Figure Review: KOS-MOS Version 4 BFGBFGBFG

While the Xenosaga series of RPG games on the Playstation 2 might not have been the best, it had one glorious achievement – introducing gamers to the best character in the “Hot Girl + Large Guns” mould the world had ever seen. Of course, one can now deduce we are talking about the android KOS-MOS, short for “Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems”.

The name doesn’t really make sense, but sounds cool anyway. The funny thing about Japanese English acronyms is how they try to figure out a cool one and then randomly fit in words to suit it regardless of meaning. Like GUNDAM meaning “General Unilateral Neuro-Link Dispersive Autonomic Manoeuvre system”.
Anyway, KOS-MOS is an armoured android supposedly created by Vector Industries to combat the Gnosis, space monsters in epic numbers. KOS-MOS has superhuman strength, speed and the ability to morph her arms into various melee and ranged weaponry. Throughout the series, she constantly gets upgrades and new add-ons that are increasingly powerful and make her literally a walking weapon of mass destruction. With a pretty face and killer body too.

There have been quite a few releases of KOS-MOS figurines. 4 1/8 scaled PVC figures, to be precise and a lot more smaller trading figures. Humourously, one of them, a supposed Limited Edition figurine, was so terrible it was dubbed “Evil God Mok-Kos” and ridiculed, though the sheer monstrosity of the toy and limited run still made it a rather coveted item. In January 2006, Alter released the first KOS-MOS 1/8 figurine to stunning success. After about 2 years in December 2007, Alter released another KOS-MOS, this time a 1/8th scaled Version 4, and this is the subject of our review.

The biggest difference between the new release and the original version can be seen on KOS-MOS’s right arm. That is probably one of the biggest reasons why this figure is so attractive, the Triple Gatling Cannon. Despite how unrealistic BFGs (Big Fat Guns) are, us guys always seems to have an unconditional love for these, especially when mounted on or equipped with hot women. Size does matter apparently! For those worried that such a large weapon may cause her arm to warp, you can rest easy for that would not happen. The gun is very light as it is hollow, so the weight should not be a problem.

Beyond the guns, KOS-MOS has had an entirely new wardrobe change. To put it simply, everything is now bigger, shinier and with a lot more sharp points. The sheer amount of detail on the figure is amazing, thanks to sculptor Yagyu Toshiyuki’s masterful hands. When placed alongside most other figures, Alter’s KOS-MOS version 4 practically makes the rest look like little bits of plastic.

Her long hair is a subtle translucent blue, spread out in the air behind her back, giving out a great sense of power. The pose is a strong one, with her right foot stepping out. The overall impression is very fitting of the powerful android, giving out vibes not unlike those by the top generals in Dynasty Warriors.
The emotionless facial expression is also fitting of KOS-MOS, for she does not really show significant human emotions in her red-eyed mode. The face is prettily done though the glossy eyes should have been more matt instead.

But as beautiful this figure may be, it suffers from some horrendous issues. Let us look at the less important ones first. The large headpiece KOS-MOS has on her forehead might be pretty, but that combined with her slightly lowered head means that her face is always permanently in a shadow. This makes it hard to photograph and the dark face is apparent even during casual viewing.

Leaning tower of Namco

The price is also a killer at 6800 yen, though somewhat justifiable with the awesome paintwork, detailed sculpting and the large cannon.
What destroys this figure’s score is really it’s stability and base. For such a heavy figure, especially one with large accessories and heavy hair, it should be of utmost importance for her to be stably attached to a good base. Yet this is where Alter made a huge error. The base provided is a rather light and flimsy white one with only two legs and a wedge for her high heels. The figure, upon standing on its base, leans straightaway forward and with its centre of gravity far forward, will only continue to lean even more. I have heard many accounts from fellow collectors about this leaning problem KOS-MOS version 4 faces. The pegs do not fit well and she falls off her base rather easily.

Better than BFG is the TAP (Tight-Ass Panties)

Overall, a beautiful figure with some huge flaws. Alter needs to relook at its designs and not sully the reputation it has built up over the years as a producer of lean-free figurines. If you are thinking of buying it, do keep it in its nice transparent plastic box for that will prevent it from leaning.

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