2 May: Winners and Losers Feature

Another week has gone by and as Riuva prepares to dive into the next phase of our lives by entering "University", we may consider cutting down on our intake of anime.


Infinite Ryvius
Not technically belonging to this week’s section, but I watched the entire series over the past two days. To put it simply, it is Lord of the Flies combined with the action scenes of the Stars Trilogy. A 1999 Sunrise production, it is hugely emotionally infectious and I spent the past two days in a depressed and foul mood thanks to it. Despite that, the show was hugely thought-provoking and intriguing. Strongly recommended for people who have the capacity to watch shows aimed at young adults rather than mindless moe mongrels or fangirls. I hated almost all the characters with a passion as the series went on a downward spiral of doom for the crew of the Ryvius. It’s about tribal and governance politics, differing personal mindsets, a premature loss of innocence and large space battles. Do catch it if you haven’t.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Normal service is resumed. Episode 5 is again excellent, bar the increasingly-annoying Kamina. Stick him on the Ryvius.

Kaze no Stigma

The pace is horribly slow but nothing is cooler in life than elemental powers. See Flame of Recca, Suikoden and even Captain Planet. The moment Kaze no Stigma featured the ultra-manly Kazuma beating up his foes with cyclones and kamaitachis, I knew this would be a great show. Sadly like Black Blood Brothers, Kaze no Stigma also  has the typical annoying little blond brother who is "special".

Sits on the throne of "Best Spring Anime" snugly. Almost all mecha anime have no qualms about staging their fights in a densely urbanised setting. However rarely do they give faces to the little people crushed under the feet of the big robos. Bokurano episode 4, in a cruel twist of fate, shows why mecha pilots should mind their step when fighting.


4 different concurrently showing series in one season! And the fact is some are actually great, makes GONZO’s stock rise. The only show I have dropped is Romeo x Juliet and that is because I think shows with "romance" as its central core are stupid. Suffice to say, I also dropped Lovely Complex because it had love. We here hate love. The much-maligned studio appears to be making a fighting come-back.

Machi and Suzu
These two girls are far and away the best of the Airantou bunch. Episode 4 of the Island harem has Machi in the spotlight, and she’s really cute. In a mean sort of way. Suzu also shows many different facets of her personality. Oh did I mention that Horie Yui voiced Michelle, a scheming girl who uses her cuteness and body to win power in Ryvius?

Takada Kozue

She’s consistently churning out great songs for anime series. We all learned of Takada’s existence through the first ED of Eureka seveN, Himitsu Kichi. Then it was Kiba’s final OP, Sekai no Hate Made. Now, it’s the baseball series Ookikufuri Kagatte’s ED Medaka ga Mita Niji. She’s an awesome singer, songwriter and lyricist with a unique sincere tone in her vocals and lyrics. Oh yeah the show is great too, I like baseball shows. The OP is great too.

Anime Opening Songs

I’m pretty shocked at how no one in the anime blogging circuit has done a post about his/her favourite new anime OPs. There is a bumper crop of new likeable songs, namely, Oofuri’s OP Dramatic by Baseball Bear, Bokurano’s Uninstall, Towards the Terra’s Endscape by Uverworld, Gurren’s Sorairo Days by Meg Rock and many more.

Shining Tears X Wind
Once again, this show appears in the Winners’ section. Why?? Because it is just way too entertaining! Be it the scene where two people with the same voice, Zero and Souma, engage in conversation about the latter’s need to save the world (both are voiced by the same seiyuu, Hoshi Seiichirou) or the massive robot and tank fleet created by a high school student with a megalomanical streak, Shining Tears just screams "ABSURD!!" and makes me do a :3 face. Cute. The cute girls help too, and drawing their soul blade looks like sexual intercourse. Which means Saionji aka Trihart drawing the soulblade of the MALE Jeed is akin to hot yaoi sex. This show is way too crazy and we love it.

Final Fantasy Tactics
8 more days to the release of FFT: Shishisensou! On the PSP in Japan though. It has great PvP functions and new job classes. Unfortunately it has the fag, Baltier too. But everyone, let’s buy it and play some FFT battles!


Tokyo Tosho
Tokyo Tosho has been polluted. In the past, torrents labeled "Anime" would mean English-subbed anime while the category "Non-English" would mean subs of other languages. Nowadays, majority of the items marked as "Anime" are Chinese subs. Who exactly are the fools submitting these wrongly?

San’s Daddy and his Clan
A group of yakuza who sneak into San’s school just to prevent her husband from getting too close to her? That is not manly at all. Masa-san is the exception though, we all want to kiss him hard. Why is it that afro-haired men are soooo manly in all anime series except the American-made Afro Samurai? Good examples include Manager of Yakitate Japan, Masa-san and Chocolove of Shaman King.

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
Is it just me or has this show sunk to the depths of utter boredom? I’m sick of the OP, the silent brooding bishie Akitsuki and i the first half of every episode always turns out to be less interesting than watching paint dry. The sheer predictability of every episode is a drag. I’ll still finish the series though.

Lolicons Worldwide
Because the OVA of Ichigo Mashimaro has officially ended. I found the OVAs on the whole quite inferior to the TV series. There were few funny scenes and the loli fanservice was upped rather crudely. Some of the jokes were also tired recycled ones. Not a fitting end to the series really. Thankfully, the manga goes on.

Engage Planet: Kissdum
Shocking episode 4. Why? It’s a fucking recap!! There are shows where recaps are actually well done. Kissdum is not one of these shows. 3 episodes into a series and we have a full 24 minutes worth of what happened in the previous 3 episodes. Thanks. For. That. Add to that the stupid "one man saves the world" plot and all the WOWness I had for this show in the first episode has been completely eradicated. Only the awesome mecha designs continue to put it on my watch list.

Blue Dragon
Not only do the monster designs look bloody similar, even the characters look like they are straight out of Dragonball. The manga of Blue Dragon is very different (much better), not that I read it. I saw it while browsing through Jump magazine at Kinokuniya. The whole show stinks too.

Takei Hiroyuki
At his prime, he was one of the 3 leading mangaka of Jump magazine thanks to the excellent Shaman King manga. But as the series spiralled downwards, so did his career. His new manga series has now vanished from Jump after only a few chapters it seems. I check Jump once every two to three months to see what’s the manga rankings like but poor Takei-sensei has been ousted already. He really should just redo the later part of Shaman King, and do it the proper way he wanted to. Pity this will never happen. Almost all but the most talented mangaka fade into obscurity after one successful series.

Apparently he got kicked out of Animenano. Lol.

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  • drawing their soul blade looks like sexual intercourse. Which means Saionji aka Trihart drawing the soulblade of the MALE Jeed is akin to hot yaoi sex.

    How is this a good thing =( ?

    The note about Takei Hiroyuki is sad. Shaman King was such a great series, and then the manga kinda crawled to a non-ending. I didn’t even know he had a new manga…

    What is this about DrmChrso? I didn’t see any angry used-to-want-to-s3xx0r-him-but-now-I-hate-him posts on his site, so I assume you are joking?

  • The admins on TT are aware of the chinese subs and are doing something about it since people started whining on the forum. They changed the admission page and just today I saw some chinese torrents get removed from the anime category. I wasn’t really bothered with it before that day when there was like 50 something chinese torrents and barely any english ones in the anime category but that was just ridiculous.

  • “Apparently he got kicked out of Animenano. Lol.”

    For not posting about anime? o_o

  • lol @ my comment.
    I said: loved the shining tears desc. LOL :D

  • you are so wrong. University is when all the GENSHIKEN stuff occurs. May you be sat upon by a FYG.

  • What, drm isn’t listed on AnimeNano anymore? FAIL.

  • LOL

    No, it’s not worth the drama when I confront hung :V

  • Totally agree with you on the lack of ranting about OP and ED songs.

  • ” San’s Daddy and his Clan
    A group of yakuza who sneak into San’s school just to prevent her husband from getting too close to her? That is not manly at all. ”

    but got me rofl anyways XD

    and, kaze no stigma is just too painful to watch…aside from the slow pacing
    of course elemental powers are WIN but the way they do battles with it is just, for lack of better word, repetitive -.- oh…and besides that shota .

  • One exception to your Afro Rule would be Masa (uh, I think that’s his name) from Nodame Cantibile. He’s about as unmanly as one can get!

  • If the Blue Dragon anime is based on the manga…it’s gonna be 1 hell of an ecchi fest. In the meantime, i gonna give it a pass due to it’s generic dragonball template.

  • Kissdum is irritating. Eps 2 is enough to drop it with the stunning “Drop” in animation quality at the back, while still looking ok in the front.

  • I love Kozue takada songs and you’re defintly right her ending are awesome and very original
    *with a unique sincere tone in her vocals and lyrics* > I agree !!
    If there’re any fans …http://chairo.wordpress.com/ ! fan website dedicated to her !

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