Figure Review: Maxfac Haruhi & Mikuru!

This year, many an anime fan cursed the timing of Chinese New Year. Reason? Leading figurine manufacturer Max Factory announced that the Suzumiya Haruhi figurine they were releasing in March this year would be limited to 5000 pieces due to their China-based plant having a long holiday. How much is true I do not know, but the resulting berserk rush to get their hands on a Haruhi figure led collectors everywhere bidding on online auctions up to 12 times its retail price! Pretty insane stuff.

But thankfully for those who did not get one, Max Factory decided to push back their other releases and dedicate themselves to just doing new production runs of Haruhi, which were released in April and May, bringing the total up to about 15000 pieces in existence. I’m not sure if those who bought Haruhi at the black market price feel proud of their first-edition figure, but I patiently waited for the 3rd batch because I was in no hurry. An added bonus was that the Asahina Mikuru figurine of the same series was released at the same time.

Haruhi’s official retail price is 3990 yen (S$50) while Mikuru is going for 4800 yen (S$60). These are average prices for 1/8 scaled PVC figurines. But does Haruhi actually live up to the hype, and is Mikuru actually worth getting? Probably, they are not expensive and look good but have a couple of problems worth mentioning.


Let’s go with the 19cm-tall Haruhi first. The moment I held it, it was plainly obvious that the PVC material used was of an inferior standard to Max Factory’s usual high standards. Whether or not that was due to it being a 3rd batcher, or because of the relatively low price tag, I do not know. The material felt slightly rubbery and bendy, which was a far cry from the sturdy plastic used for other figures from the lineup.

But in terms of viewing, she looked awesome and very much straight out of the promotional pictures. The facial sculpt, energetic pose and trueness to the anime series makes it a great figurine. This is the first figurine of Haruhi in her school uniform and not a bunny suit, so there is another reason for getting her.

She comes with optional parts, an interchangeable right hand so you can have Haruhi hold either her director’s loudhailer or just pointing. Her armband can be changed according to the role as well.

While some might praise this interchangeability, I note that it comes at a price – the quality of the areas near the changeable parts are markedly lower, with moulding lines and shoddy paintwork.

On the whole, Haruhi is great because she looks like she has jumped straight out of your screen and the replicating of an anime character’s energy and not just the appearance, is the hallmark of a great figurine. Pity about the paintwork and material issues though. I note that to differentiate each batch of Haruhi, different coloured panties are used. So I got white, what’s yours?


Wow, diapers!!

Aspiration: AV Director

Mikuru is the busty girl who suffers from Haruhi’s overzealous sexual harassment. Her obvious attributes are shyness, large breasts, and extreme cuteness. Are these found on the Max Factory figurine? Yes!

Mikuru stands at 18 cm and is dressed in her waitress outfit. The first thing I noticed about her was the pose – her entire weight rests on one foot and she’s leaning forward and slightly to the right. In such cases, unless there is some sort of anti-warping mechanism, the figurine tends to gradually lean until it kisses the ground. Unfortunately, on Mikuru, there’s no such safeguard.

Nevertheless, her pose captures the gist of her character very well. Mikuru has an awkward and shy expression on her face while doing this sexy pose that brings focus onto her chest area. This is the exact sort of pose that Haruhi forces Mikuru to strike in the anime. I especially like the well-sculpted face and expression, which really bring out the reluctance in her. A humourous touch is her left arm doing the “Mikuru Beam” pose, which she did while filming the SOS-Dan movie.

There is great detail on this figure, exemplified by the replication of the mole on Mikuru’s chest, as well as a little nametag with her name printed. I particularly was impressed by the mole because at a scale of 1/8, it’s barely larger than the sharp end of a pin. Btw, white undies too. I especially like how there is no headseam at all due to the use of the frilly head dress . As Paris Hilton, now happily in jail, would say, "Wow, that’s hot."

Look at the tiny mole. I think it looks tiny because the tits are huge.

The funny thing is, Haruhi’s diaper panties actually look more realistic lol. Real life panties are so ugly and sick.

There are lots of other Mikuru figures around but this is the only one I own, because I feel it does a great job of replicating the feel of the character. In other words, it’s like the Haruhi figure mentioned above. I also got them both because they come in a set with future releases of the other major characters of the series, like Nagato Yuki, Asakura Ryouko and perhaps more.

Each figure comes with a white ABS base, printed with their full name.

You could’ve gotten them from

Treasure Land by Toyntoys

18 Cross Street, #01-25/26

China Square Central

Singapore 048423

Tel: +65 64386806

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  • Mikuru figurine looks nice, but the worries she might warp are well justified.

    I wish there was a Mikuru figurine that’s not in her waitress garb. Her meido-fuku is pretty awesome too.

  • I got my Haruhi figure in my cabinet and I don’t actually remember when it arrived at my doorstep. Well not that it matters. I still have to take pictures of mine.

  • mikuru pantsu is much more lol at “Aspiration: AV Director”.

    oh ya, since mikuru is standing on one feet, will it cause problems in future?

  • That diapers comment cracked me up. xD AND IT’S SO TRUE!

  • Mikuru needed some like interchangeable contacts for added coolness factor.

  • They’re both very well made figures, the Haruhi one especially captures her vibrance to a T. I’m trying my best to pass her up since I already ordered the metamo Haruhi (colour-changing gimmick lol) and I don’t even like her personality (Yuki ftw). Haruhi is also available at play-asia for those not living in Sg:

  • I love the detail put into both of these. Oh, and I can’t help but imagine the way you were holding Haruhi when you were taking those panty shots xD

  • You take really good photos! Love the way you take them at different angles, really brings out Mikuru and Haruhi.

    I’m going to get my Haruhi soon too! =3

  • I hate you. T_T

  • Wait a minute. TJ, isn’t the Haruhi figurine you have from the 2nd batch? Cause if i remember correctly, the 3rd batch isn’t out yet…

  • Hey TJ, the first batch Haruhi has white pantsu while 2nd is orange for your info (so lucky you got the 1st batch me thinks). Another way to differentiate the batch is by the plastic inside the box. If your plastic is the fugly one with two box like thingies slapped together then it’s the 1st batch. If it’s the 2nd batch it’s a plastic mould with the shape of Haruhi’s hand extended…

    Anyways the Mikuru’s great. I feel sad if mine were to warp… Also, you can get my photoshoot of both of them from bj0rn (and it’s from a pond side… if you know why i chose that local) and i found the photos we took really good.

    Can’t wait for my Yuki Nagato and Asakura Ryouko lol.

  • ARghhhhh!!! Damn you Max Factory for not making more Yuki Nagato(s) and Suzumiya(s)!!!! I can’t get any ARGHHHH!!!

  • Max Factory didn’t released Haruhi in March, they already did it in February. While the 2nd batch was released in April and the 3rd will be released in June.
    I’ve ordered my Haruhi on January the 1st and I’m still waiting for it. -_- I do hope the 3rd batch will have a nice colored (soft pink would be nice) pantsu LOL.

    I’m also worried about the warping issue, but the Mikuru from Max Factory is nonetheless absolutely detailed for just 4571 Yen (that’s what I paid for it). Only one or two days and mine will arrive on my door step…so excited!

  • Warping will definitely be the issue with Mikuru, but hopefully yours does not end up leaning so much as “to the ground”. Great pics, can’t wait for the other figure releases.

  • Kouji: HLJ’s page for Haruhi actually allows you order it right now so you may want to try them. This may be a good oppurtunity for people to make a profit by stocking up and auctioning them when they run out :P

  • I can’t order online cause i don’t have a valid Credit Card. Hence i’m frantically asking the like 3 shops in Singapore which sells figurines to please let me buy one without a pre-order. It’s crazy.

    Anyway HLJ stated that they won’t be accepting anymore orders.

  • Kouji: I don’t have a credit card either and that’s no problem at all, because you don’t have to have a valid credit card if you want to buy something at HLJ. HLJ allows it’s customers to pay their orders via PayPal as well (and IMO Hobby Search should allow it’s customers to do the same thing).

    And you’re right about the fact that Haruhi can’t be ordered at this moment, HLJ already filled all it’s orders and is waiting for the restock this month. BUT do not give up hope if you want to order her. Mikuru had an ‘order stop’ in the beginning, but as soon as Max Factory released her the stock status changed to ‘low stock’ (probably because some folks canceled their preorder). and she could be ordered once again. =)

  • hm… I am not sure about the panties color, mine is from the second shipment from HLJ and her panties are still white.
    The original prototype design had her with orange panties, but later the decided to change to white.

    But if it is indeed the case with different panties, does anyone actually have a Haruhi with orange panties?

  • I have a question. Why is the base different from the one I saw in MaxFactory’s website? shouldn’t it be transparent base?

  • Can you take a look and see if you reckon this is a bootleg to you?My friend and i think it looks like one. No H Japan hologram sticker on the back of the box according to the blogger too.

  • It’s a bootleg for the following reasons:

    1. No sticker = bootleg. If it was taken off, then there should at least be a mark where it was originally was near the bar code.

    2. Her skin tone is way too tan. Not even camera issues can cause it to be like that.

    But that’s a good bootleg if you look at it from far away and don’t care about the skin tone…

  • in regards to this comment:

    2. Her skin tone is way too tan. Not even camera issues can cause it to be like that.

    But that’s a good bootleg if you look at it from far away and don’t care about the skin tone…

    I have the same figure with the tanned skin and a little green showing at the base of the hair band (you can see it in the haruhi pics above if you look closely)

    I don’t think its a bootleg because I ordered the figure from hlj and it came looking just like the pictures above.

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