Figure Review: Mikoto from School Rumble and her Ds

This is shockingly overdue. I took the pictures and forgot completely about it.

Mikoto was released as the 2nd figure of Alter’s School Rumble swimsuit series in May 2007. That’s right, this figure has been in my cabinet for the past 5 months. Time flies, really. As is customary for all my swimsuit figures, I try to photograph them by the waterside, and most of the time, this means the swimming pool just downstairs.

The pictures seem awfully yellow for some reason, I really don’t know why. I had them processed months ago, perhaps the sun was burning cooler then, resulting in a higher wavelength of light.

Mikoto costs 4800 yen and is 1/8 in scale. She comes with this rather odd stand, which fits the contours of her ass nicely.

To sum it up,

The Good

  • Her boobs are nice.
  • Not many flaws.
  • Shows skin.
  • Nice round ass.
  • Cool base.

The bad

  • The face is terrible.
  • I hate Mikoto, she’s boring.
  • I don’t like the swimsuit design.

The swimsuit is rather more sporty than Eri’s (the first figure of the swimsuit series). Her head seam is blindingly obvious. The big bug eyes are scary. I only got this cos I wanted the swimsuit set, but it seems Alter isn’t producing any more?? I really don’t fancy this figure too much.

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