Figure Review: Stewardess Miu! Slacking OFF!

These pictures were taken on the 14th of November. LOL. I didn’t publish them for two reasons – they suck, and I wanted to make a movie. I’ll have to postpone my movie for now, since I don’t have a camera for the time being.

Stewardess Miu was fourth in line for the Konami Ichigo Mashimaro series of unscaled figures. She comes with a seat, a tray and a hat. IIRC the uniform is ANA’s (as in All Nippon Airways, not Ana). Released in October 2006 for 4200 yen, it’s pretty much a must buy for al IchiMaro fans. Like me.

What are you not supposed to do as a stewardess? Place your butt on the passenger’s seats of course. But we all know Miu is a quirky rule-smashing delinquent and this figure shows just that. The figures in this series are all unscaled, meaning they are pretty large for small girls. The seat fits her just nicely despite the fact that in the show, she barely reaches 140 cm? But we don’t need oversized chairs, and this looks cuter.

I attempted indoor shots of her with a variety of lighting setups. Miu was a guinea pig. A couple of shots turned out good but  most of the others were trash, especially the ones with cooler lighting. I specially bought a toy plane just for her too.

As for the sculpt, it’s pretty good and simple. No problems at all but nothing spectacular, the cuteness of the figure is all that matters and that is brought out by the accompanying diorama and pose. She’s also just sitting on the chair, meaning you can place her anywhere else. And this allows for great posing! I love non-attached figures.

Miu slacking off as usual

"Why do I have to work?"

I’m a biker girl.

Since the head is supposed to be covered by a hat, her hair has some bits sticking out which aren’t too nice. Keep the hat on. The figure has a decent paint job, with neat and tidy details. The material is a softer PVC than most figures though. And there’s no headseam, due to the design.

The seat is very well done. There’s great tonation and it’s also depressed somewhat realistically. The rear view shows the detail and onboard entertainment system. It’s airing one of my favourite shows of all time.

It’s showing the OP sequence now.

And a secret extra function, Miu can teach you Yoga!

Yoga fire!

Upskirt. But this is mildly disturbing, involving themes of gore, paedophilia and uniform fetish.

As for what’s in the cup, I think it’s coffee. So overall, this is a good figure, combining flexibility of pose, a diorama and cuteness. I would recommend it. A lot. Along with the rest of the Ichimaro series, English Teacher Ana has been out for some time now.

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