Figure Review: Yuffie Kisaragi, the Ultimate FF Heroine.

Besides Rikku and Meliadoul of course. I think there’s a correlation between our liking for younger girls and our increased assimilation into Japanese soft culture. When I was young, like 12 or so, and first playing FF7, I was more a Tifa fan and Yuffie was little more than an annoying materia thief. My party consisted of Cloud, Cid and Barret (Red XIII at first), the manly characters who fought well too. But replaying FF7 just two years ago for the millionth time, I found myself using Yuffie and Tifa all the time because they were cute.

This is also a problem in fighting games such as Dead or Alive, Street Fighter etc where I only use female hot characters like Cammy. Speaking of which, I mentioned how I would like the Turks to have their own game in the previous figure review of Reno, but it just occurred to me that THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT FF7: BEFORE CRISIS is all about. Which we will never get to play though.

Anyway, Yuffie is now considered hot and my prayers for a Playarts figure of her which wasn’t ugly, were well-answered. I haven’t been reading Hobby Japan for the longest time, so am quite out of touch with figure news. What are the upcoming Playarts releases? I hope we get Barret, Cid, Red XIII, Elena, Rude, Rufus but coinciding with Crisis Core, it’s probably going to be Zack, Aeris and some random loser.

Yuffie Kisaragi’s Playarts figure was released in October 2007 and costs 3800 yen. In Singapore, you can get it for about 40-45 Singapore Dollars. Featuring 22 points of articulation which makes her quite poseable and steady on her feet, this 19 cm tall action figure also comes with two optional hands and a base. Not forgetting her cool big-ass shuriken which Naruto stole and used.

You know, all the characters got a weapons and wardrobe overhaul for Advent Children. But I really wouldn’t mind if Square were to release the ENTIRE weapons collection in the same scale, it would be rather cool and customisable, like those Armoured Core model kits. Like if I wanted Cloud to hold the Ultima Weapon instead of the crummy Buster Blade, I should be able to. Or something grotesque like the Organics, or even the Nailbat. Likewise, Yuffie has other cool weapons such as the Boomerang and the Superball, though her conformer is bloody ugly. FF7 truly is the best of the FFs, except for Tactics.

Ever since AC, all of Square’s heroines have had more or less the same face. I was playing FF2 on the PSP, which had a really nice opening video done in the same engine and the female, Maria, looks hot. Too bad she looks terrible in the game itself, where she’s little more than a bunch of pixels. Anyway, Playarts female figures always have this problem where they look like crap if placed at eyeleve. Their head has to always be tilted downwards slightly, or viewed from an elevated angle. You can see examples of this here. If viewed from a low angle, her neck joint becomes rather obvious and a tad freaky.

Looks like a facebook/myspace camwhore shot but this is from a raised angle.

Several angles of hers look very good. But these are just pictures, in real life, angles aren’t so static and you occasionally get glimpses of the less beautiful sides.

"Giraffe mode activated!"

That can’t be helped though, as the hole is for greater freedom of movement of her head. She’s rather poseable, with those new-fangled joints capable of both rotation and pivoting placed on her shoulders. Yuffie’s torso is a ball-and-socket joint, so can bend and rotate slightly as well. The stability of her feet are good because of those triple joints there.


One thing Playarts always does well is the replication of the character outfit. While the paintwork is never as good as a static figure, for an action figure, it’s OK. The weaponry, as always, is really nicely done.

A certain IRC person once said, "I hate boobs. Flat ftw." While I don’t agree with him, Yuffie certainly looks Japanese in this sense. The Japanese have learnt to be satisfied with what they have.

Her butt however, looks like a turtle half shell.

Overall, a must-get figure for any FF7 fan. Cheap and nice! Cool and Spicy! More random pictures after this.


10 Responses to “Figure Review: Yuffie Kisaragi, the Ultimate FF Heroine.”

  • I think I would be happier if the right arm wasn’t so bare. The next releases for playarts is Aeris, Cloud and Tifa in FF7 costumes (Dec release). There’s also a cloud with daytona set (Jan Release).

  • nice review! i would be looking forward to getting this one.

  • Yes Baka, now I recall having seen those online. I didn’t have much interest though, but shall see the real goods when they arrive.

  • The 6th picture from the bottom looks like she has a bokken as an offhand weapon.

  • Wow, thats some high level photography. Did your girlfriend help you take these?

  • Hey great review, and love all the pictures! I just got the new 3 figure set I was not going to get her but heck she came with the set and after seeing your picture I am glad I did. So yeah thanks again reviews for these figures seem hard to come by. maybe it’s still just to early.

  • Wow, nice review, and without a doubt, this one actually looks much much better than Tifa. I think they’ve done something wrong in the modeling process, but this particular piece is spectacular, and reading your review makes me want to buy it NOW!!!! thx

  • i actually got this figure yesterday because of this review.
    I LOVE her face. It is in complete likeness of her
    in the advent children movie.

    Her articulation is better than i thought
    and i can stop admiring it

  • Heyy I need help!

    i just got this figurine today. somehow, i cant bend her right elbow.
    should there be a disc-joint there??
    if there is, i think mine is missing >.

  • damn she’s so beautiful ! i want this one so badly ! but i like the original too (the one with original outfit) since her breasts are biggeer if u know what i mean XD but this one’s face is just soo REAL !

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