[Announcement] Riuva T-Shirt and Merchandise Bazaar Reopens!!

The shirt-production has been on hiatus for the longest time no thanks to the amount of labour it takes to make one, which is a big deterrent. But I finally moved my ass and set up an online store at Cafepress. Right now, you can start buying all the Riuva merchandise you want! It’s probably better for the US buyers.

For the local Singaporean ones, contact me at tjhan86@riuva.com if you want any of the shirts as I can get them cheaper if they are ordered in bulk (more than 15 of the same design).

The designs are mainly those from the previous time, with a few improvements and modifications. I also added a few lame items like the clock and the Tripeman Teddy.

But the crowning glory of this store will be the Exam Hoodie, a super-useful shirt which enables you to pray to your favourite gods for good grades, even during the exam itself! I’m so going to market this in school.


Click for full version. The cool part is that you get to select your god as well. I wanted to include Haruhi, but that might affect sales in the non-otaku market.

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