Figure Review: Alter Meg 1/8 PVC

I just got Alter Meg yesterday and the HLJ box was all crushed up for the 2nd time in a row. Who should I be blaming? The postal service or HLJ? The former’s poor handling in spite of the big bold "Fragile, Handle with Care" note on the box and HLJ’s poor packing techniques both contributed to THIS.

See that? Handle with Care in three languages: English, Japanese and Cavemen.

I did straighten the box up a bit but I feared for the safety of its contents. Thankfully, PVC isn’t the most fragile material out there, in fact, it’s pretty strong, light and even slightly malleable so there’s less of a chance of it being damaged compared to say, resin, cold cast polystone or even Gunpla material (ABS mostly). But when I opened up the carton, I saw the true extent of the damage.

It’s Burst Angel, not Crushed Angel. Meg takes a beating just like in the series.

Argh my beautiful box!! By this point, I was certain I wanted to murder someone. Anyway, the boxes are packaged such that this much damage wouldn’t hurt the figurine itself. But what a waste of a nice box. The boxart is mainly closeups of Meg from various angles in a fitting orange and black colour scheme.

OK enough with the complaints, I’ll talk about the actual figurine now.

Meg is from Bakuretsu Tenshi, the super stylish yet substanceless GONZO show which I really like. All she does the WHOLE series is to get captured. She does not ever do anything useful besides motivating the heroine Jo. The Burst Angels team has four people – Jo, Meg, Sei and Amy. Jo is the fighter, Sei is the leader/organiser and Amy is the usual hacker kid. So what is Meg good at? Nothing. At. All. She just gets herself captured, kidnapped, attacked etc every episode so Jo can save her. Her biggest assets are her boobs, which aren’t even the biggest in the show (Sei wins.) But I suppose her character design is still quite cool, especially for this figurine.

Meg sports a neo-Cowboy look with an orange and light blue colour scheme. She has a cheerful face, long brown hair (not long by anime standards, it reaches the top of her butt.) and blue eyes. Meg usually wears a very low-cut orange top which shows her ample bosom, and she does not wear a bra with it so the outlines of her nipples can sometimes be seen in the show. Her skirt’s very short, light blue, striped and even comes with laces at the side. Her legs are somewhat covered with orange leather leggings, sort of cow-boy style. Meg wears brown leather boots and a grey cowboy hat too. On each of her wrists are these watch-like bracelets. Finally, Meg has a sling pouch strapped around her hip. For her makeup I guess.

The figurine set comes with the figurine herself, a white ABS rectangular base and a massive anti-tank gun that consists of two parts, namely the barrel + muzzle brake, and the gun itself.

The base has only one plug, so Meg’s position is actualy adjustable. The gun is the highlight of the set.

The gun is easily assembled by joining the two parts. The dark grey gun is very crisply crafted, with great details and black shading to bring out the details and outline even further. There is a huge scope mounted, which is painted blue. One gripe I have is the rotatability of the barrel. Since the plug is completely round, the barrel can be turned. And since that muzzle brake has to be perpendicular to the gun, I find it a hassle to have to adjust it. It should have been a D shaped plug, like the Gundam Fix Figuration Guns. Another flaw would be the muzzle brake was poorly moulded, at least for my figurine. The edges weren’t as sharp as they could have been, like on the gun itself.

This is impossible to carry around alone in real life. Much less by a weak, hapless, permanantly captured, busty girl.

It was packaged like this.

Now let’s take a look at the actual figurine.

Meg is in a crouching position, and it looks like she has just fired her gun. In the anime, she only uses this once and she misses her shot, resulting in her getting captured. I was rather disappointed since I watched Burst Angel AFTER I had purchased the Jo figurine and pre-ordered this one. I was really expecting more.

In real life, this is an impossible position to fire anything of that size. But this is the anime world. She is resting on her left leg and twisting her body slightly to her right while keeping her left hand straight and right hand on the trigger. Maybe her back muscles are strong thanks to the constant weight-lifting , if you get what I mean. The gun iis pointed upwards probably due to recoil and she’s looking along a level plane. Her hat is tied to her neck with some black cord. There’s some wind effect too, as her hair is blown backwards by the recoil. She has an Ahoge too.

When attaching the gun to her, I had to first tuck the stock under her arm, then place the grip into her right hand and pull her index finger into the trigger guard. The left hand has a hole for a peg on the gun to be inserted and that provides most of the grip.

She’s looking cool! Guns and girls are everyone’s favourite and GONZO knows that.

She doesn’t carry the same air of menace as Jo. Not at all. Even though her gun is about 10 times the size.

From the right: see her super revealing skirt

From the left

From back-right: Her hair is pretty well done.

From the back: Nice view here.

Meg’s face is perfectly made without any hint of deformity. It even looks better than in the show. She’s smiling her usual happy smile.

Her hair is brown with lots of dark shading to create a full textured 3D effect. While the seamline is pretty obvious, her hairstyle covers it up well. But Jo’s hair was really perfectly done and the seamline was invisible. See, Meg can never be as good as Jo.

A big happy smile to cheer you up! Just don’t look at what she’s holding.

Her eye’s are perfectly made too. Large with lots of detail.

The leggings are very detailed, with dark shading to emphasise creases and there are even metallic rings running down the side of the leggings.

Her sling puch is very detailed too. I tried opening it.

And we get to the interesting part. The boobs and pantsu. Meg’s dekkai oppai are as round here as they have ever been. The cleavage is nicely shaded too to get a sense of depth. And it is deep. The pantsu are shown quite a few times in the show but I do not remember if they are the same colour. Meg’s panties here are the same colour as her top. There is some overpainting for her panties and these aren’t attractive at all. And I may not be a fashion expert but I do know it isn’t the norm to match your top with your pantsu. Unless you intend to show it off semi-permanantly. Oh. Right.

It’s the Abyss. I remember that movie.

Yellow panties are just about the least attractive type. Yellow instantly relates to urine and the iodine disinfectant used during childbirth.

The butt view isn’t so bad. Nice~


For a total of 5271 yen including shipping, this is VERY worth it. The Bakuretsu Tenshi series by Alter is one of my favourite and I welcome the upcoming Sei and Amy. The paintjob is close to perfect, the details are excellent, the pose is exciting too. Most of all, the big gun rocks. I’m a sucker for big guns. Alter wins yet again! This is a must-buy for everyone. The two flaws are the gun muzzle, barrel and the yellow stained pantsu. Meg scores a total of 86 out of 100.

Btw the scoring system is in the midst of revamping.

And finally, here are some photos of Jo and her untrustworthy side kick, Meg!

Jo and Meg: The Ace and the Clown

Jo is actually a better design cos her jacket is removable and she also comes with this fashionable scarf.

Jo also sports a tattoo covered sexy back that is not visible here. Meg wins in terms of size though. Boobie and gun size.

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  • I’ve only seen its promo ad pics. Never knew the figurine could look so nice up close. But yellow pantsu is a great turn-off for me too. Oh well. But nope, I’m not crazy to spend 5000+ yen on this. I haven’t even watched it yet. Burst Angel is still stuck deep in my anime backlog just waiting for my sudden desire to spend time watching it.

  • What are the dimensions of Meg (LxWxH) with and without the gun?

  • Hmm do you mean counting the base or what? I think without right? According to my not-so-accurate measurements:

    WIth Gun

    • Length 21 cm
    • Height 14 cm
    • Width 7 cm

    Without Gun

    • Length 13 cm
    • Height 12 cm
    • Width 7 cm

    The base is

    • 14 x 9.5 cm
  • I got this through re-release, and am proud to own it alongside Sei and Amy (sadly missed out on the Jo figure, even the re-release). I don’t care about the pantsu, as I’m fine as long as she’s wearing some! :P

    I personally like the Yamato Creator’s Labo versions (the pink is a great variant), as they have real flair and sculpt. Not that Alter did a bad version, as they are very hot figure creators.

  • Anyway : you’re luky ! you get realy nice figurine ^^
    I’m looking for Jo’s tatoo… Any idea of the true fram of it ?

    T_T : tis such a question I know …

    If by the way you get it please sed it or a shape or anything that can help me ^^

    Best reagrds ! Take care .

    ByeBy RIUVA

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