDXD

  • Well, one way to get the cross to stand is use a pin vise and drill a hole in the base and cross so you insert a glass rod to get it to stand.

    The Yamato YF-19 has had some QC issues from reviews online and man, does it look it fat towards the end.

  • I wont pay $200 for it, but for the amount of details and works required, its prolly worth the mola for those who like this figure.

  • I like that clothing design, though I don’t think i’ll be paying anything for it. I’ll leave that to you guys to show us poorer people how it is..

  • Did you take the photos outside the art museum? Lolz…

  • It looks like she has to lean forward in order to eat her cross D:

  • I have to give you many stars for using the old SJI as a backdrop. As an ex-student (though at the new one), not to mention the cross, it suits the background for the girl quite well.

  • I prefer Lelouch the penguin.

  • 200 is too much indeed (only because I don’t have this amount on my budget to expend in figurines) but the paint job seems to be very good judging by the pictures, at least equal or even above any PVC I’ve seen until now. I’ve only one complaint about her: the panties could be painted in black.

  • i bet lian is hoping something else is in her mouth rather than the cross…. sicko bastard…. hahahaha

  • Hello Amane Misa… @_@

  • Wa such a nice figure i would pay $200 for this figure.

  • For the pics, this figurine look awesome. I dun mind paying around 130SGD for it but definately not 200SGD. Wish it would be PVC-ed then can get at cheaper price and of better quality.

  • She is so cool!
    I love the detail and the gothic stuff she’s wearing!

  • This figurine is up for pre-order from e2046 again. Grab it fast or it will gone in no time. I am not going to miss it this time.

  • The sculptor was pretty absentminded (No offence to the sculptor or anything) but in the actual anime pic there was she had blue eyes, but in the figurine she had a hazel/ brown eyes. That was the fault of the overall look of the figurine…

  • WHOOPS! I just viewed and ACTUAL pic of her and it turns out she actually DOES have hazel/red/brown eyes… the pic posted on here is a photoshopped one… sorry ’bout that…

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