[Ascaloth] CLANNAD (TV), Episode 02

A mere 64-hit combo is nothing. CLANNAD (TV), Episode 02.

Sunohara could potentially be the best male supporting character for this season, for he is simply a riot. Game veterans have singled out Sunohara as being the source of 50% of the jokes in the game (Akio contributing a further 40%), and from what little I’ve seen thus far of him, I can believe it. On another note, this scene reminds me of a classmate in secondary school, who was always full of bullshit. No prizes for guessing what happens when the guys in the class have had enough of his bullshit.

Somehow, I feel that the timing of this episode was a bit off this time round. It just doesn’t feel right when Tomoyo starts being all dere-dere to Tomoya, when she practically overlooked his existence just one episode ago. I would have expected Tomoyo to sustain the ice-queen act a little longer.

Mami-chan!!!! Yup, Ichinose Kotomi is voiced by Noto Mamiko, the same seiyuu who brought so much uniqueness to the character of Shihou Matsuri in Sola. Kotomi didn’t get much screentime this episode though, so I didn’t get to hear much of her.

(Is it just me, or is it another KEY tradition that the male lead always bum food off at least one of the girls? Yukito steals half of Kano’s bento, Yuuichi gets served by Sayuri and Shiori, and now Tomoya bums a bite off Kotomi’s bento. I bet they’ll soon be having regular picnics on the library floor, too.)


I’m getting some pretty bad vibes off Fuuko. There’s もえ, and then there’s simply brain-damaged. She doesn’t strike me as being particularly smart, to severely understate it….

Moreover, she was mewling so much, I was surprised that she didn’t go "uguu!" or "gao!" or something like that.

What truly surprised me, though, was how quickly KyoAni shifted into a more serious mood; I mean, c’mon, it’s only the second episode. And it’s no longer merely Yuuichi moping fit to rival Keanu Reeves, either; Tomoya really goes all out with his emotional outbursts. There must have been some pretty serious negative history for Tomoya to practically see his dad as an enemy.

I really liked how KyoAni juxtaposed the solitary image of the lonely girl in the foreground while Nagisa was talking about her own past as a lonely person; it was a nice theme for the conversation, as well as saving KyoAni some animation budget by avoiding the need to animate lips altogether. The studio always did know how to conserve budget creatively.

And here we have even more emotionally torturous scenes; it really is quite saddening to hear the reason behind Tomoya’s hatred of his father; seriously, that kind of personal history would bum anyone out, and it goes a long way to explain why Tomoya is who he is. Still, I still think the second episode is kinda too quick for these kinds of things; I would have preferred one more episode of laughs before going into the serious stuff.

(On another note, I think Fuuko’s not the only brain-damaged one. C’mon, standing in the rain when your body’s so weak you had to be held back a year? There’s a piece of modern technology available for your use, girl; it’s called a telephone. Just freakin’ call him if you’re not sure he’ll turn up. Jeez. Same goes for you, boy.)

And of course, in anime, when a sick girl stands in the rain (despite all common sense), she will inevitably faint, thereby setting the scene for the next episode. Ascaloth, out.

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  • You mean how quickly Clannad shifted into a more serious mood.

  • [On another note, I think Fuuko’s not the only brain-damaged one. C’mon, standing in the rain when your body’s so weak you had to be held back a year? There’s a piece of modern technology available for your use, girl; it’s called a telephone. Just freakin’ call him if you’re not sure he’ll turn up. Jeez. Same goes for you, boy.]

    This point doesn’t stand correctly. Why? Because there is absolutely no way for both of them to contact each other. It is too early to exchange phone numbers (do they actually own a cellphone anyway?). Furthermore, Nagisa didn’t know that Tomoya is a rampant delinquent who skips classes. So how are the odds she can guess where the playboy is? None, and this is the issue as it doesn’t look like any of them have cellphone, so even using the home telephone isn’t a good bet.
    On the reversed way, Tomoya wasn’t exactly thrilled by this suggestion, and doesn’t involve THAT intimately with Nagisa, so asking the number is not really a good option either.

    I feel like it would be rather weird for them to contatc each other in fact.

    as for the pace, like i said on AS, Tomoya issue was already foreshadowed in the first episode, and the “batshit” doesn’t prevent the laugh to stay in the series. in fact, Tomoya’s problems don’t affect much his interactions except with Nagisa. Thus, having a outburst in a such timing is what i think something pertinent so it doesn’t look like a “timed” scheldule for the drama. Actually, i’m surprised that Tomoya didn’t beat the crap out of his oyaji even since this accident. so.

  • Summary: ZOMFG! Clannad is good! I’m left speechless that I can’t describe it. So I end up pasting tons of pictures (rofl! picture whoreftw) and wrote some nice stuff! Like how Tomoyo had 64 hits at episode 1 though I didnt see the counter (i muz have l33t hearing skills). And how KyoAni needs to save $ to “conserve budget creativity” (or was it some other game adapted anime? I think it was EE EFF). Oh yeah! Sunohara rocks as a supporting male! Then again.. he’s the only one! ZOMFGWTFBBQ! Oh yeah! Cliff Hanger = Serious!

  • bj0rn you noob, bloggers should be free to masturbate over the screencaps they post! You obviously will NEVER UNDERSTAND the sound of such GLORIOUS fapping. What a barbarian.

  • @ Klashikari: I must thank you! I can’t see the point in reading this post. But luckily you did a similiar post which is so much better and detailed. I shall check your site more in future. Or maybe its time for a switch?

  • @ Owen S: Oh! I GET IT!!! He fapped 64 times in Episode 1 and 528 times in Episode 2? According to his screencaps of course! Anyway, Tomoyo’s birthday is coming up! Maybe I should do something.

  • I love how these posts are total flame bait.

    They better be :V

  • Oh, err.. hi guys, I’m just here because everyone seems to be talking about how shitty Ascaloth’s posts are and I must say, they do have a point. I mean, well, I used to be a picwhore at one point, but at the least I was writing a lot of summaries and non-inflammatory comments about the said pictures, right guys?

    Also, there’s something called “making a .gif” or for longer clips, “VirtualDub”, see. Look at how nicely I cut out the Tomoyo Kick of each episode and nicely uploaded them to Youtube for others to see my, err, points. I think most people would prefer a video rather than 20 screencaps, amirite? I know I do.

  • ‘I can’t play basketball anymore… That’s because a bunch of ultra-dere girls with “Daiginga Gurrenn Lagann” level zettais and 1337 Shaolin Skillz are so surrounding me, putting me in a 100 years fapping spree, which suddenly ignited the mystical fire within me, causing me to be unable to walk properly’ – Is what he probably said in his diary

  • Fun episode….. moeeeeee

  • I am saddened to hear false claims of CLANNAD’s storyline. What the fuck. Tomoya was emo throughout, and it’s not KyoAni who made him that way. Stop crediting KyoAni for every damn shit that occurs in their anime production. Keep it to the fapping of fluid animation please.

  • Why is everyone wasteing time insulting this guy’s posts? Don’t you have better things to do?

  • Yes, like actually reading CLANNAD?

  • You know, about Tomoyo sudden being nostalgic and dere-dere to Tomoya, could it be because of another reason? Maybe the whole schtick between Tomoya and Youhei reminds her of someone else, so it makes her nostalgic?

  • Flamestrike, they flame (no pun intended) cuz they know the story inside out, at least I know LianYL does; he finished playing Clannad ages ago.

    So obviously they would know things that we wouldn’t know from just watching the 1st 2 episodes, and that some of the things these newbie-fanboys (new to the anime and having never touched the game) say/comment/predict/foresee are just pretty much absurd.

    Either way, why should you care? he’s not flaming you. =3

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