[Riuva Bazaar] Riuva Joins Forces with KKnM to Bring You Small Merchandise

This is more for the overseas people. Have you been longing for that keyholder of *randomfangirlcharacter*? Or that sweet pencilboard of the Kanon girls? And can’t get any from your local stores (if there even is such a thing)? Then this is your lifesaver.

If you read this site often, you’ll surely know of this mythical store, KareKano no Mise (KKnM) that has gained cult status here in Singapore, specialising in anime merchandise such as keyholders, handphone straps, pencil boards and other inexpensive trinkets. Now, you can order these via me! Even if you live in Afghanistan and can’t afford a plane ticket here.

Due to the sheer wide variety of goods, I can’t bring you a full catalogue unfortunately. So we’ll make do with the new releases form.

Shipping will be paid for by the buyer and it’ll only be EMS if you live outside USA, Canada and Western Europe. I’ll charge a tiny handling fee depending on the amount of goods purchased (shouldn’t be more than 1-5 USD) as well. To order, just look through the form and email me at

tjhan86 AT riuva.com

Do make it quick, for the local regulars of the store have a tendency to raid all the goods away faster than you can say, "nanohaisgay". After you email, I’ll check whether the item is still available and then reply with the final price + shipping and handling. You will then pay me through paypal ( tjhan86 AT riuva.com) again and send me your full name and address. Once I get the payment, the item is officially yours. I will head down to the post office every week or when I have accumulated a decent amount of packages.


I personally recommend the really odd Deathnote monitor covers and the Tokimemo pencil board. All prices in Singapore dollars. 1 USD = 1.5332 SGD, approximately.

Local Singaporeans can order too. If you don’t like going down to the store yourself, that is. I’ll mail you the items too.

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