Figure Review: Max Factory’s Al Azif 1/8 PVC! Beautiful Loli.

WIth my new found digicams and hastily set up lighting I proudly present my newest figurine – Demonbane’s Al Azif, 1/8 scale PVC from Max Factory. I haven’t actually played the game, watched the OVA or even know anything about Demonbane and Al Alzif before I bought this. But I don’t regret it, all thanks to its sheer loli-beauty.

I hastily did my research, and found out that this petite pink-haired girl is some sort of spirite and is actually a book.

Edit: Thanks to Kwok of Lolicontrol for contributing a short write up on who Al Azif is.
Al Azif, or Al Ajif, is actually the incarnation of the Necronomicon, the most powerful magical tome in history. However, she is only a partial incarnate; many of her pages are missing, and that is why she has contracted Jyuujirou, a private investigator with a mysterious past, to work together to defeat the Black Lodge, an evil organisation bent on world domination, as well as collect all the missing pages, which manifest themselves in humanoid form. Every page that Al Azif collects adds to her repertoire of powers.

The game is by Nitro+ and is a visual novel/ AVG. There is also a sequel about to be released.

Sculpted by 加藤太一, Katou Taichi, this rendition of Al Azif has two features that are of note. Three if you include the floated skirt that saves you the trouble of having to look up her skirt to see her light green pantsu. The two features are the plastic background that allows her two black and white thingies to appear levitated in mid-air, and her really cool swirly hair and ribbons.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What’s the first thing we see when we open that brown HLJ cardboard box? Besides those bags of authentic Japanese air, it is the figurine boxart of course. So here it is.

Pretty cool! Nice rune circle windowed box.

The amazing thing is, I woke up this morning at 8 am and saw the box on my bed. But before I went to bed, I was sure this was still at the Post Office uncollected. Hmmm…

Anyway, Al Azif has 4 parts. The figurine herself, a colourless brick ABS plastic background, 2 of those flying things. The brick background was a nice surprise as I was expecting the 2 flying things (henceforth known as FLs) to be suspended by wires or something. The brick bacground is significant as Al Azif first meets the male protagonist in an alley with a brick background. The FLs actually are plugged into holes in the background, creating a levitation effect. The background has to be inserted into the base. It takes a tiny tiny bit of skill to insert it in, but you can’t really go wrong.

Damn her pantsu are showing! Take care, girl!

Here you can see how the FLs connect to the background. Slightly shoddy painting on the FLs, sadly.

The shiny blackish grey ABS base is screwed tight to Al Azif’s left foot. This is welcome, as her weight seems to be supported mainly by that foot. Older PVCs such as the Galaxy Angel set are similarly one-legged yet do not have screws and hence tend to list after a while. The downside is that she isn’t removable from her base, so panty shots are harder to take. The base isn’t the usual radial, but a D shape. See the pictures for a better idea of what a D is.

Ok, let’s view the figurine closeup.

I like the colour of this photo. It makes her mysterious.

Al Aizif (AA) has a brooding, mysterious expression on her face. She looks the strong, silent type here but apparently in the game, she’s the Shana type, just more mature and less noisy. I like her very defined eyelashes and her almost-invisible mouth. I never liked figurines with wide-open mouths much. AA’s turqoise iris goes with her colour scheme well. The above photo also highlights the flaws pretty well. The hairseam is super obvious, about the most obvious of all my figurines so far. Since her pose is a downward gazing one, it just makes the line even more glaring.

“What are you looking at?”

She looks like she’s waiting for someone here.

Now she has a tsundere look. Camera angles.

The body is loli. No boobs to speak of, she has an Shana type body. AA’s wearing a frilly lacy white nightgown-like thing which is very short. It’s all white except for little red bows running down her button line. The dress is very very detailed, the multiple folds of lace creates shadows which really bring out the 3-D look of the figurine. She is also wearing a giant lace bow-tie, which looks very realistically folded. AA is leaning backwards slightly, which isn’t apparent from the front view, only when viewed from the side.

The shadows of the many lace layers really bring out the detail!

As you would have noticed by now, AA’s wearing tonnes of red ribbons. There are 2 in her hair, 2 around her wrists and 2 around her calves. The fluttery ribbons, along with the wind-blown clothes, makes the figurine seem a lot more interesting and alive, compared to static poses. Her little black shoes have small red bows on them too.

I actually bought this fig because I was hugely attracted to the free flowing ribbons.

Ribbons on her feet too. I bet she doesn’t walk too much.

The hair is amazing. It has the same feel as the ribbons and the sheer length and number of strands are really beautiful. Many anime figurines have long hair, but few are as well done as this one. It’s pinkish purple, with hints of white shading.

The pantsu are not the usual white, but a graduated light bright green. The crotch is the lightest, nearing white. This is the only figure I have that shows the pantsu so daringly. Most of my figurines are the conservative heroine types, so they don’t really show their pantsu unless I make them.


Overall, this figurine is well worth the 5271 yen (including shipping) that I paid. The mostly excellent paintjob is realistic and the sculpting is very detailed. The pose is alright, not too creative, but the ribbons and hair are the main focus. The background and FLs are a nice omake too I guess. The only flaws are the hair seam being very obvious, and the poor paint job on the FLs.

This one gets a 85%! Btw I have forgotten what I gave my other figurines, so the grading is generally by instinct. 85% would mean that AA’s displayed in a prominent part of my room.

Front View

Back View

Side View

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  • You bastard, I want aru-channn ;o;

    Nice catch though.

  • There is another Al Ajif somewhere in Latendo. Also, I bought Akari to match your Aika. Now we can play yuri dolls.

  • I do have Akari wat. The SR DX version sucks but I’m still getting the Alice.

  • I notice that this PVC has a brick background for the LSes. But when I search thru other sites I found that the background featured there is just a plain mirror-like wall. Is there a difference? Or is it because one was Japanese made and the other one American made?

  • I’m not sure if this has an American release but my guess is no. Most of the promo pictures do not show the plastic background as it looks uglier with it.

  • I had to play a bidding war to get this PVC ^_^. I won eventually at the end. 47$ for shipping and the PVC. It’s a nice pvc to add to along with my Feena and Rena (PCC).

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