Figure Review: Shii Arisugawa and Hot Specs! Abridged Version

Holy shit, I wrote a long review on Shii Arisugawa but as I was going to post it, I hit the refresh key by accident and it vanished. Because of that, I shall redo it in point form.

  1. Sculpted by Matsuken.
  2. From Kotobukiya.
  3. 7000 yen. OUCH.
  4. 1/7, rather tall.
  5. Comes with handphone and sword. Sword is better cos girls with handphones are noisy.
  6. Skirt is cast off enabled to show her striped panties. Skirt unhinges.
  7. You can look up her blouse and you may see nipples.
  8. Posture and design very close to the original artwork, except facial expression.
  9. Face more angsty and pissed than cute, which was the original.
  10. Spectacles are awesome. Made of real metal and comes in a runner.
  11. Have to cut it out yourself. Even provided extra pair.
  12. Have to bend it into shape yourself too. Fat boys beware.
  13. Face is awesome. Great details.
  14. Paintwork is good overall.
  15. Moulding isn’t good. Injection scars and lines obvious.
  16. Posture is quite odd too.
  17. But still, it’s worth it and I will buy more Yamashita figures.
  18. The end.
  19. Check out the pics.

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