STICKY! AnimeBloggers and Friends’ Counterstrike BattleRoyale this Saturday

You read that right! This Saturday at 7.30 pm, a lot of people will come together to play the granddaddy of LAN games – Counterstrike! And these people are your loser animebloggers, including the likes of Bjorn, Tsubaki, Lianyl, Darkmirage and many more. Their faithful readers will get a chance to slaughter them in combat and the ever-viral CHICKEN has been lining up since yesterday to take shots.

We will meet in front of Paradiz Centre/PARKLANE at 7.30 pm this Saturday. We’ll meet at the MCDONALDS. ONLY COUNTERSTRIKE, because Dota is sooo for homosexual monkeys. The awesome thing is, the elite military combat unit, the 1st Otaku Battalion, will also be in attendance. If the number of personnel exceeds 32, then we shall battlefield or something. But I seriously doubt. Anyway, due to the need to reserve, please post a comment here if not NO PLAY!

MAP FOR THE NOOBS! The place is obviously across Sunshine Plaza.

Interested personnel, leave a comment with your nickname and mission (eg kill Bjorn). I hope we get like at least 10-15 people, but hopefully this doesn’t turn into some sort of riot. Oh, the last CS session, I knifed Darkmirage twice. LOL.

Please check back for updates to this page. I shall sticky this post.

65 Responses to “STICKY! AnimeBloggers and Friends’ Counterstrike BattleRoyale this Saturday”

  • IRC is the lag of the year

  • @Asoukai You’re not joining in?

    @tjhan Of all places, why IRC? Seriously, alot of us went there before and have issues with the mouse. I’m gonna hear alot of disgruntled complaints after the event I guess.

    Anyway, are we going cosafe after that? LAWL. I’ll be watching, not playing though, if I go down. Heh.

  • Cos it was the only place that would let me book 30 coms at short notice?

    BAH MEN, it’s about the SKILL NOT THE MOUSE! Asoukai is going.

  • i know its at short notice, but can i think i shall come. will be with dm and pear.

  • apologies over not being there. Looked like fun.

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