Figure Review: Nagato Yuki, Maximum Delight!

The main cast!

The out-of-this-worldly popular anime series, Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, has spawned lots of merchandise and figures. But only one figure manufacturer has stood head and shoulders above the competition in bringing us quality releases of the Haruhi cast – Max Factory! Hot on the heels of their Mikuru and Haruhi comes their rendition of NagatoYuki, arguably the most popular character of the series.

This Purinkura styled shot is my favourite!

She is my favourite character of the series and I was literally howling with delight when news of her being figurised by Max Factory got out. This alien, or more specifically, Humanoid Interface Data Entity, barely moves, speaks or acts unless she needs to, which is strangely appealing to the masses of otakus worldwide. While almost totally silent, Yuki gets the most action scenes and cute moments such as her waving an optical mouse in the air, clueless to what it is, despite her being a technologically superior alien being. It is perhaps this irony which makes her so beloved. Would Max Factory live up to its track record and deliver a good Yuki?

The filming of the SOS-Dan movie

The answer is pretty obvious from the pictures, is it not? Sculptor Koshinuma Shinji did a brilliant job of capturing the cool and emotionless aspect of Yuki. The face in particular is strikingly similar to the anime; you can just feel the silent aura around the figure. Yuki stands at She comes in both modes, thanks to interchangeable parts. The first has her in the trademark brown cardigan, holding onto her books and spectacles. In the pictures, I have placed her fingers smack in the middle of her glasses, which apparently is wrong. The correct way is actually her gripping it by the side, but this just shows how versatile her little grip is. Hint: that means you can make her hold other items as well. For the careless collectors out there, Max Factory included two pairs of glasses.

The other form is Yuki in her witch costume, worn during the famous episode 00 SOS-Dan movie. To complete the conversion, she gets a large witches’ hat, a long black cloak and a star wand. The upper torso has to be switched as well to one which has an extended right hand and no cardigan. I personally love both looks of hers, though the witch one has a slight edge because it looks like a scene straight out of the anime. The spectacled one is crippled by the fact that she cannot actually wear them.

The paintwork for all parts is really good. It is silky smooth with no visible flaws. The moulding is also crisp and free from artifacts or lines. The best part is, there are no ugly obvious seamlines to tarnish the figure.

Yuki comes with a base similar to the other girls’, that is, a white ABS plastic one with her name and a large H printed on it. 3 short pegs keep her on it, and because Yuki’s as straight as a pencil, I doubt any leaning will occur.

Oh she has nice, soft-looking panties too. Somehow it feels wrong to upskirt Yuki, it’s like touching a mannequin’s boobs.

With all these extra parts, one can expect the price of this figure to be higher than the others in the series. True enough, Yuki costs 5800 yen, compared to Haruhi’s 4000 and Mikuru’s  4800. Even so, if you look at some of the figures costing 6800 yen out there, most of them cannot even be mentioned in the same breath as this one. Truly value for money! Any anime fan worth his salt has to get all three, such is the godly quality of these figures. Also, watch out for upcoming releases from this series by Max Factory, the next one will be Asakura Ryouko – Yuki’s mortal enemy!

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10 Responses to “Figure Review: Nagato Yuki, Maximum Delight!”

  • I should’ve ordered her when I had the chance. Now I have 4 figures on the way and I can’t make any more for another one :V

  • She rocks! I’m proud to have bought 6 of her back then. For those who have all 3 girls, you can head down to La Tendo and get an Wonderfest Exclusive Haruhi Set with all the extra props for the 3 girls such as Shamisen for Nagato and the beams for both Nagato and Mikuru. It isn’t cheap though since it’s about 180bucks.

  • why figures got pantsu no cameltoe one

  • Mine’s sitting on my desk at the moment. Though I leave her with the witch costume on as she looks more awesome in that.

  • Nagato is really cool but it’s also true that she is just another clone of the iconic Ayanami Rei. I already own Max Factory’s Haruhi and Mikuru, but I was pissed with the fact of Mikuru is more expensive than Haruhi and brings no cast off or optional parts. So probably I’ll not purchase Max Factory Nagato to complete the trio, because she is more expensive and she doesn’t pleases me, although being a competently done figure. I’ll wish Buba’s Nagato gets a PVC release.

  • I have that figure too, got it last week at Ani-play from pre-orders. Its still in its box and properly shelved. I bought it, even though i have like 18 other figures, 7 games, 4 music cds, 3 artbooks and ridiculous amounts of manga on the way… I think I not only blew my salary, but my bank account too…

    To add to the fun… I’m gonna go kknm’s charafest on 25th too! Wee!

  • I feel like a noob piece of shit now.
    I only have haruhi *sobs*

    Is $110 a budget good enough to get the other two?

  • Yuki’s figure alone set me back 110…

    Possible to get Mikuru at 60-70 I guess.

  • Mine recently came in the mail as well, awesome figure! Too bad it’s the only one to do Yuki justice other than the Bubba sculpts. One thing that especially pleased me about this is the real lack of the dreaded Hair Seam so painfully obvious on the top of many other figures. Too bad I’ll rarely be able to appreciate it, since the witch hat is almost required wearing, heh.

  • We had many of them in our store…they were so beautiful! But now we are back ordered! They sold so quickly! Lucky were those who could have them! Anyway, very nice pictures! I really like the analysis, and the different angles!

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