Figure Review: GSC Shinku and Kagami

Oops, anyone expected to see Luckystar’s Kagami here will be sorely disappointed. What I have is Rozen Maiden’s Shinku and a mirror…

For the longest time, fans of the popular Rozen Maiden anime and manga have been clamouring for good quality PVC figures of the 7 dolls. Yet, the only manufacturer to have released figures of the maidens is Yujin, who is far more well-known for their atrocious product qualities. They have produced four of the Rozen Maidens so far and all of them have been poorly designed and painted. Thankfully, Good Smile Company (GSC), one of the industry leaders in quality, released their version of Shinku, the main character of the series, in April 2007. GSC’s Shinku is rather steep in pricing at 6800 yen (86 Singapore Dollars), which is double that of the Yujin figures, but it is vastly superior, at least in terms of appearance.

The first thing anyone would notice about GSC’s Shinku is huge mirror behind her. It is safe to say that this probably was the justification for the huge price tag. The funny thing about Japanese figures is that once there is a large add-on or extra gimmick, the manufacturers will most certainly increase the price of the figure by a hefty chunk and us collectors will delude ourselves into believing that the price hike is worth it. Ultimately, the mirror add-on is little more than the type easily found at the toiletries section of department stores. Cynicism aside, the mirror adds a touch of class and background to Shinku and she would not look as good without it.

A bit plain without the mirror!

Most figures come in scales of 1/6 or 1/8 but GSC’s Shinku is obviously a non-scale version. The original character is a doll which stands at about 40 cm. To do a 1/8 figure of it would be silly unless you are into five-centimetre tall toys. The figure stands at about 15 cm, relatively small for a figure by GSC but the Rozen Maidens are supposed to be petite little dolls anyway. Add the 23-cm tall mirror into the equation and the setup looks pretty grand.

Shinku is standing on one leg and doing a curtsy (do girls ever do that these days?). The precarious one-legged stance might cause some collectors much anxiety as to whether she will lean after some time. To be fair, the figure is quite small so there is not much upper body mass to warp the ankle area. Her pose is a good representative of the elegant and upper-class Shinku. Shinku is a great addition to the living room, rather than being confined to the collector’s secret closet, since she does not exude otaku sleaziness at all.  Even non-anime fans will appreciate her beauty.

Her rose-red clothes are extremely well-designed and intricately-detailed. There are plenty of natural-looking creases and laces all around, on top of an unusual glossy finish. Under sunlight, it shimmers far more than your usual matte PVC figure, giving off the look of real satin. On the other hand, in a dimly-lit room, Shinku looks quite rubbery, so it is quite the trade-off.

The face of a figure is the most important part and this is where GSC slipped up. The facial features do not really resemble the original character and not much emotion is apparent from it. Her hair is very beautiful though, the long twin tails curling up almost in a helical fashion.

The base obviously saw lots of work done on it. Shinku is standing on the Rose Ring that the Dollmasters each wear when they enter into a contract with the dolls. The entire base is shaped like a red rose, with multi-layered petals of translucent soft plastic. A figure standing on such a base looks far better than one with a generic base.

So for the price of 6800 yen, is this figure worth the money? It really depends. Alter, a sister company of GSC, is releasing a larger (19 cm tall) version of Shinku in August with a new pose and much better face but without the mirror and fancy rose base. It will cost the same as GSC’s. Some may want to wait for that instead.

You can get this from

Treasure Land by Toyntoys

18 Cross Street, #01-25/26

China Square Central

Singapore 048423

Tel: +65 64386806

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  • LOL I see what you did thar.

  • The whole glossy finish is the main reason I didn’t buy this figure, but also the face just doesn’t look right. Good thing though because I pre-ordered the Alter version and that is looking sweet.

  • Finally. It’s feels like it’s been a while since you last did a figure review.

    I was holding off on this one to see just how glossy the actual product would be. Then Alter put theirs up and while I haven’t pre-ordered that one either, I’m leaning towards that one.

  • No LS Kagami?


  • I spy a fingering otaku.

  • It’s quite nice. But, I guess I will be getting the other one ( If I can afford it xD ). And the glossy finish is just kind of…I dunno.. unrealistic to me =/

  • Don’t like glossy? Spray with Flat topcoat. But before you do that, you might want to snip off a mm² piece of material to test first. However, you would probably just leave it as it is since it’s quite expensive.

    I’ve been wondering whether or not to get this ever since it went on pre-order last year(Dec?). It certainly looks impressive, but I’m not a rozen maiden fan. Decided against it since I don’t really buy figures that I’m unfamiliar with the characters.

  • I ordered this one quite soon after it was released. Who would have thought ALTER would make one? The Kagami is very cool.
    Now they need to make the other dolls! XD

  • lol breaking that mirror also means 7 years of bad luck =/

  • Been searching everywhere on information regarding this. Thanks a ton.

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