Figure Review: History’s Noblest Woman… 2LT Alice L. Malvin!

While the first half of Pumpkin Scissors wasn’t all that interesting, the second half was a total masterclass by Alice in how to be Noble. It’s pretty ridiculous to have respect and admiration for an anime character but she’s just that awesome!

There are currently two versions of Alice out in the PVC market, one of them is from GDH (Gonzo), while the other is from Good Smile. I chose to purchase the latter. Gonzo’s version has Alice dressed in the yellow evening gown from the climax of the series, while swinging her huge double-bladed sword, Mahne. I felt this wasn’t all that loyal to the anime as during that arc, she fought with her dagger instead. GSC’s Alice has her in uniform, which is more fitting.

GSC’s Alice was released in May 2007 for the price of 5800 yen. She’s 1/8 in scale and hence the price is pretty expensive. GSC actually did justify the price tag, thanks to the great sculpt by Kawasaki Kazushi, superb quality and diorama-ish base.

The base is excellent in terms of detail. Resembling a cracked, rubble-strewn asphalt floor, it is also shaped into what seems to be an emblem, possibly the Malvin family one. One issue is the difficulty in getting Alice onto the base. I had to try several times before getting it right. She seems to be pretty sturdy if placed right but leaning could be an issue since her CG is a bit forward.

Alice is in a powerful position, with a steady pre-Mahne swinging stance. This figure exudes manliness, nobility and power, so no regular fanservice here. The paintwork on her uniform is very neat, even with all those wavy lines, I see no flaw. Her turning stance creates lots of creases on the uniform which are sculpted really well.

The hair seems close to the original Alice too, as is the face. Oooh she’s so noble. I’m a huge fan.

Mahne is a calvary weapon which overcomes the alleged weak spot of riders – their unarmed side. Alice uses it to mindblowing effect in episode 17 of PS, in conjuction with the funky iron boots. In this figure, she comes with two different right forearms, one for the Mahne and the other for her Malvin family dagger. The Mahne is moulded extremely well and probably sharp enough to pierce skin. It has a metallic shine to it as well, which makes it one of the better figure weapons I’ve seen. The simplistic elegance and sharp moulding is far superior to most of Saber’s weaponry, which are intricate but not as cleanly made. The dagger consists of two parts – the blade and the hilt. To give the appearance of a sheathed dagger, the hilt is attached directly to the sheath and the blade is removed. The blade is even sharper than the Mahne. Alice can grasp the dagger either forward or reverse, as seen in the pictures.

Overall, the pose and weapons are the main draw of the figure. This is probably one of my favourite anime-based figurines of 2007, and worth the 5800 yen. I got her from Treasureland who are the official GSC retailers here in Singapore. Go get her now if you want some nobility in the house!

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  • Mine is still in Japan as I have yet to pay for it so mine won’t arrive till at least 2 weeks from now. Looks to be totally worth it so I can’t wait to get mine.

  • I got this figure too.. from latendo.

    We gotta thank GSC for making such a great figurine. Definitely no regrets buying this.

  • The pictures are nice but i am not a fan of this. Plus, i am tight on budget so a “pass” for me.

  • *gah* you’re tempting me to spend moolah on Alice. must… resist…

  • Nice figure! The quality is excellent! The detail looks good! I passed her up as my wallet was shrivelling up and dying. Now I regret. :P

  • I didn’t get this, but I like the weaponry she carries. It’s a nice sculpt, especially the fabric flow.

  • Did u get the wedding dress version?

  • Women with Dual Blade =

  • I love the pose and the detail.

  • Awesome figure, but I don’t know her so…no thanks.

  • God, that figurine is just pure WIN. I don’t collect figurines at all, but I’m seriously considering getting this one despite the rather daunting price tag simply because this has got to be one of the best quality figurines I have ever seen AND Alice just rocks that much. (The world needs more Alice love, seriously.) I love the fact that she’s one of the rare strong female characters in anime/manga who manages to be so respectable and admirable WITHOUT the need for her to be reduced to an object of mindless fanservice.

    Just curious, how much did the figurine cost in Singapore dollars when you bought it from that shop?

  • Gah~ Nice pictures but the ONLY reason I’m not buying this is because she doesn’t have that berserker face of hers when she actually does use it in the anime.
    I swear that’s the only reason >.

  • I’d get one if it didn’t cost over 200 bucks here.

  • absolutely hate the anime. but this figure was too good to pass up. I love the amount of details on the uniform and the hair. Which is themain reason i didn’t get the dress version. lacking in details.

  • Nice figure and nice shots as always.
    I missed this post for some reason ^;

  • Great info. I have now seen the sunshine. The fact is, I am going to most likely need to put on my sunglasses now.

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