Diary of Kazuki from Dragonaut *Now with Pictures!*

I got a dragon! I got a dragon! Wooooooo! I don’t know why my dragon is a naked sissy man, but I got a dragon! Woooooo! It’s so unfair that I don’t get to name him like the other squad members. I wanted to call my pretty dragon "Jin", after my bestest friend in the whole world, but the tank had the name "G10" printed on it already. So Gio it is, my new dragon! I always wanted a dragon, because then I’ll ride him hard into the sunset, and people’ll call me "Great Sir Lord Kazuki, Master of Dragoknights".

NO WAY! WTF! MY DRAGON GOT STOLEN! I thought we were married! Before we even got to touch each other, that bastard Jin (not my bestest friend anymore, now I hate him) seduced him. I waited 18 years for the chance to ride my dragon and now he gets TWO dragons and I get NO dragons! Are you fucking kidding me?? I trembled with fear at the thought of me having no dragons to ride on. But at least my dragon is quite handsome. Not like the old impotent Amadickless, the brainless Bowling Star, and the really fat (I don’t like women they stink) Ma-Cowna. I know everyone is envious of my new handsome dragon, that’s why they are not helping me find him. GIOOOOO! GIOOOOOOO!! GIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Me shouting loudly "It’s MY DRAGON!" ! Look at those fine teeth.

I got a haircut. I am in EVIL MODE now. My new spike evil hair fills me with power. I will now be so, so angry all the time and use a LOUD VOICE when I talk and gnash my teeth to show my ANGER and RAGE at my unfaithful dragon. I will only talk about GIOOOOOOOO and JINNNNNNNNN non-stop from now on. The manboy Akira asked me if I was hungry today. I told the manboy, "GIOOOOOOOOOO!! Where is GIOOOOO!?" in an angry face and made teeth mashing noises. She was very scared and quickly went off to find Gio for me. Haha, I am so manly and brave. I better go practise my angry face and fist-clenching more, I look so handsome doing it.

I practised this angry face for hours in front of the mirror and my efforts paid off handsomely. HEHE GET THE PUN?

That’s a handsome young man – me, lord of the dragons Man King.


I GOT A DRAGON! But GIOOOOO is a million times more handsome. I don’t like the meatpacks on my new dragon and she is not handsome, but she will do for now. I will find Jin and rip his beloved penis off, to punish him for seducing my GIOOOOOOO. I am angry with Jin, because I remember he not doing our favourite hand-fist shakey shakey knock knock secret code with me when I was cheering him up. 3 years ago, ahhh that moment still haunts me. THE HUMILIATION. But not as humiliating as having to ride on a female dragon, wow, that’s like so gay.

Me with new hair-style, it’s wicked and evil because I need to take revenge on the wicked and dirty Jin. The thing taking up space in my picture is the new dragon.

True anger on the face of a true man King of Shining Dragon Metal Knight.

YOWZAHS! I beat up the weak and female Jin today! He had a taste of my MANHOOD! URRGHHH URGGHHH but the dirty slime managed to take my GIOOOO away still. But it is OK, because the handsome commander (almost 42 percent as handsome as GIOOO) kissed me today.

I have the ultimate way of getting back GIOOOO. See, that evil and dirty Jin wants the ugly lizardgirl Toa right? So I capture Toa and trade her for GIOOOOO. GIOOO will be freed from the dirty clutches of the Jin and come crying back to me, the greatest Master of Dragon Knights Kazuki Lord Man. Finally! This Dragonaut anime will thus end, with me saving the day and GIOOO and I will live happily ever after. With the maid dragon pouring us tea all day.

Jin is defeated by my fists of Man Knight Dragon.

This is me looking down on the defeated slime Jin. Look at my manly fan, so full of anger and passion.

Good photo, I like it a lot so I took it twice.

Commander Sir kissing me for my brave deeds in fighting the nemesis Jin. I told him I was already with GIOOO but he didn’t want to, he couldn’t resist my MAN KING DRAGON charms. Looks like it’s tough to be as popular as me.


WTF? Now this Toa lizardgirl doesn’t want to go back to dirty Jin? HAHA. It is because she has realised how dirty the little bitch is. Too bad, I do not want you either lizardgirl. I only like men, like the handsome GIOOOO.

Me as the coolest hostage negotiator ever. I am the burning ice, the blades of wind, the fiery tornado, the stoic mountain, oh so cool.

Dear diary, when I tried to do my angry face today, but I wasn’t really angry cos GIOO is back, so I had to put in lots of efforts to make the angry face, because I look so handsome when I am angry and shouting and showing my white pearlie teeth and then when I clenched my teeth really hard today, I accidentally felt something come out. I think it was my manjuice but it didn’t smell the usual way it did when I do sex wees over GIOOO. Mama tells me that brown is bad while white is good. I guess this one is the bad juice.

I’m not angry anymore so the angry face is a bit hard to produce.

This is the moment when I felt the juice come out. See I am humourous too.
I made Toa change my pants because it’s funny to see Jin’s face while she was doing it.

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